The following is a list of tasks and goals for Guild members who take on event positions. Ideally there is Guild representation at SetUp and at CleanUp.



Supplies – Ensuring there are sufficient supplies ready for the next event: two styles/colors of wristbands, raffle tickets (if needed), black & silver sharpies, ink pens, etc. If desired, preparing a “cheat sheet” that has the legal date for 21 years old/eligible to drink. A small trash bag might be helpful. May need a container for prize-drawing ticket stubs.

Mailing List – Arranging to have a current printout of the database for updates.

Signage – Determining if any signage is needed, then either providing or arranging for it.

Other Tables – Communicating to determine if there will be any additional tables at the Gate, like for DarkCon, movie events, or other promotional needs -- and determining who will manage the staffing of those tables.

Gate Staffing – Determining who will run the Gate, reviewing Call Around spreadsheet for gate volunteers, recruiting support staff if needed (may be delegated to Gate Head).

Prizes – If there will be a door prize drawing, encouraging the donation of (thematic?) prizes, and gathering them for display at the Gate tables.


Table Preparation – Arrange tables for good crowd management and flow, considering location of electricity. Ensure extension cords & power strips are plugged in (if needed), and that tables are covered. Table space should be designated for the Sign In Sheet, space for raffle prizes (if needed), and any auxiliary activities. Ensure there are adequate chairs.

Signage – Ensure any signage is posted.

Welcoming – Greet arriving attendees warmly to help set the tone for the event.

IDs/Banding – Wristband ALL attendees: one color for 21+ years, and one for under 21. For those over 21 who choose to drink alcohol, check IDs and apply correct wristbands. When the Gate closes for the evening, move wristbanding supplies to the Bar for latecomers. (If wristbands are numbered and tabbed, they might be used to draw numbers for games and prizes.)

Prize / Game Tickets – If applicable, handing out tickets for door prize (or other) drawing. Take the tickets and prizes to Announcements for the drawing. If the event is using wristband numbers as tickets, notify attendees.

Mailing List – Encourage attendees to review/edit their info as necessary, and encourage new attendees to add their contact info.

Sign In Sheet – Encourage attendees to make their mark on the Sign In Sheet.

Cleanliness – Keep the area orderly and inviting.


Mailing List – Arranging to get updated printout to the Farspeak Database Administrator.

Supplies – Ensuring remaining supplies are stowed safely.

Sign In Sheet – Ensuring the Sign In Sheet gets to the Archivist for storage.

Gate Staff – Ensuring that all gate staff are credited for working shifts.



Staffing – Determining if one or more Rangers are needed/desired for the event. Recruiting as necessary.


Security – Staff should be vigilant and handle trouble & troublemakers during the party, occasionally patrol the parked cars, and deputize others to assist if needed. Ideally, staff abstains from alcohol for the duration of the party.


Reporting – Any difficulties or other observations should be reported to the Guildmaster.

Rangers Staff – Ensuring that all rangers staff are credited for working shifts.