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Podojil & Associates, Inc. Consultants Have Worked As OSHA So We Know What OSHA Looks For.

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated consultants have worked for both Federal OSHA and State OSHA regulatory agencies and have also trained OSHA compliance officers and OSHA consultants on many of the different types of hazards that they may find in the workplace and their regulations.

The purpose of the Mock OSHA Inspection is to help the location identify some of the possible areas that need improvement, with a primary focus on any potential hazards that are identified on OSHA’s top 10 most frequently cited deficiencies. A Mock OSHA inspection can help you identify areas where safety and health hazards/violations exist within your operations.

The intent of the Podojil & Associates, Incorporated Mock OSHA audit is to assist the facility in the following:

Assess the Safety & Health System against various selected OSHA standards/baselines.

Identify areas of opportunity to improve existing risk-control measures.

Prioritize task items that are likely to have an immediate impact on employee/contractor/visitor safety and health.

Safety audit elements are judged based on established industry standards. In addition, a number of Best Practices, ANSI, NEC and NFPA standards, are embedded due to applicable exposures. The observations and recommendations made are the result of practices and conditions observed and information made available to us at the time of our visit, and do not purport to refer to or guarantee compliance with local, state, or federal regulations, which may be applicable to such practices and conditions.

Mock OSHA Inspection And Report

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated consultants measure the degree of compliance with established criteria using professional judgment techniques. You will receive an overview of the findings of the Mock OSHA inspection at the end of the visit, along with recommendations for corrective action. The final report findings are based on conclusions derived from management and employee interviews, records and document checks, and operational tours.

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated will conduct an OSHA standard based safety and Health audit of physical hazards for compliance with 1910 General Industry standards and / or 1926 Construction standards, and our consultants will also review your written programs.

Our consultants will also look at the following items during our inspection:  

Written plan and procedures

Review of safety program documentation including accident investigations, near misses and OSHA 300 logs Policies and incentives

Inspections process including hazard identification, hazard analysis and control

Training and training application

Safety committee application

A physical inspection of the facility

Physical Inspection of equipment

Physical inspections of the building

Physical Inspection of all industrial equipment

Physical Inspection of electrical systems

Physical inspection of the emergency action plan

Physical inspection of PPE use and application

Physical inspection of required written programs and procedures

Corrective action report with regulatory references and physical violation photo

And much more

So if your company is looking for a true Mock OSHA inspection, let someone like Podojil & Associates, Incorporated consultants who have worked for OSHA conduct it for you.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (612) 801-1032