This year’s ETC sees the return of Simon Gojkovic as captain of Team Australia 40k. In Greece, he contributed to the media coverage with an in-depth tourney report and interview.


He has recently re-branded to Godhammer Gaming and will be contributing his unique style of reporting to our event. He is more than happy to chat so if you are interested to catch him during the event, just look for his tripod!

ETC 2016 singles event vs Alex from Switzerland



Follow The Orange Road, the show that leads you to T9A coverage all over the world. They will be providing you with on site T9A coverage with live updates.


 A trans-atlantic podcast focusing on the warhammer 40,000 competitive scene world wide.

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We will have a few members attending the ETC and we'll be covering the event again like the last few years. Looking forward to sharinf our experience with you all.

Please find our past podcasts here also Podcast page is

Chapter Tactics is a weekly competitive 40k podcast that covers major 40k events from across the globe. They'll be featuring ETC list discussion and trans-atlantic smack talk in the lead up to the event, as well as much on the scene first hand reports as time zones will allow.

CanHammer is a Youtube channel and podcast.  Chris will be attending the ETC this year.  We will be offering post event coverage and interviews.  We will also be updating our facebook page and the Canadian ETC facebook page.

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Checkout SkaredCast  for Warhammer 40k Battle Reports, Tactical and Strategy videos! Hobby content for the avid tabletop wargamer!


Glasshammer Gaming are happy to announce the partnership with this years European Teams Championships as their official Stream Sponsor for Warhammer 40k.

This year will be the very first year where we can have an excellent live stream with running commentary of the ETC which is renown for being the largest team event in the world!  We will be looking into running the stream over multiple tables (yes, more than one!) if possible. With this great opportunity, we hope to expose the ETC for all players around the world who wish to get involved in perhaps one of the best social events in the world.

There will also be a chance to advertise and market any other business's on the stream and our page (contact us for further details)

We are the hub for ETC gaming, Live streaming, Battle reports, Coaching and also provide Warhammer 40k Tips & Tactics. We also run our own shop which provides a cheeky 20% off.

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