Wing Bikes Throttle Installation Guide

1)      Remove the left-hand grip from the handlebar.

2)      Loosen the horn button, brake lever, and display.

3)      Remove the brake lever from the handlebar.

4)      Push the display and horn button in towards the center of the bars to make room for the throttle.

5)      Keep the throttle and throttle torque collar together and slide onto the handlebar. The throttle should be positioned for a forward thumb push with the left hand.

6)      Tighten the bolt until you feel some resistance, so the throttle is partially secure, you want to be able to make final adjustments after the grip is re-installed.

7)      Slide the brake lever onto the handlebar, then slide the grip on. Tap the end of the grip to ensure it is fully inserted on the handlebar.

8)      Adjust placement of display and horn button if needed, retighten the mounting bolts accordingly.

9)      Tighten the throttle bolt to properly secure it to the handlebars once you have reached the desired position.

10)   Adjust the brake lever position to your liking and tighten it to secure to the handlebar.

11)   One the throttle is installed to the handlebar, unzip the cable gatherer at the front of the bike.

12)   Locate the unused throttle cable and remove the protective cap.

13)   Plug the throttle cable into the matching yellow cable on the bike. Re-install the cable gatherer.

14)   End result of the installation should look like this: