Course Syllabus


Video Production

Location: WCC Room 210

Instructor: Mr. Timothy Wallace

Time(s): 1:48-2:32 (7th hour)


Course Length: 1 semester

Office Phone: 573.842.2500 ext. 3930

Academic Assistance: Wed 2:32-5:00

Conference: 7:30-8:16 (1st hour)


Waynesville R-VI School District Vision & Mission Statements

Vision: Empower and prepare individual students for future opportunities as citizens and leaders.

Mission: Excel as a student-centered community of learners that embrace diversity and innovation.

Waynesville Career Center Vision & Mission Statements

Vision: Waynesville Career Center is committed to developing a diverse and skilled workforce of lifelong learners.

Mission: Waynesville Career Center provides a relevant learning environment using critical thinking, technology, and career skills to prepare students for success.

Course Objective

Students will learn the principles of photography including shot framing, composition, focus, and depth of field. Students will also learn how to manipulate various controls on a camera to impact the image being captured.



Student must be a sophomore in high school.

Learning environment

It is the goal of the program to create a positive and professional learning environment for all students.

Program Code of Conduct & Ethics

Students enrolled in the course have unique responsibilities and privileges that students in other courses do not have.  All students must agree to abide by the program’s Student Code of Conduct and Ethics that is attached to this syllabus. All students must sign the Student Code of Conduct and Ethics that will be kept on file. A copy of the Student Code of Conduct and Ethics is posted in the classroom for review at any time.

Equipment Use

Students in Photography are fortunate to have access to some of the most advanced tools and software. This equipment is considered technology devices. All students must sign a Waynesville R-VI Technology Usage Agreement before they will be permitted to use any resource in the class. Resources are shared and it is imperative that all students and staff do their part to keep equipment in good working order. All students are expected to treat resources entrusted to them with the utmost care and respect. Students who display a disregard, lack of care, or wilful abuse of any resource in the program will be referred to a Waynesville Career Center Administrator for disciplinary action. At the discretion of the Instructor, students  will lose the privilege of using resources in the program.

Equipment Checkout Policy

Most projects and assignments in the course can be completed during class. At times it may be necessary for students to borrow equipment or resources. Equipment may be checked out to students who are in good academic and disciplinary standing and at the sole discretion of the Instructor. Equipment will only be checked out to students for a school-related project or event that has been approved by the Instructor or for a project or assignment that has been assigned to the student by the Instructor. Students are expected to make arrangements to check out equipment with the Instructor in a timely manner. All equipment checked out to a student will be documented. All equipment checked out to a student must be returned the next school day no later than 9:00 AM. Failure to return equipment on time will result an academic penalty. Students who fail to return all equipment for two consecutive days will be referred to a Waynesville Career Center Administrator for disciplinary action and will lose the privilege of checking out equipment for the remainder of the semester. Waynesville Career Center reserves the right to bill a student’s parent/guardian for any equipment that is lost or damaged while checked out to a student.

Photographing Outside of the Classroom

As part of the curriculum in this program it will be necessary for students to leave the classroom during the school day to record images. Students will work in small groups at this time. It is common for multiple small groups to be outside of the class working while other students remain in the classroom working. Because of this it is not feasible for the Instructor to accompany students leaving the classroom. Students must obtain permission for the Instructor prior to leaving the classroom and fill out a log sheet documenting where they are going and the time they departed and arrived. Students are expected to act professionally and travel quietly to their recording destination. Students are expected to return to the classroom immediately when they have completed their task. Under no circumstance are students to leave the grounds of Waynesville Career Center or Waynesville High School. Students violating these rules will be referred to Waynesville Career Center Administration for discipline and at the discretion of the Video Production Instructor may lose the privilege of leaving the classroom to record.

Academic Dishonesty & Copyright Infringement

All students in Photography are expected to complete their own work. Academic dishonesty includes but is not limited to: copying answers off of another student, submitting the work of another student as their own, and utilizing notes on quizzes and exams without instructor permission. Academic dishonesty in Photography also includes the use of creative material (aka original work) in student projects that students neither created nor obtained the proper license to incorporate. Examples of creative work include but are not limited to music tracks, video clips, and photographs. Students in the class are provided many resources they can legally use in projects. Students caught cheating will receive a permanent grade of 0 for their assignment and will be referred to the Waynesville Career Center Director for disciplinary action.

Smartphone and Personal Electronics Policy

Smartphones are amazingly powerful and useful tools. They can also be a distraction in a professional environment. Students must learn appropriate cell phone conduct in a workplace setting.

Instructional Strategies

The following instructional strategies are utilized in this class:

Required Materials

Students are expected to bring the following materials with them everyday:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Students in Photography utilize the Adobe Creative Suite of software. In order for the software to function a student must have an Adobe ID associated with the Waynesville R-VI School District issued Google account. As part of the license agreement between Adobe and the Waynesville R-VI School District, the software may be installed onto a student’s personal computer. The Adobe software will cease to function on a student’s personal computer upon completion of the course/program or if the student drops the course for any reason. To install the Adobe software and check compatibility with a student’s personal computer please visit: Messaging Service

The instructor utilizes, a free messaging service utilized by the Waynesville R-VI School District. Students and parents are encouraged to sign up for a free account so they may receive notices and communicate with the instructor outside of class. Please follow the step sheet at attached to this syllabus to sign up for or click on this link:


This course utilizes a weighted grading system. Grades are weighted as follows:

  • Assessments


  • Class Work


  • Career Readiness Skills


 The following items will be used to evaluate student progress:


Mass media is a deadline driven field. The success or failure of many projects and individual careers can be traced back to the ability to meet a deadline. Since the goal of this course it to prepare students for a career in this industry, a student’s ability to meet the deadline for a project will be factored into the grade for all projects in the course. Students who miss a deadline will receive a 10 percent deduction from the project’s overall score. If a student has a school-related absence that will conflict with a deadline it is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with the instructor prior to the deadline to submit the project. Students who miss a deadline for illness or medical reasons will not be penalized if they submit an excuse in writing signed by their parent/guardian.

Late or Missing Work

Late work will be accepted if the student has a documented medical or military leave absence. Work not submitted by the stated deadline will receive a grade of 0 until the assignment is submitted. Students are encouraged to utilize the Academic Assistance time to make up work. It is the responsibility of the student to check their grades in eSchool and speak with the instructor to determine a course of appropriate action for late or missing work.

Semester Final Exam

A final exam or final project will be administered at the conclusion of the course.

Attendance & Tardy Policy

Students are expected to be in class on time everyday. Excessive absence from class will impact a student’s grade in the course. Students who enter the classroom after the bell rings will be marked tardy.

Units of Study

Students in Video Production I will study the following content.