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“Summer Camp: Alison's Story” video

Video Description:

Bright colors blend into a video of a woman with light skin,  long, dark, curly hair and colorful dangle earrings and wearing a white shirt and green cardigan. She’s sitting in an open lobby area on a grey couch with white geometric patterns. She signs ASL.


While attending Apsen Camp, I was among a diverse group of campers, from those who used ASL, to Signing Exact English.  Campers from different academic experiences and environments all in one place, working together. They relied on me for my leadership, they relied on me for my ideas. That brought me to realize…what’s not to be proud of my deaf identity? If it wasn’t for those summer camps and having that mainstream experience, those things really made me who I am.

Video Description:

Bright colors transition the video to text that reads: “Summer Camp: Alison’s Story.”

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