We had a great first week of practice.  Coach Lisa and I are really excited about this year’s team as it is a super mix of new and returning faces.  Please remember that hydration, nutrition, and sleep are essential to a student-athlete and as we transition to afternoon practice next week, it will become even more important. .  

Happy and sad news to report regarding Coach Elijah.  He was expecting to start graduate school to work towards his doctorate in physical therapy in January but a space opened up this fall so he will be packing up and moving to California pretty much immediately.  We will miss him and wish him good luck and thanks for his assistance this summer.

The team fee for this season will be $250 and the cost of the Flrunners/Universal Trip will be $175.  As usual, we have our business sponsorship program to help defray the cost.  You can download the sponsorship form here.  If you raise more than the team fee (which we often have students do), the money will be kept in your account for next year.  Please note that sponsorship money cannot be used to purchase spirit items but can be applied to the cost of hotel rooms for overnight meets.  (For those who are new I will go over all of this at the parent meeting in detail.)  Please do not let the team fee discourage you from being on the team.  I will work with you to find a solution.  

Lastly, physical forms and FHSAA paperwork must be updated each year.  A number of students have outdated paperwork and have been notified via groupme.  The packet can be downloaded here.  Please write decline on the concussion form, unless you play another sport where getting a concussion is more likely.  I will arrange for anyone who wants to have a concussion baseline test done individually,  

Calendar of Events

Complete Season Schedule available here

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Coach LaFollette