Monastery of Independent Mystics


Welcome to the overview document for the Monastery of Independent Mystics! We are here to tell you who we are, what we are doing, and which projects we are currently incubating for the benefit of all beings.

Monastery of Independent Mystics is a group of spiritualists and mystics who are collaborating for the benefit of all beings. Our number includes shamans, witches, enlightened beings, faery wizards, and magicians. The monastery is a healing oasis, spiritual influencer incubator, and art house focused on the intersection of the spiritual, digital, and physical. We have been practicing in the nomadic tradition, traveling the US southwest and west coast, grounding vital energies for the earth as we move. We are building towards a permanent location to incubate future spiritual leaders and their projects





Core Values

Benefit of all beings:

everything done with, through, for, and at the monastery is undertaken for the benefit of all beings, inclusive. We recognize all beings as including us and all other humans, other than human agencies such as animals and plants, third entities that emerge from systems and relationships, spirits, devas, deities, faeries, egregores, cosmic forces and more.  


all beings are sovereign creators of their own reality, we respect all creators as heirs of their own karma, we support the sovereignty of the individual at all times in all ways

play is a container for novel experimentation created by a loving universe. We follow the heart centered bliss impulse in all things. We dance with the potentials of beauty and pursue our own fulfillment as part of the whole of the earth. We know we are here to follow the clarity of who we are that has been with us since we were born, and we remove all things that are not in alignment with that clarity to better know our own purpose, and at the heart of that purpose is to have fun. To be the heart song of the living earth and to call others to us with it. Above all else we want those who resonate to come play with us. This is how we choose to create heaven on earth together.

We are Creating Heaven Timelines for the Benefit of all Beings

We are using our gifts, skills, resources and power to create heaven timelines for the benefit of all beings. We move with clarity, compassion, and equanimity in connection to our own higher purpose, in collaboration with all resonant beings and positively aligned forces.

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Meet the Mystics

At present there are  four mystics in residence with the monastery dedicated to co-creating heaven timelines for the benefit of all beings. Anywhere we go, alone or together, the monastery goes with us. All proceeds donated to the monastery go to support us and our work for the benefit of all beings.

Hanjo and Ananda Youtaku 

Are enlightened twin flames in union. They are gifted healers and shamanic practitioners. Hanjo and Ananda are a container in which healing, spiritual awakening and enlightenment are able to unfold. They are spiritual educators, artists, authors, and multi-media content creators.

Read more about them and their service offerings:

Hanjo and Ananda


The Factorial System 

Is a plural neuroqueer technomancer conglomeration, full-stack web developer and abstract artist.

Find their root page below:
Home - The Factorial System

Factorial System Shamanic Coder Services

J0eCool / Jacob G.

Is a game developer turned compiler engineer turned time lord

Meet the Projects


 blessing blockchains to benefit all beings by minting spirits and transmissions as NFTs while developing novel smart contracts to increase magical effect.


Ongoing Projects:


Crystalization Culture

Hanjo and Ananda’s work in the world


Hanjo Nonduality

Hanjo’s direct transmission of universal wisdom

Hanjo Non-duality & Enlightenment - YouTube 


The Book of Spider Magic