Studio Policies

Early Cancel, Late Cancel, No-Show Policy

Early cancel = Registration cancelled at least 6 hours prior to class time.

Late Cancel = Registration cancelled 3 hours or less prior to class time.

No Show = Registration was not cancelled and the class was not attended.

Memberships :: Each late cancel incur a $15 fee charged to the credit card on file.

Class Packages :: Each late cancel or no-show results in a forfeiture of that pass.    

YOU MUST GO ONLINE to cancel your reservation. Calls and texts will NOT be accepted as a form of timely cancellation. NO EXCUSES, no refunds. The MindBody app makes it super easy to cancel your class. And remember...someone else might be waiting for a spot in class.

Registration & Wait List Policy

We are a small, personalized fitness studio with limited equipment and limited spaces available for each type of class. Therefore, our policy requires clients to register for each class to ensure they have a spot. It is recommended clients register at least 6 hours in advance for each class (so instructors can gauge interest) and cancel 3 hours before class starts.

Low Registration Policy

In the event that a class has low or no participation, that class may be cancelled at the discretion of the owner or instructor up to 3 hours prior to class start time.  In the event that you are scheduled for a class that is cancelled, the system will send you an email. You will NOT lose your pass in this situation.

Memberships & Pricing

Memberships agreed upon by both parties will be honored throughout the term of the contract. Pricing for any and all services may be changed or altered at any time at the discretion of Altitude Fitness Highland Village.


Workshops are non refundable.


Private Lessons

If you do not show up for your scheduled private, or if you cancel within 24 hours of the lesson, we will retain an instructor fee of $35 to pay our instructor.

Minimum Age

Kids Circus classes are for ages 7-12. Teen Flyers classes are for ages 13-17. Adult classes can be attended by ages 16+ with parents permission.

Age appropriate music and choreography will be adhered to in all Kids Circus and Teen Flyers classes. For adult classes, music and choreography is at the discretion of the instructor but we are 100% sensitive to our clients so please let us know if music or choreo being utilized is something you aren’t comfortable with and we will do our best to adjust!

Our contact info:

Call or Text :: 940.441.5453

Email ::