ExpressGolf – an 18-hole tournament in under 3 hours

ExpressGolf is a new golf event format in which a field of up to 72 golfers can play an 18-hole tournament in less than 3 hours. Developed as a counter to dwindling golf participation numbers – one of the most significant factors being lack of time – ExpressGolf uses the Tagmarshal pace-management system to monitor and manage the field, imposing time penalties where necessary.

ExpressGolf uses the same rules of golf, playing quicker and is designed to “increase participation,” revenue and profit. The format offers fast, fun and exhilarating golf that guarantees results.

This can be a huge benefit for golf course operators as they can expect an increase in rounds during under-utilised parts of the season or day. With an increase in rounds and charging a premium “ExpressGolf Fee,” the tournament solution paves the way for more spend at pro shops and F&B, prompting increases in revenue in all areas of the golf facility.

In professional tournament golf, ExpressGolf can be used on Pro-Am day – seeing a finish in under three hours, giving more time for post-round engagements and pre-tournament range time for the pros. The ExpressGolf Professional Tournament version sees a limited field of professionals completing an 18-hole tournament in under one-and-a-half hours!

“ExpressGolf was so much fun and I actually played one of my best rounds of golf this year...ExpressGolf is a fantastic alternative to our regular game and everybody should give it a try to see what a difference it can make to their game.” - Marcel Siem, multiple European Tour Winner.

Ultimately, the goal is that this will grow the game by attracting a younger generation while at the same time retaining the traditions of the great game.


Regular Play Day

ExpressGolf Day


4.5hr rounds

3hr rounds

100% capacity

100% capacity

Busy day capacity:




Ave. round $:


$45 to $50 (incl $ Express Golf fee)

Total booking revenue potentail:



Additional revenue potential -

Per Day / Event



4 events / Express days a month


40 events a year


8 per month / 80 year