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Family and Consumer Sciences Cycle - Grade 8


Amy Pierce/Marygail Muller


Phone Number

856-848-8200 Voicemail 629

Course Website

Pierce Remind 856-345-2852 @cycle18

Course Description - Grade 8

The Family and Consumer Science Cycle introduces middle school students to a variety of career and job opportunities in the field.  Students focus on kitchen safety, how to read a recipe, kitchen tools & utensils, and nutrition facts.  Students will put this to use during the cycle.  Skills will be developed in areas of interior design, color, alterations, how to sew on a button, and yes, babysitting.  Students are provided hands on opportunities which include working on food projects in the kitchen unit, and a hand sewn project.

Course Expectations and Assessments

Course Policies 

        Students may retake traditional tests or benchmarks however, students may NOT retake long term sewing project assignments. Students may rework areas as they work on their sewing project if they would like to improve their grade in certain areas of the rubric. There are deadlines for assignments that students are expected to meet to stay on course for the marking period and not fall behind.

        There are no take home homework assignments given in this class. At times students may need to work on an assignment outside of class in order to complete it by the deadline.

Required and Recommended Materials 


Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences

Expected Behavior in Room 101 and 102

·          Treat yourself and others with respect

·          Be cooperative and not disruptive

·          Take Responsibility for your actions

Daily Classroom Procedures:

·      Be in your assigned seat when bell rings

·      Lavatory: 10/10 Rule applies at all times

·      Keep all cell phones OUT OF SIGHT!

·      Keep Chromebooks away and closed unless it is for instructional purpose.

·      No Ear Buds or wearing around neck while working in the room.

·      No hats or hoods up.

·      Bring a pen or pencil and folder to class everyday!

·      No talking during announcements.

·     Teacher's desk are off limits except for permission by teacher.

·      Pencil sharpener – no colored pencils in the electric sharpener.


        Primary      50%                        Grading:  test, projects, class participation,handouts,

          Secondary  35%                                           and quizzes, google classroom

          Support      15%                        “1” in the computer means absent but required

          Total:       100%                        “2” in the computer means did not turn in


·          Check the ABSENTEE FOLDER  or GOOGLE CLASSROOM for your work, if absent.  It is the responsibility of the student to make up all work that is missed.

·          Safety – no running, or horseplay in the room, no leaving the kitchen units, and abide by the safety features discussed

·          Supplies – Scissors, needles, and pins should only be used for sewing and kept in the sewing room at all times.  All food supplies are provided by the teacher.

·          All kitchen tools and utensils must be washed, dried and put away at the end of the class period.

·          Fire Drills – Students will line up in single file and proceed in an extremely orderly manner.  Roll will be taken outside.

·          Stay in your seat!  (Do not line up at the door)  Wait until the bell rings.