February 14, 2020  Standard Schedule                        

WRESTLING team improved to 6-0 on the year, winning 48-47 with a match clinching pin by Rowan Millet!  Last home match Tuesday, 2/25.  

WELLNESS LENS Anticipating a vacation will give you a happiness boost.

EQUITY LENS  Quote of the day:  “Find the good.  It’s all around you.  Find it, showcase it and you’ll start believing in it.”  --Jesse Owens

POPCORN FRIDAY  February 14 and February 28

PDD/LATE ARRIVAL (10:30)  March 12

FEBRUARY BREAK Monday, 2/17 through Friday, 2/21.

VALENTINE REC EVENT - $5.00 (bring extra $ for delicious treats) - Friday, February 14, 2:45 - 4:30, featuring Open Gym, Pizza, Movie, Tik-Tok, Donuts, & Unblocked Game Room - THIS EVENT BENEFITS DC EXPLORATORY TRIP SCHOLARSHIPS.


NEW TUTORING PROGRAM - Monday and Wednesdays in McMurray Library 2:45 - 4:00 pm with Ms. Ketter, Counselor, and VHS volunteers.  The program provides time, space, and homework help.  For questions and additional information, please see Ms. Ketter via one of the counselor request forms located in the office.

Drop by to check them out!

GOLF OPPORTUNITY for McMurray 6,7, and 8th grade students.  VHS Coach Paul Wahlen, invites you to participate beginning Monday, March 2, 3:15 - 4:45, at the Vashon Golf and Country Club. Please pick up information in the McMurray office.  Required:  Co-Curricular Enrollment form, Physical, Safety Guidelines, McM ASB fee ($40); Sport fee is waived.

NO GAMES CLUB Friday, February 14;  ULTIMATE FRISBEE Mondays 2:45-4; GREEN TEAM 1st & 3rd Mondays; MAKERS CLUB Tuesdays; ARTS COUNCIL Tuesdays 2/4, 2/11,2/25;  LA CHISPA  1st & 3rd Tuesdays; GSA CLUB meets every Tuesday during 6th grade lunch in Ms. Roselle’s room; INTERACT - 1st & 3rd Wednesdays; YEARBOOK Wednesdays during Lunch; CHOIR CLUB Wednesdays;

MCM YEARBOOK (HOOFPRINTS) - (Deadline for purchasing is May 15.)Yearbooks may be purchased now, $40 (check, online, exact cash amount, credit/debit at McM).  Purchasing now reserves a yearbook for you to be distributed on June18, last day of school.

LOCKER/LOCKS REMINDER:  Thank you for locking your padlock before walking away from your locker. Replacement locks are $10.00. Please check in office as soon as possible regarding a lost lock.                                          

MCMURRAY DRESS CODE  Please review page 6 of the McMurray Parent/Student Handbook

Standard Schedule 2nd Semester

PDD Schedule (beginning 2nd Sem.)

8:00     First Bell

8:05-9:00     1st Per.

9:04-9:54     2nd Per.

Break:  9:54-10:04

Homeroom:  10:08-10:38

10:42-11:32   3rd per.

11:32-12:02   6 & 7gr. Lunch

12:06-12:56   6 &7gr. 4th Per.

11:36-12:26   8 gr.4th Per.

12:26-12:56   8 lunch

1:00-1:50      5th Per.

1:54-2:45      6th Per.


10:30    First Bell

10:35-11:12      1st Per.

11:16-11:48       2nd Per.

11:48-12:18       first lunch (6 &7gr. 2 sem.)

11:52-12:22       8 gr. 3rd Per.

12:22-12:52       6 &7 gr. 3rd Per.

12:22-12:52       second lunch (8 gr. 2 sem.)

12:56-1:28         4th Per.

1:32-2:04           5th Per.

2:08-2:45           6th Per.


LUNCH MENU    ($2.50/breakfast; $4.00/student lunch; $5.00/adult lunch)  

Today                     Cheeseburger, Veggies or Salad, Fruit

Tomorrow            Fish & Chips, Veggies or Salad, Fruit




Girls Basketball

Wednesday, 2/26

@ Lighthouse, 3:45pm, dismiss at 1:30


Tuesday, 2/25

@ home 4:00  

SPORTS PAPERWORK:   Enrollment form, sports physical, and safety guidelines need to be turned in to the office before practicing.  ASB ($40/year) and sports fee ($100.00/per sport) need to be paid within the first two weeks of the season. Scholarships available. Sixth grade students practice only (except for Wrestling and Track) and do not pay $100 sport fee . Sixth grade Track and Wrestling participants owe the $100 sport fee and $40 ASB fee.


6th grade hall

 Hall from 151 to 153


Commons/band hall







Take care of business, stay focused on getting back to class quickly

No technology (phones, etc.) use allowed in bathrooms/hallways

Wash your hands (Keep the soap and paper towels in their dispensers!)

Go during passing time/breaks

Use hall pass during class to use restroom


Keep area clean

Report messes/graffiti to office 

LUNCH BOX/CONTAINER NOTICE:   The contents of the “lunchbox bin” across from office will be discarded weekly. Reminder announcements will be made on Friday mornings. Thank you for retrieving your lunch boxes/containers after every lunch.

LIBRARY LUNCH SCHEDULE:  The library is open during first lunch (6th grade lunch) on Tuesday and Thursday and during second lunch (7th/8th grade lunch) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.                                                                             


When a parent has arranged with their child to walk, take Metro, be picked up by family or friend after school, the office does not need to be notified. McMurray office does need parent authorization for a student to leave prior to the 2:40 dismissal and when a student needs to ride a different bus other than their regular bus or get off at a different stop. Written notification is preferred, or email before noon on the day of the bus change.

Written authorization can be brought to the office in the morning before classes for bus/bus stop passes (required by bus drivers) and for an early release from school.  The office then provides bus pass for driver or early dismissal form for student’s teacher.  When dismissed by teacher, student can meet their parent in the office and sign out.  Please contact the office at 463-8715 for more information.

DRESS CODE (See parent/ student handbook.)

BICYCLE SAFETY - It’s important to remember that a bicycle is not a toy; it’s a vehicle! Safe riding tips available in the office regarding helmets, equipment, rules of the road, sidewalk vs street riding, etc.                                                                        



MCMURRAY BUILDING HOURS/ACCESS – Building is locked until 7:30 am on regular scheduled days, and 10:00 am on PDD/late arrival scheduled days.  Doors are locked and building including commons is closed at 3:15. Students in classroom with a teacher, after school club, or athletic participant with a coach may be in building until activity ends.

PTSA coordinates collection of island IGA and Thriftway receipts to benefit VISD.  Parents and staff may drop of receipts in the office.  A PTSA collection box can be found 04on far right side of office counter. This is an easy and great fundraiser. Just write your name and phone # on the receipt and circle the subtotal. Thank you for your support.

BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION AND PRINT CARTRIDGES/CELL PHONE COLLECTION earns McMurray money. Items may be dropped off at the McMurray office.  Thank you for helping! Questions may be directed to Barbara at 463-9168 or

Vashon Island School District is an equal opportunity employer and education provider.  For text of our full Non-Discrimination Statement please visit the employment page of our website at or see student handbooks available in each building.