Dark Ones Guild Charter

Acting Guildmaster - Amethyst




The Dark Ones’ Guardians Guild’s purpose (at events): welcome attendees, ensure they fit all legal parameters, and provide means of restoring order should the need arise. We acquaint incomers with particulars of the event and encourage them to leave their mark for posterity. Thus, we set the stage for every attendee to have an enjoyable experience at our event, and facilitate the continued enjoyment during the event to the best of our ability. It includes two departments:

  1. Gatekeepers 
  2. Rangers

We value and actively encourage mutual support - a teamwork mindset. That includes, but is not limited to, training, being available to help other members, and listening with the intention of understanding. Our intention is to contribute to each member’s personal satisfaction of their job herein and enjoyment while working. We believe in continuous quality improvement of ourselves, this guild, and Dark Ones’ events.


The goals of the Guild in general are:

  1. Provide at-event staffing for each Dark One event.
  2. Make guests feel welcomed.
  3. Represent The Dark Ones in a positive way, and facilitate enjoyment of attendees to the best of our ability.
  4. Honor requests to help other departments which is appropriate for our area.
  5. Train and support other guild members.
  6. Minimize liability to The Dark Ones.

The duties of the Gatekeepers Department are to:

  1. Provide a Head Gate person for each Dark One event.
  2. Greet the attendees (preferably with a smile) of said event as they arrive.
  3. Present an age-appropriate wristband for each attendee.
  4. Acquaint attendees with particulars of event and nudge them to sign in.
  5. Provide a forum for attendees to be added to the Dark One contact list.
  6. Provide a space for event-specific requests.
  1. Examples: disburse raffle tickets, display prizes, sell merchandise - Dark Ones or DarkCon, or have a current list of contact info from the database for attendees to double-check their personal info on file.

The duties of the Rangers Department are to:

  1. Arrange for at-event staffing, if needed.
  2. Maintain sobriety while working an event.
  3. Be discreet.
  4. Address unwanted disruptions expediently and tactfully.
  5. Restore order at event should the need arise.
  6. Discreetly confirm identity and connection of any unknown attendees.



Guildmaster: This position is the administrative head of the Guild, the term of office is one year, and it can only be held by a Dark Ones member. At the end of the one-year term there will be a vote of the guild members to choose a new Guildmaster, or re-elect the previous one.


Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Act as the focal point and chief contact for all guild matters.
  2. Provide both leadership and direction for all guild projects, including periodic meetings.
  3. Track Guild membership.
  4. Provide names of “advance” and “at-event” helpers for the event spreadsheet.
  5. Create an Annual Report due at the Oligarchy Meeting prior to the July Symposium.

Apprentice: A guild member that has been accepted to walk the path toward being a Journeyman is called an Apprentice. Can be a DO member or a non-member.

Journeyman: An Apprentice that completes appropriate tasks can apply for Journeyman status. If approved by a simple majority vote of the guild members, an Apprentice may be elevated to Journeyman status.

Master: To become a Master a the guild member must be a Journeyman in all of the guilds departments and must have been Active for five years (“Active” is defined as working at least one event per year, and non-consecutive is okay). A Journeyman must also have run the departments of Gatekeepers or Rangers for four events within the last five years. If a Journeyman has met all of these requirements, they can petition the Guild Master for the rank of “Master” in the Tavern Keepers Guild.