Day Without Hate Peace Posters

Attention Barrington classes, clubs, teams, departments and groups:

The BHS Chain Reaction Club invites you to make Peace Posters for our annual Day Without Hate.

What is A Day Without Hate?

A Day Without Hate is a student-led, grassroots organization that promotes unity, respect, and nonviolence within our schools. Day Without Hate is more than just one day where we are nice to each other in the hallways. It is a day to show the world what can be done when we focus on forgiving the past and accepting the future, we are ensuring not only a peaceful day, but a peaceful mind. When we unite with other students and disregard all differences, we are experiencing how to be part of something bigger than just ourselves.

What are Peace Posters?

This is one of the hallmarks of Day Without Hate. We will transform the environment by hanging posters with messages of peace and nonviolence all over BHS. The idea is to change the environment so that it feels different on DWOH.

What should the Peace Poster include?

What materials do we need?

White butcher paper and markers or tempera paint. If you are making your posters at BHS, Chain Reaction Club can provide you with materials on request. Just contact Mr. Appel ( or Mrs. Correia ( If you use your own, just be sure the paper is white.

What do we do once we’ve made our poster(s)?

Need some inspiration? Check out a few of the Peace Posters from previous years: