2020 Mom Motherhood ColorWalk 2019

Team Captain Information

We are thrilled you are interested in forming a walking team for our Motherhood ColorWalk!

Why Participate in the Motherhood ColorWalk?

Raise money and awareness for Maternal Mental Health (MMH) by bringing awareness to our cause in your community. Mothers, families, organizations, healthcare systems & businesses can make a vivid splash with a ColorWalk. Why? There are so many reasons, here are just a few…

Follow These Steps to Form a Walking Team

First fill out your team’s walk information form here: 


Create your walk event on Classy:


Sample description:

Materials for Your Walk

Awareness Cards: Motherhood ColorWalks are about being together, raising awareness in local communities and having friends and family "donate for distribution" of a specified number of awareness cards, as determined by your team. Packages of Awareness cards will be provided to the team lead by 2020 Mom. *Notify us at brooke@2020Mom.org at least 1 week before your walk of approximate # of walk participants and what mailing address to have cards sent to.

Posters: Team leads who are walking at malls will also be sent 20 8 ½ x 11 sized posters to distribute to shop owners who cater to families so they can post them during the month of May.

Color Dust:  

We encourage you and a few team members to experiment with making your team’s color dust yourself.  Here is a recipe.

You can also purchase color dust on Amazon (consider using Amazon Smile and select 2020 Mom so 2020 Mom will get a percentage of sales).

2020 Mom will reimburse up to $20 for a group/team of 10-15 people and $40 for groups of 16 or more.  You will need to submit copies of your receipt(s) using a reimbursement form.

On race day you and your team members will simply wear a white top and your favorite comfy walking pants and shoes - Let the color dust do all the work! You can choose to make it yourself or order premade.

Day of the Walk

After using the color dust, attach the race bibs to the team’s t-shirts with safety pins on the four corners.

Don’t forget to bring safety pins to secure your teams bibs to their shirts.

Race bibs: this is not an actual race, but these bibs will allow your team to look official and unified as teams.


Those teams that secure local donors* (must receive the donor’s commitment in writing and their permission to use their logo), can add the sponsor’s logo before printing.  If you would like, the numbers can be changed (2001, 2002, 2003, etc.). Download the Word document template, print in color on standard 8.5” x 11” paper for your team members.

*See the walk main page for local donor levels, which start at $1000.   

White T-shirts: Ask each of your team members to bring their own white t-shirt. Ideally the shirt would be plain white with no logos, but don’t sweat it if your team members want to use a shirt they already have with another logo -the color dust will likely cover that up anyway.

Walk Logistics

One week Prior to Your Walk:

Day of the Walk:


Look for a post-event survey that will help us make this even better next year!


Find your state below, and direct all questions about forming a team and team activities to Brooke Reilly, who is facilitating the ColorWalks.  Brooke@2020mom.org

For technical questions on Classy, call (619) 961-1892 and select option 2

Community Focused Non-Profit Organizations

To qualify for 80% of the walk proceeds your organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) corporation with the IRS and your organizations work must primarily be focused on maternal mental health.

You are required to provide your non-profit’s EIN when completing the walk team form noted at the top of this page.  You are not required to become an affiliate of 2020 Mom as this program has not yet rolled out.

Once your walk is complete your non-profit organization will receive a check by 60 days post-walk.