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WSCA Board Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)9-23-18
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WSCA Board Meeting Minutes:  September 23, 2018- 5:00 PM

Board Members in Attendance:

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Discussion Items


Open Board Position

Scott Muirhead, President, announced his resignation to the WSCA Board. A call for nominations yielded no results.  Scott agreed to assist the Board with the transition to his successor until the end of the calendar year.

The Board will spend the next several weeks seeking out a nomination for this open board position. All interested parties may contact any WSCA Board Member for additional information.

Rich Cummings, Secretary, agreed to serve another term in the Secretary Position.

2019 Schedule

The dates of The Washington State Tournament for 2019 have been announced. The event will be held at SST on June 20- June 24, 2019.

The balance of the 2019 Schedule has not been finalized at this time. A discussion about the schedule dominated the meeting. Several topics were discussed:

The 2019 schedule was not finalized. Jim Darby has offered to take up the task of contacting the Clubs to discuss next year’s schedule in more detail- and possibly arrange to meet this fall to finalize the schedule.

The deadline for submitting the 2019 Schedule is the end of the year. It is at that time that the shoots are provided an NSCA shoot number and logged into the NSCA database for our region.

Club Scores

Linda Henson reported that some Clubs are late/delayed in providing shoot results to NSCA. It was decided that a reminder could be sent to them in this regard to try and improve the process.

Treasury Report

Jerry Perez reported that WSCA currently has a balance $6,000.00.

The board discussed the purchase of an advanced QuickBooks program to assist in the management and distribution of WSCA assets. Jerry has taken up the task of reviewing the software to determine the best function and value for WSCA use.