The following is a list of tasks and goals for Guild members who take on event positions.


The Logistics Department consists of Trailer Assets Management.



Trailer – Coordinating to get the Trailer to the site.
Staffing –
 Determining who on the Logistics Team will be in charge of the Trailer for SetUp, and for CleanUp.

SetUp – Monitoring and assisting with the downloading of the Trailer.


On Call – Determining who will be available throughout the event, to get any additional things from the Trailer as needed.


CleanUp – Monitoring and assisting with the loading of the Trailer. Reviewing remaining contents of the Dinnerware tote, and texting usage notes to the Quartermaster.

Trailer – Coordinating to get the Trailer returned from the site.

Staff – Ensuring that all Logistics staff are credited for working shifts.


The Site Management Department consists of SetUp and CleanUp. Determining who will run SetUp and CleanUp, reviewing Call Around spreadsheet for volunteers, recruiting support staff if needed. Determining if firepits/firewood are needed, and making arrangements. The Site Management staff coordinate with the Site Host before, during and after the event.



Staffing – Recruiting support staff if needed, may include reviewing Call Around spreadsheet for volunteers.

Site Management – Coordinating with Event Head to determine appropriate locations for Bar, pavilions, seating, food tables, etc. Includes identifying accessible electrical outlets vs needs.

Asset Moving – Carefully moving the Bar into its location, bringing pavilions, tables, chairs, ice chests, totes, etc from the Trailer to various areas of the site.

Pavilions – Coordinating the construction of any pavilions at predetermined locations.

Electricity – Running electrical cords around the site as needed, coordinating with Ambience regarding additional power needs.

Lighting – Ensuring adequate lighting is installed in the various areas (pavilions, bar-back, food, Gate, etc), and general colored ambient light where needed.

Torches – Identifying where torches should be added (usually always at least one near the entry to a “house party” event to catch the eye), filling with oil, adjusting wick to a low height, placing securely in sand cans.

Tables & Chairs – Ensuring adequate tables are placed for food, bar-back, games, seating, non-alcoholic beverages, etc. Placing chairs around the seating tables.


Tablecloths – Drape all the tables a few hours before site opens.

Lighting – Turn on all the lighting before the event begins.

Torches – Light the torches as the event begins (or as it gets dark out).


Staff – Ensuring that all SetUp staff are credited for working shifts.



Staffing – Ensuring there are adequate volunteers to handle CleanUp, one for during the event, and at least eight people in addition to the Ambience crew.


Trash – As trash cans fill up, empty the can and replace the liner.

Tables – Clean up ‘seating’ tables as needed.



Early CleanUp – Once seating tables are vacated, clean up trash, stack chairs, relocate centerpiece if needed, gather used tablecloths, fold tables. With consideration to weather, any decor and lighting taken down should be placed in a safe area until cleanup the next morning.

Lighting – Begin turning off the lighting as the site prepares to close.

CleanUp – Taking down/removing assets, returning them to the Trailer. Ensuring site is clean.

Trash – Removing bulk trash from the site.

Tablecloths – Ensuring used tablecloths are spot-treated, cleaned, dried, folded and returned to the Trailer bins post-event.

Staff – Ensuring that all CleanUp staff are credited for working shifts.