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Google classroom code: i61frh

Course Description

        Welcome to Human Behaviors! Together we are going to discover, analyze and explore the meaning of human behavior and how our brains and bodies are designed to respond the events around us.

This course will provide students the opportunity  to gain the knowledge and develop the skills that they will need to become civic minded adults and gain an appreciation for workings of the brain and body, as well to become more sympathetic to other’s lives, opinions, and actions.

Course Expectations and Assessments

        Year round Daily Notebook, DBQ essays, Online EdConnect quizzes and tests

MP 1 Gateway Plan for Improvement, Scientific Method Experiment Design

MP2 Dream Journal and analysis

MP 3 :Personal Change project

MP 4: Twisted Fairytale

Course Policies 

        Homework: Homework will be given throughout the school year. Homework assignments may include but are not limited to writing assignments, geography practice, study guides, outlines etc. Every homework assignment should come to class completed on its designated due date. Homework will be checked for completion as well as for accuracy. Homework will not be calculated into a student’s grade but if the student completes the assignment they will receive a check mark in PowerSchool.

Late Work: Each day that an assignment is not handed in, 10 points will be taken from the possible grade. Work will not be accepted one week past its original due date. School trips and events do not excuse you from work that is completed in class. If absent due to a school event, the assignment will have the same due date as those that were in class.

Required and Recommended Materials 


Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

1. RESPECT- Throughout the school year we will be covering a variety of subject matters. It is extremely important that everyone show respect towards every student and teacher and their opinion. We follow the golden rule in Room 406; Treat everyone the way that you would like to be treated.

2. Follow the Handbook- Students should follow the rules as they are described in the student handbook provided by Gateway.

3. 3 Strike Rule- When a student is exhibiting behavior that is inappropriate for the classroom. Students will be given a:

Extra Help/Assignment make ups/retakes

The Chill Corner

In the back right corner of the room, there will be a chill corner.

Students are allowed to use this area to chill if they feel overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, etc.

Rules for corner are posted in the area and must be followed, otherwise, student will be seen as taking advantage of the area and in violation of classroom and school expectations/policies.