General Body Meeting


9:00PM Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. City 6 Conference
  2. AOD and Anti-Hazing policies
  3. PSG Steering
  4. Upcoming Admin Meetings
  1. Council of Undergraduate Deans
  2. Student Registration and Financial Services
  1. Vice President’s Report
  1. UA Steering
  1. UA Report
  1. Midterm Review Week
  2. Lobbyist and Master Project List Reminder
  3. Notes on UA Discussion Procedures
  4. Member of the Week
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  1. Airport Shuttles
  2. Headshots
  3. Penn Labs Update
  1. Old Business
  1. Project Updates
  1. Student Life
  1. Housing Guide
  1. Social Justice
  1. International Student Buddy System
  2. International Student Guide
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Hand Sanitizers in the Quad
  2. SAS Sector Expansion Project
  1. Dining Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Lobby Restroom in Stiteler Hall
  1. External Seats
  1. Legal Services Update
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Student Life
  1. Reimbursement for Art Supplies
  1. Project Updates
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Uncoordinated Dual Degree Support
  1. Student Life
  1. CAPS Diversity
  2. CAPS Presentation during NSO First-Year College House Meetings
  3. Penn Club Review
  1. Dining Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Promoting Green Living Certification
  2. Replacing Hand Towels with Automated Dryers
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Social Justice
  1. STI testing
  2. Random Acts of Kindness
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Updated printer in Williams Hall
  1. Communications


President’s Report

  1. City 6 Conference
  1. Today, we hosted the City 6 Conference and discussed the goals of the body and shared ideas on how to better run student government.
  1. AOD and Anti-Hazing policies
  1. The current AOD and anti-hazing policies are being updated.  I have shared with all of you the new updates.  The administration is looking for feedback on these new suggestions.
  1. PSG Steering
  1. We talked about the different updates for the branches.  NEC is tentatively planning PSG week for the last week of January and is looking for any feedback and suggestions to improve the State of the School event.
  1. Upcoming Admin Meetings
  1. Council of Undergraduate Deans
  1. This upcoming Wednesday, CUD will be discussing academic integrity with Julie Nettleton, the director of Office of Student Conduct, Bruce Lenthall, the director of Center for Teaching and Learning, and University Honor Council members Abhishek Rao and Kevin Myers.
  1. Student Registration and Financial Services
  1. On December 5, Cabinet will be meeting with the Student Registration and Financial Services to talk about various issues relating to financial aid.

Vice-President’s Report

  1. UA Steering
  1. This past week we discussed how to address mental health from institutional changes. Our guests were Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli, Assistant Vice President Tony Sorrentino, and Associate Vice Provost of University Life Karu Kozuma. The topics that we focused were primarily long term solutions to issues on campus. Next Steering, I will be inviting Dr. Val Cade and one of the topics I am considering is short term mental health solutions.

UA Report

  1. Mid-term Review Week
  1. This is another brief update on Mid-term Review Week. This week, in advance of committee meetings, a form will be sent to everyone asking for feedback on Cabinet, Exec, projects and initiatives from this year, as well as broad feedback on the UA. Then, on Wednesday and Thursday, I will be meeting with Cabinet to go through evaluations for their committees. Exec will process results and work with Cabinet to course-correct as necessary for the remainder of the year. If at any point, you have feedback on the UA, please contact me or your Committee Director!
  1. Lobbyist and Master Project List Reminder
  1. If you are stuck on a project, be sure to check the Master Project List, or look online to the Lobbyist for advice on how to go about a project. Visit the Getting Started page or the Master Project List page for more information!
  1. Notes on UA Discussion Procedures
  1. Please note that pursuant to UA Bylaws Section 102.c.iii, each individual is limited to a speech no more than three (3) minutes in length on any given issue. Individuals may speak on an issue multiple times, but no single speech may last more than three (3) minutes in duration. Be aware of making repeated points, lengthy personal anecdotes, and be sure to exercise concision in responses.
  2. From here on in, if there is a motion to limit the number of individuals in line to speak, please move to “limit debate” instead of the more colloquial “cap the queue”.
  1. Member of the Week
  1. This week’s Member of the Week is...

Secretary’s Report

  1. Airport Shuttles
  1. Dates and Times:
  1. Tuesday, November 21st 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  2. Wednesday, November 22nd 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  1. Sales
  1. 1 ticket = $3.00
  2. Vendor: TicketLeap (
  1. Shifts
  1. Each UA member must send UA Shuttle information to 2 listservs
  2. Each UA member must work 1 shuttle shift
  1. UA Headshots
  1. Headshots will be held on November 19th at noon outside of Houston in perelman Quad.
  1. Penn Labs Update
  1. Penn Labs has continued work on Penn Central with goals of creating a platform for their other services. Penn labs has also fixed bugs in the Penn mobile App. They are also working on Penn Course Alert which notifies students of available courses.

Old Business

Project Updates

Student Life

Housing Infographic

Authored by: Max Grove

I recently finished putting together information on an off-housing guide. The information includes various dates one should keep in mind when looking for housing, different landlords across campus, useful websites, how to pay a deposit, and different types of housing. I will be sending it to FRES to see if there is anything they think should be added to it.

Social Justice

PennCAP Project

Authored By: Santosh Nori, Jude Dartey, Mercedes Owens

I have been in touch with PennFIRST and the PennCAP program, both of whom are very supportive of the idea and excited to collaborate. So far, both have provided me with helpful information to put into this guide regarding financial aid and student life. I recently met with the director of PennCAP (Pamela Edwards) to discuss how the PennCAP program works and how we might be able to allow more FGLI students to participate in the program (as per the request of PennFIRST), because there is currently a cap on how many people they invite and accept. She informed me that funding for PennCAP is the main barrier to taking on more students, and that funding comes from VPUL. A next step for this project would be to meet with relevant people at VPUL to talk about PennCAP funding, and include any information they may have in the guide as well. In the meantime, I am also working with Jordan to create a housing infographic to help FGLI students seek out cheaper housing options on/off campus.


International Student Buddy System

Authored by: Maher Abdel Samad


I’ve been working with the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) on International Student integration. Many international Students struggle during their first year at Penn, especially students from countries with a largely different culture than that of the US. Because of that, many international students end up only being friends with other internationals, as their shared experience of being foreigners connects them. We’re thinking of a Buddy System project in which international students are paired with American Students. Programming will be available to them (watching a football game together, getting cheesesteaks, etc…) right after or during NSO. For a long time, this has been logistically impossible because the ISSS cannot get American students’ names and emails from the admissions office before the semester starts. Therefore, students could never be paired up. However, we found a way around that by advertising this program with the pre-orientation programs. We hope to work with VPUL to potentially add this project to their list of programs and so all willing freshmen can sign up for it.


International Student Guide

Authored by: Maher Abdel Samad


Many international students arrive on campus with little to no information about important matters. Everything from getting a phone number to applying for internships and an SSN. Some students like myself had the chance of having someone they know go to Penn (or an urban American university). This allows them to ask for the tips and tricks of having a smooth transition to the US and Penn. However, a lot of students don’t have that chance. To solve this, I suggested having an “International Student Guide” similar to the FGLI student guide. This guide would include all the relevant information many organizations such as the ISSS, AIS and ISAB wants to push to Freshmen. It’s worth noting that this information is mostly already available in different places: (AIS’s website, upenn, Penn Global’s website, the ISSS newsletter and emails), but it would be very helpful to aggregate this information in a concise and well-designed guide and present it to International Incoming Freshmen during their first check in with ISSS (when they request /receive their I-20/DS2019).

Completion Reports

Academic Initiatives

Hand Sanitizers in the Quad

Authored by: Sravya Alla

I have been collaborating with Kyle to bring hand sanitizer stations in the Quad. Director of First Year Houses & Paraprofessional Training Dr. Kahiler has recently agreed to pilot the program in a location in the Quad. We sent them our top three locations in Ware (4th floor Butcher, Morris-Bodine Lounge in Ware, and 2nd floor Butcher), and they will be installing the sanitizers very soon. Based on the feedback and the usage of the hand sanitizers, they will install the sanitizers in other locations in the Quad, continuing the Purell at Penn initiative from the previous year. Hopefully, we can bring this initiative to other college dorms including Kings Court English House.


SAS Sector Expansion Project

Authored by: Ariela Stein

After having a meeting with Assistant Dean Peterman, I realized this project was not feasible. The administration feels very strongly about the amount of classes they choose to count for sectors. They have specific requirements for which classes become sectors. The first requirement is for the course to “bring the student from the ground up.” The second requirement is for the student to “think in the of the sector.” Another reason why Dean Peterman was very adamant on changing or amending the system was because most professors have given positive feedback on the system. Therefore, I will no longer be pursuing this project. However, I am working to increase the transparency of the system with Dean Peterman and possibly have an article about it in the DP.

Dining Sustainability and Facilities

Lobby Restroom in Stiteler Hall

Authored by: Arjun Swaminathan


Recently, it came to my attention that numerous students felt that a lack of accessibility to the lobby restroom in Stiteler Hall was an inconvenience. The bathroom is locked and requires a code to be opened. I reached out to Antoinette Bomento, the Stiteler Hall Building Manager, regarding the situation, with the goal of either removing the lock or providing the code to students who take courses within the building. However, according to Ms. Bomento, the lobby restroom is intended for handicapped access only, and that students should go down the stairs across B6 in order to utilize a restroom. Based on this feedback, this project will no longer be pursued.

Printer in Williams Hall

Authored by: Maria Curry and William Castner

Williams Hall on campus houses a variety Humanities courses at Penn, the popular Silfen Student Study Center, Williams Cafe, and over 14 conference rooms and 45 classrooms. Last year, I completed a project to have a printer installed in the Silfen lounge for student use.


Will and I noticed that this printer has been out of service this semester and reached out to IT Director of VPUL Mary Spada about correcting this issue. The printer is now up running for student use and will also have new Mac printer packages available this week. With Mary's help, Will and I have created promotional materials with information on how to use the printer to increase student awareness and use.

External Seats

Legal Services Update

Authored by: Elena Hoffman

This past Thursday, November 2nd, the UA-appointed attorney held meetings with two different students. The attorney comes down roughly once a month, so please spread the word of this *free* service to all your friends to ensure they are taking advantage of the opportunity to consult legal issues with a lawyer.

Discussion Papers

Student Life

Reimbursement for Art Supplies

Authored by: Grace Kim



Students who take FNAR classes and need materials have to walk to the art supplies store that is located near Shake Shack (3200 Chestnut Street).  My friend spent a total of 70 dollars, all for one art project, and was not reimbursed. When I asked my friend about art supplies and reimbursement, she explained that requesting art supplies was not an option, and that there is a lack of art supplies provided (no spare brushes, pencils, paper, etc.). So far, she has spent a total of 200 dollars on art supplies, and the only type of financial support she received was a beginning of the school year promotion from the art store, not the school. I have also been notified of other complaints about the art department in general.


Curious to learn more, I visited the Charles Adams Fine Arts Hall (next to Arch).  Students have complained about small studio spaces and locker spaces. This forces students to store their other supplies (paper, poster boards, and other bigger items) and artwork in open areas which leads to a high chance of stolen/lost work.  


 Other complaints (including aforementioned complaints) from art students I know include:

●      Lack of art supplies

●      No reimbursement for supplies bought outside of class

●      Not enough display space; need more display spaces around campus, and not just the art building

●      Digital art tools, such as Photoshop and Illustrator are not provided (they should be provided, like Microsoft)


My plan as of now is to create and send out a survey to students who have either taken an art class before or are currently enrolled in an art class. After gathering more concrete data, I will meet with the head of the Fine Arts department (Matt Neff) and possibly Karu to discuss the results.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Did anyone take an art class before? If so, what complaints do you have, and do you agree/disagree with any of the aforementioned complaints?
  2. Should the focus of this project be on the reimbursement of art supplies only, or should it also focus on other complaints about the art department in general?
  3. What kinds of questions should I ask in the survey?

Penn Club Review

Authored by: John Casey



I am working on the viability of a website like Penn Course Review, but for the club recruitment process.  I contacted PennLabs who said it would take a semester for them to create, so they could work on it in during the spring semester to then roll-out at the beginning of school in 2018.  They offered specifics on how Penn Course Review operates and aspects to consider (who can contribute, compulsory participation in Penn Course Review). They also offered some potential downsides to a Penn Club Review such as  “[they] don’t want to dissuade kids from applying to specific clubs just because  they were hard to get into.”  Harvard is currently working on such a project, and I have reached out to University Council President Yasmin Z., who is responsible for the administration of the project to get feedback and suggestions.

Potential categories that students can rate clubs’ recruitment processes on the website:

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do you think about the suggestions for categories on the website.  Should we add any or take out any?
  2. Do you think students will like and respond to this idea?
  3. Currently, I have asked Michael Krone, the SAC chair,  to provide me a list of clubs that I can reach out to, especially their recruitment chairs to seek feedback from various SAC-funded clubs on the viability of something like Penn Club Review as well as any concerns they might have.  Do you have any suggestions on implementation?
  4. Do you foresee any complications with this project?  

Project Updates

Academic Initiatives

Uncoordinated Dual Degree Support

Authored by: Julianne Goodman and Simon Chen


I met with Dr. Gary Purpura to discuss issues related to uncoordinated dual degree advising. We spoke about the natural limitations of each school’s advising office and potential mixed messaging. We decided upon creating a peer advisor database with a list of opt-in uncoordinated dual degree students, similar to the College’s database of peer major advisors. The Provost Office is willing to work with us and potentially host such a database, contingent on the buy-in from all undergraduate schools. The next step would be to meet to have a joint meeting with all the schools. Further project extensions could be to establish an uncoordinated dual degree guide created by current students.

Student Life

CAPS Diversity

Authored by: Michelle Xu, Sahitya Mandalapu, and Grace Kim

This past week, we met with CAPS Director, Dr. Bill Alexander, and Director of Outreach and Prevention, Dr. Meeta Kumar, to discuss diversity among CAPS clinicians.  This was an issue we had heard from many groups in UA Steering such as PAGE and Lambda Alliance.   What we found was that there is a really high demand for clinicians  of certain backgrounds and intersectionalities and that they do keep that in mind.  One thing they have implemented since last year at the suggestion of the CAPS advisory board was to have all their clinicians along with photos and specialities listed on the staff directory.  Something we discussed is the mechanism where students are able to request their preferences.  There is no uniform way or list of questions that is asked during the initial consultation so we discussed standardizing that and making more transparent the available specialties, creating an open dialogue about student’s needs.  

CAPS Presentation during NSO First-Year College House Meetings

Authored by: Jess Andrews and Kevin Zhou


On Friday, we met with Lulu Kaliher, Director of the First-Year College Houses, to discuss our project to integrate a short presentation by CAPS clinicians into the current first-year house meetings (Fisher-Hassenfeld, Ware, Riepe). However, we were told that this is simply not feasible due to time constraints and the fine balance between giving freshman pertinent information and overwhelming them with resources. Additionally, Lulu mentioned that the delegation of resources is already uneven among freshmen who live in the Quad and freshman who live elsewhere, so she does not want to exacerbate that problem. As a result, Kevin and I are going to redirect our time and effort into integrating CAPS into other parts of NSO, such as the Penn Life Sketches or the Penn Reading Project, as well as pursuing the implementation of the “embedded model” of CAPS into undergraduate life.

Dining Sustainability and Facilities

Promoting Green Living Certification

Authored by: Ben May and Will Castner


The Green Living Certification is an initiative run by the Penn Green Campus Partnership. It is meant to reward students for living sustainably while also educating them on Penn Sustainability resources. We learned about this initiative and were excited by the opportunity it presented for promoting more environmentally friendly habits on campus; however, we felt it had little reach to freshman and off campus students. I met with Julian Goresko, the Sustainability Manager, two weeks ago to address the certification. Next, we met with Emily Zhao, a sustainability intern, and Elizabeth Main, the sustainability coordinator, who together have been spearheading this project. From these two meetings, we spoke about possible ways to increase awareness of and participation in the survey. We suggested including additional items in the rewards for taking the survey, including: a blue marble as a token of sustainability and a guide to sustainable fisheries. We also suggested that they replace the tumbler with either a mug or water bottle. We will be pursuing the addition of a module in the Thriving at Penn pre-orientation assignment that covers sustainability on campus and promotes the survey. Additionally, we made suggestions to make the survey’s website more approachable. To promote the survey, Will and I recommended that they add additional incentives for students to share the survey with their friends. Also, Will put up promotional posters in the quad. We used social media to highlight the certification in our UA GBM recap post and putting it on our personal Facebook pages; we ask everyone else to share the link to the survey on their own personal page. We will be working to increase off campus student participation through listserv outreach and are going to promote the certification by having either Emily speak at SAC, including a link in an email to the UA Steering Listserv, highlighting it on the UA’s Facebook page, and posting a link to the survey on class Facebook pages. We will be continuing our efforts to promote this survey and hope to give it a larger presence in campus life here at Penn.

Replacing Hand Towels with Automated Dryers

Authored by: Ben May

Due to the need for paper towels in case of a spill, I began to pursue the possibility of creating a campus-wide composting system for paper towels as seen in Claudia Cohen Hall. However, during a meeting with Julian Goresko, the Sustainability Manager, I asked him about the feasibility of paper towels composting in bathrooms across campus, and he said that this would not be feasible due to a contract with the composting company. Since the composting company does not have compactors in their compost collection trucks, they cannot transfer paper off campus in an economically beneficial way and will not allow the expansion of paper composting. Therefore, I am redirecting this project to focus on installing hand dryers in bathrooms that only have paper towels and promoting the avoidance of paper towels.

Completion Reports

Social Justice

STI Testing

Authored by: Mary Bready

After meeting with the Director of Student Health (Erika Gross), plans are being finalized in November

for a month of free STI Testing in the spring (likely March). She explained that they have already found

most of their funding for this project and that they would need help to advertise the free testing to

students. She also explained that depending on interest and the success of this project, it may be able to

recur every semester or year.

Random Acts of Kindness

Authored By: Sola Park, Kanishka Rao, and Anthony Scarpone-Lambert

From October 27th to October 31st, the Four Class Boards collaborated with Penn Wellness and the Undergraduate Assembly to run the “Random Acts of Kindness” event, an initiative to spread positivity on campus. Over the weekend, the groups placed jars filled with ideas for good deeds all over campus in dining halls, residence halls, classrooms, and other public spaces to encourage students to be kind to one another. Ranging from simple suggestions like “check in on a friend” to more long-term commitments like “volunteer at the Netter Center”, the ideas in jars encouraged students to share positivity with themselves and each other. The event was a success, with over 600 responses on the Facebook event. Moving forward, we hope that this event is one of many that will help mental wellness on campus.

Dining, Sustainability and Facilities

Updated printer in Williams Hall

Authored by: Maria Curry and William Castner

 Will and I noticed that this printer has been out of service this semester and reached out to IT Director of VPUL Mary Spada about correcting this issue. The printer is now up running for student use and now also includes new features such as Mac printer packages, and printing wireless from Macs and PCs. With Mary's help, Will and I have created promotional materials with information on how to use the printer to increase student awareness and use.


  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  1. Meditation
  1. Sahitya: I was hoping we could try out in GBM by starting off with 10 seconds of silent meditation. Potentially do a midway stretch could be good.
  2. Jordan: I want to stretch at 10:30
  3. Elena: Lets stretch every hour
  1. Smoking Signs
  1. Maria: What is up with the new smoking signs.
  2. George: SHAB is doing campaign to promote good living without smoking
  3. Ben: Removing ashtrays is causing more litter
  4. Michael: They are doing that as an experiment
  5. George: They did that in the past
  6. Kyle: They are trying to enforce this policy but it is not a great way to enforce the policy
  1. CAPS
  1. Ariela: Last week I experienced a traumatic experience and I went to CAPS and waited 15 minutes. I spoke with a consultant and they said the next time I could see someone is in 5 weeks for a therapist.
  2. Jess: If you are having a very serious issue they will not make you wait five weeks.
  3. Michelle: From my understanding they analyze you and decide what you need. This is an ongoing conversation we are having with CAPS. They are working very hard and are trying to bridge the gap.
  1. CAPS Committee
  1. Samara: if you have anything related to mental health we are having a meeting to discuss how to do a project related to mental health. If you are interested let me know.
  2. Michael: Make sure to continue the discussion on mental health
  1. NEC Event
  1. This Saturday
  1. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. City 6 Conference
  1. Michelle: We had it today. We hosted it with other philadelphia schools. We went over structures on how each student government works. It was very cool to have these discussions. We allocate most of our funding to groups on campus. It was good discussion for feedback mechanism.
  2. Santosh: What does the money go toward in elections
  3. Michelle: It is Temple and some candidates bought T-shirts
  4. George: What recommendations?
  5. Michelle: This is a pretty new organization and does not have a bylaw and we wanted to create a mission statement. We decided that this type of forum is valuable and we want to continue to share problems because we are all Philadelphia schools.
  6. Kanishka: Do you have plans for standing nodes?
  7. Michelle: We just finished codifying everything. I created a City 6 folder for notes.
  1. AOD and Anti-Hazing policies
  1. Michelle: The handout is only anti-hazing policies. It is not set in stone. They have a soft deadline of November 30th. It must go through Council of Undergraduate Deans and they want feedback. The biggest change is separating undergraduate and graduate students. We will talk about this during Steering
  2. Kevin: With event observers it seemed like the big response was that they would combat hazing later on. It would be nice if they could do that because this has been more or less the same. Potentially add enforcement.
  3. Michelle: Any changes recommendation? If you have any suggestions feel free to email me.
  1. PSG Steering
  1. Michelle: All heads of branches get together biweekly and the meetings are off the record. The NEC is planning PSG week for last week of January. They are expecting every branch to do something. The UA will be doing an event with ice skating rink. SOTS has not been well attended but they want feedback.
  2. Santosh: For SOTS it is the one in rooftop lounge?
  3. Michelle: It was last year, but not always
  4. Santosh: I would suggest that if it is in rooftop lounge that is disconnected so put it in central location. Put it in Claudia Cohen
  5. Nyar: NEC is very different from clubs on campus. It would be good idea for NEC to partner with other groups. I think it would be better for them to reach out to groups to see if they reach out to communities. I think tit is very important for them to connect more with the body.
  6. Sam: As a side note. I am also the NEC liaison and can bring this up at their meeting tomorrow and feel free to reach out to me.
  7. Michelle: Historically this event did not go well
  8. Jordan: I like what you said about changing format. I think breakout session could be useful, especially if you have student leaders on different topics
  9. Jay: I think one of the problems has been getting people there?
  10. Michelle: SOTS is one event to connect to school and it has been a panel that students answer questions. The first year it has just been food. Most people just leave for the food.
  11. Kanishka: Maybe on Facebook event you can have people answer questions before the event. So people know that you will answer hard questions
  12. George: You could serve food after event
  13. Michelle: They tried that in the past
  14. Samara: Make sure that student groups advertise. Potentially make it more accessible to people and live stream it last year.
  15. Anthony: For elections people came and everyone was spread out in the area. Potentially have different tables for more integration.
  16. Kevin: Social media is very useful and potentially you can flyer
  17. Jesse: When we did midnight breakfast it forced people into small space and it forced you to interact with candidates
  18. Jordan: What is the day and time.
  19. Michelle: Weekday at 8:00 PM
  20. Jordan: Make sure it is at a time when everyone is free.
  21. Ariela: Is there a way to get clubs in SAC to go
  22. Michelle: SAC chair can advertise
  23. Nayar: Potentially have a raffle. NSO had a good raffle. Announce winner at the end of the event.
  1. Upcoming Admin Meetings
  1. Council of Undergraduate Deans
  1. Michelle: CUD is meeting again and the topic is academic integrity. There will be some UHC members invited to discuss test bank policy,
  1. Student Registration and Financial Services
  1. Michelle: This will be last admin meeting for cabinet. We will be talking about various issues regarding financial aid.
  1. Vice President’s Report
  1. UA Steering
  1. Jay: This past week we had UA Steering and talked about long term solutions. We talked about how we could manipulate the college house system. We talked about designs, layouts, four year housing and faculty. Next Steering we will discuss AOD policies and shorter term mental health initiatives
  1. UA Report
  1. Midterm Review Week
  1. Michael: Feedback form is going out tonight or tomorrow. This will be due on Tuesday/ Wednesday. Not like PULSE survey.  Don’t put that in the minutes. I will be meeting with committee directors. It is very important for us to get feedback.
  2. Kevin: We did this during the committee meeting.
  3. Michael: 10 minutes in committee and you will talk to exec liaison
  1. Lobbyist and Master Project List Reminder
  1. Michael: The lobbyist and master project list are good resources. I will ensure everyone has access rights so you can update your own projects. This relies on people editing and updating data.
  1. Notes on UA Discussion Procedures
  1. Michael: If you are speaking there is a provision in bylaw that you do not have time for anecdotes. Some people say cap the queue but just say limit debate.
  1. Member of the Week is Ben May
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  1. Airport Shuttles
  1. Sravya: Dates are Tuesday Nov 21, 10-7, Wednesday Nov 22 766
  2. Jude: Going to send cover photo in slack. Please change cover photos! Will be tabeling from 11AM-1PM on Locust tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday
  3. Will: Each shift starts 30 minutes before shuttle leaves. Everyone bring their computer.
  4. Brian: I am sending out cover photo and post right now, everyone please do it now.
  5. Michelle: Last year everyone was commenting on each other’s posts and it was everyone’s feed. It was great for publicity.
  6. Brian: Will send shifts out tomorrow morning at 8AM.
  1. Headshots
  1. UA Headshots next Sunday. Jason will be taking the photos outside in Perelman Quad unless anyone has any other suggestions.
  2. Jay: Is there a dress code?
  3. Brian: No, wear what you’d like.
  4. Michael: UA T-shirts came in! Come to OSA to pick them up after you Venmo $15.
  1. Penn Labs Update
  1. Brian: I sent a PDF last week that says they’re working on Penn Mobile, Penn Central, and a new platform version of Penn Course Notify.
  2. Jay: How is it different than Penn Course Notify?
  3. Brian: Wasn’t in Penn Labs’ jurisdiction to work on in old version.
  1. Old Business
  1. Project Updates
  1. Student Life
  1. Housing Guide
  1. Max: Put infographic in the slack last week. I am going to make more of a formal report similar to SCUE’s Roadmap to Penn with 10 pages or so of what it means to live off campus for the housing graphic.
  1. Social Justice
  1. PennCAP
  1. Jude: PennCAP is for FGLI students and PFP is a four-week program before school starts where students get to take classes and get acclimated to campus.
  2. Santosh: We really wanted to work on a project with Penn First to try to expand PennCAP because it currently only takes 100 students. I met with M. Edwards the director of the program, and she said the barrier to increase is funding. Program is funded partly by VPUL and partly by the government. I have been in contact with Karu and Will Gibson, so the next step is talking to him about how to grow funding.
  3. Jay: PennCAP is expensive because it’s more than an information session, it’s a program. Is it possible to meet the needs of all students? Maybe start thinking of some alternatives if you’re not able to get funding from VPUL.
  4. Jude: One big issue is that FGLI is an opt-in label and PennCAP is a four-year program. Maybe if more students cannot do PFP, maybe we can expand PennCAP.
  5. Mercedes: Maybe we could decrease outside trips to include more students.
  6. Jay: If this happens, would FGLI be Penn’s definition or Penn First’s definition
  7. Santosh: Talked to Pam Edwards about this. FGLI definition is lenient. Students with less access to opportunities in high school are eligible.
  8. Jesse: If you couldn’t secure more funding, could you talk to them about cutting it down by a week to take more people?
  1. International Student Buddy System
  1. [Removed, pending readdition next week]
  1. International Student Guide
  1. [Removed, pending readdition to agenda next week]
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Hand Sanitizers in the Quad
  1. Sravya: Collaborated with Quad to put hand sanitizers in four priority locations. Will be continuing Purell for Penn in other dorms such as KCEH.
  1. SAS Sector Expansion Project
  1. Ariela: I realized this project wasn’t feasible after meeting with Dean Peterman. Administration feels very strongly about what classes should count or not. Working on increasing transparency about why classes are or are not chosen for sectors.
  1. Dining Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Lobby Restroom in Stiteler Hall
  1. Kyle: Arjun looked into getting a restroom open to public on first floor of Stiteler. The current one is for handicapped students so it is not accessible to the public.
  1. Printer in Williams Hall
  1. Maria: Last year we installed a printer in Williams Hall. It went offline and we got it online, but now it’s back offline.
  2. Will: We’re going to be making some promotional materials because it’s confusing to use.
  3. Maria: We recently got the feature of being able to print to it remotely.
  1. External Seats
  1. Legal Services Update
  1. Elena: Last week the attorney met with two students.
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Student Life
  1. Reimbursement for Art Supplies
  1. Grace: Students who take fine arts classes have to buy their own art supplies. Digital resources such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc are not provided. There are small locker spaces and a lack of display cases. My plan is to discuss this issue with Karu.
  2. Jordan: For clarification, do art classes require textbooks? I foresee pushback in that people have to buy books for other classes, so for art classes students have to buy art supplies.
  3. Grace: University is supposed to cover course costs. Students think they should be provided with Adobe Suite in the same way as we get Microsoft Office. They have to buy books for some art classes, so they feel that they should get reimbursed for art supplies.
  4. Kanishka: We don’t get reimbursed for some stuff in my product design class, but we do get reimbursed up to $200 for our final project.
  5. Jay: I think it’s essential that estimated costs of art supplies are listed on the syllabus. I think you could push for certain types of art supplies be on reserve for borrow. Are Adobe Suite products available on computers in School of Design? Even if they’re not provided, they might be available. That was the case for a music software program from my music class. You could more display cases in lounges in college houses.
  6. George: Photoshop and Illustrator are on VP and WIC computers, but maybe you should include a “did you know about this resource” on the survey. About putting art supplies on reserve, Jay makes a good point but arts supplies often gets abused.
  1. Penn Club Review
  1. John: I want to create a resource like Penn Course Review for clubs. I reached out to Penn Labs who said they could do this but it would take a semester to create. How could we promote this resource and get information on this?
  2. Kevin: Instead of asking how intense was the application, have people reply to “how long did it take you to write this?” or “how many 100 word essays did you have to write?”
  3. Kanishka: One problem with this is that you rate a course before you know your grade. If you model how GlassDoor does it for interviews, you put whether people got in or not.
  4. Sravya: Pros and cons to putting acceptance rates might deter people from applying and antagonize clubs even if people want to know.
  5. John: Would like to include to whether clubs are worthwhile. Even if kids are dissueded from applying, Penn has a 10% acceptance rate and we all applied anyway. Might make people feel better to know that if a club has a low acceptance rate, they’re not the only ones.
  6. Anthony: To facilitate a friendly feeling, maybe put a comments section for each club.
  7. John: One downside is that people would have to review those comments. Can talk to Penn Labs about review.
  8. Ben: Open-ended questions aren’t effective because it’s hard to review and sift through responses.
  9. Kevin: How would you get acceptance rate info?
  10. John: Definitely want to discuss this with SAC.
  11. Kevin: Would be tough to mandate.
  12. Michael: Everyone look at Wharton Council guide, very comprehensive.
  13. Samara: When you get to point of actually building a rating mechanism, talk to a stat major to make sure we’re getting good information.
  14. Nick: Important to consider when people are filling this out: people in the club that want to make it good and people who didn’t get in.
  15. John: Going to reach out to clubs that have good reputations to see how they do it.
  16. Jordan: Maybe making categories of acceptance so clubs don’t compete to have the lowest acceptance way.
  17. Will: Might send a bad message to prospective students if they think they won’t be able to do what they want.
  18. John: I heard about competitive clubs anyway.
  19. Max: Can you make this PennKey access only?
  20. Jen: I wished I had a better idea of how competitive clubs would be.
  1. Project Updates
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Uncoordinated Dual Degree Support
  1. Julianne: Had a great meeting with Dr. Purpura about why it’s so difficult for other schools to provide advice about other schools. Majors offer peer advisors for people of the same major, so we’re going to make a database of opt-in uncoordinated dual degrees.
  2. Max: How are you going to get uncoordinated dual degree peer advisors?
  3. Julianne: College office has already offered to email all dual degrees.
  4. Anthony: Is it only for uncoordinated? It would be really nice to get a list of coordinated dual degrees.
  5. Julianne: Uncoordinated dual degrees have basically no support. Coordinated dual degrees have specific advisors. So many possible combinations that it’s hard for staff.
  6. Simon: You can email an advisor to get more information.
  7. Jordan: Could have a mock schedule or list of classes a person took underneath their name / if you click on their name, so everyone that just wants a general idea can get that without the peer advisors having to email or call them back.
  8. Ben: It would be elaborate, but if you could have classes that count for each major in a database so you could click on two and see, that’d be great.
  9. Julianne: It’s very complicated and the college doesn’t want to advertise which classes double count because that detracts from learning.
  1. Student Life
  1. CAPS Diversity
  1. Sahitya: Added pictures of clinicians, their specialties, and fun facts last year to help people pick clinicians. During 15 minute consultation period, some people ask if you have preferences.
  2. Grace: They actively try to employ people of high demand, but some clinicians will always be more high-demand than others.
  3. Sahitya: If someone asks for a specific kind of person, sometimes CAPS doesn’t have that combination of identities.
  4. Samara: I think it would be good for bios to be standardized because it seems like clinicians get to choose what they want to share.
  5. Sahitya: Don’t want to degrade clinicians to just their identities.
  1. CAPS Presentation during NSO First-Year College House Meetings
  1. Kevin: We met with the director of first-year college houses last week. The house meeting won’t be a feasible option for next year, so we’re going to try to integrate CAPS into other parts of NSO such as Penn Life Sketches.
  2. Maria: Karu is really open to talking about these items. I think promoting resilience around OCR and club recruitment is important. It would also be important to tell people what OCR is, to help reduce stress.
  3. George: Connecting to how CAPS wait times are very long, I support the project but I worry that it might put too much demand on CAPS.
  4. Jess: We want to expand to mental health resources in general. We could include Penn Benjamins, get a mental health life sketch, or Penn Reading Project.
  5. Jesse: I think you should do Penn Reading Project. Even if it’s not the focus of the book, have the proctor talk about mental health.
  6. Anthony: Out of all the people I talked to, no one really read the Penn Reading Project.
  7. Jen: You mentioned CAPS is underfunded, so how do they have the funds to build a New College House but not fund CAPS more?
  8. Kanishka: I don’t think it has to be related to the book, it can just be in that setting.
  9. Kevin: Who do we talk to if we want to talk about the funding for CAPS?
  10. Sam: There are so many people. Let’s talk offline.
  1. Dining Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Promoting Green Living Certification
  1. Ben: The Penn Green Campus Partnership which is being run through the Sustainability Office at Penn is running this certification program to promote green living. We had meetings with admins about how to increase awareness and get more rewards for taking the survey. We will be pursuing getting a module in TAP. We want to increase off-campus student participating by listservs, presentations at SAC, UA social media, etc.
  2. Jesse: Free food always works. Rent out Bodek one night and have people get food after filling out the survey.
  3. Anthony: On move in day, you had to put your email in a listserv to take a recycling bin. Maybe reach out to those people.
  1. Replacing Hand Towels with Automated Dryers
  1. Ben: Continuing Arjun’s project. Paper towels are a huge contributor to landfill waste. I want to change direction from complete replacement of paper towels. Contamination happens with composting, so we can’t expand that project. I will be contacting college houses to increase awareness of paper towel waste and trying to install more hand dryers.
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Social Justice
  1. STI testing
  1. [Tabled, until next week]
  1. Random Acts of Kindness
  1. Anthony: RAKs went really well. Got a lot of really good feedback when putting them around campus.
  2. Jesse: Might be cool to leave jars with post it notes and pencils around in a leave-one, take-one thing.
  3. Sam: Were there any notes left when you collected the jars?
  4. Kanishka: Yes, but we had over 1000.
  5. Anthony: Strategic locations really worked. Had to refill.
  1. Communications