2019 Kershaw County Farmers Market

Rules and Regulations /Application


The Kershaw County Farmers Market is intended to be primarily a farmer and grower market that uses a community friendly setting to promote and support local food production. The Market operates under the direction of a Board of Directors. Rules and Regulations to govern the Market have been established by the Board and are part of the Vendor Agreement. This agreement also serves as an application. [Please read this document carefully before completing and submitting the Vendor Application.]

1. Vendor criteria and approval

Grower/Producer: Any person, persons, or entity who is directly involved in the local production of an agricultural product is welcome as a vendor. To complement sales and address demand, selective resale of agricultural products clearly marked with either the name of entity purchased from or "RESALE" are permitted.

Fruit and Vegetable reseller: The Board recognizes the fact that there are very few local fruit and vegetable growers, and that the Market needs resale produce vendors to ensure there is an adequate supply of produce. The Board will allow a few of these vendors at this time. These few vendors will be chosen by their ability to acquire quality product and inform customers (by labeling), buy fresh SC grown products when in season, willingness to work with management and give precedence to actual local grower produced product that is in adequate supply, and grow some product themselves. This type vendor must agree to comply with all these qualities that will be used in their selection.

Arts and Crafts: Any original local craftsperson or artist that makes his/her own work may become a vendor. Priority will be given to artists that produce their craft largely from natural materials and/or original sources. Resale artwork or crafts are not permitted.  All arts and crafts must to juried by the board.

Animals/Livestock: A current vendor in good standing may be granted permission to sell some live small animals or livestock. All livestock must be raised in a humane manner, with the utmost care taken to insure the health and well-being of the animal.

Food: Food items or items for consumption that are created/made on site are permitted at KCFM given that appropriate permits are obtained and that DHEC procedures are followed. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that he/she is in compliance. Pre-made food items must be in compliance with DHEC or the SC Cottage Bill (SC 44-1-143 H).

Farm/Workshop/Facility/Place of Business Visits by Board or Representative: In the application process or during the marketing year, the Board reserves the right to visit the vendor’s production location by appointment. The primary purpose of a visit will be to determine if the vendor is in fact, or has the capability to, produce said items. These visits are intended to be a neighborly, cordial, inquisitive occurrence. Upon notification, vendor must agree to a visit within six (6) days.

Actions by the Board of Directors: All vendors must complete and sign a vendor agreement/application to be approved by the Board before becoming a vendor. The Board of Directors reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling at the Market and withdraw privileges of any vendor at their discretion. If privileges are withdrawn then prorated prepaid vendor fee may be refunded.

Vendor Initials_____________


2.  Products that can be sold

Raw Agricultural Products: This category includes fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains, and plants.

Animal Products: This category includes meats, milk, cheese, eggs, farm-raised fish, honey, wool and other products derived from animals.

Value-added Agricultural Products: Includes items made of raw agricultural products produced, grown, or raised by vendor. Examples are baked goods, jams, oils, vinegars, woven wool, and leather. If not grown or raised by vendor, the vendor must have processed the items themselves in an approved facility. All products must be produced in compliance with item number five of this agreement.

Non Agricultural Products: Arts and crafts that have been made by vendor. Examples: pottery, handmade soap, handcrafted furniture, and similar items including artwork

Items in Question: The Board or Directors reserves the right to allow or disallow items in question.

Vendor Initials_____________

3. Signage

Products or group of products not produced by the vendor must be clearly marked with either the name of entity purchased from or "RESALE".  All prices must be clearly marked.


4. Licensing, Inspection Requirements, Insurance and Taxes                                   

Vendors must meet all applicable local, state and federal regulations, inspection regimes and labeling requirements for the products they sell.  Adequate proof of current compliance must be provided prior to selling at the Market. Sellers of livestock products for human consumption must furnish a current copy of their product liability insurance policy to the Market Manager with their application. Vendors are responsible for their own local and state sales taxes, licenses, and permits.

5. Spaces

Sites may only be reserved for the season in advance if payment for the full season is made. If vendors have not contacted the market manager and are not onsite by 8:00 a.m. their assigned space will be considered vacant for that day and the space may be filled with another vendor at the daily rental fee.

Sellers will maintain clean sites including a 5 ft. area surrounding their sites. Trash must be collected and removed by sellers before leaving the market.

Sellers will supply their own tables, awnings, scales, containers etc… for sale of their goods. Free standing awnings may not be left in place at the close of the market. Free standing awnings must be erected so as not to impede traffic.

6.  Market Manager

The Market will be supervised by a manager who answers to the market’s Board. The manager’s mission is to enforce the Market’s vendor regulations and to apprise vendors, to the best of his or her knowledge, of the pertinent regulatory agency and municipal authority requirements. Any grievance regarding vendors should be directed to the Market Manager and if needed will be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors.

7. Operating Dates and Time

The Market will open on April 6 thru Nov. 23 rain or shine. The Market hours are 8 a.m.-noon.  Vendors should be in place by 7:30 a.m. Vendors are asked to give 24-hours notice if they will not be attending a Market. If an emergency occurs and you cannot attend the Market, please contact the Market Manager 803-729-7146.

8. Fee

The vendor fee is $15 per spot per week.

9. Smoke Free

The KCFM is a smoke free environment.