Please submit a request to remove your listing if your boat sells.  Listings will be deleted after 6-12 months unless a request to extend the listing is received.

Note: Rebel, Butterly, Snipe, MC Scow, Laser, and Opti class websites (links are included in each class tab) also have details for sourcing used boats.

For Sale

Mid-1980’s MC, Hull #1030.  Multiple sails, 2 masts and trailer. Contact Al for details @ apv5000 @ if interested. Posted June 2020.

Early-1990’s MC, Hull #1303.  Contact Vasiliy for details @ vasiliy.gagin @ if interested. Posted June 2020.


Butterfly, in reasonable condition with all rigging.  A dolly is needed as well.  Please contact Gretchen - (616) 856-7151. Posted June 2020.