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Accessing Remote Learning - Parental
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Remote Learning - Parental Guidance

Checking Email

All students have a personal Google email (GMail) account which they use to log on to they online remote learning lessons and information

Step 1

Open Google Chrome on a PC, Mac, Chromebook or Laptop and click sign in.  This is located in the top right corner

Step 2

Enter the email address of the student.  All Thrybergh accounts have the year that the student started in them and end  They usually follow a structure similar to this

Step 3

Enter the student’s password in the next box

Step 4

Email should open

Logging into Google Classroom and accessing resources

All subjects have created a Remote Learning Environment for the delivery of classes

And checking assignments set.

Step 1

Follow the logging in steps 1-3 shown in the checking email section

Step 2

Select the apps tool (nine squares) in the top right corner when on the Google website.

Step 3 

Select the Google Classroom icon

Step 4

Select the Google Classroom for the timetabled lesson

Step 4

Messages will be available through the Stream area


Step 5

Assignments and resources will be available through the Classwork area

Step 6

Click View your work.

Step 7

Click on each Assignment

Step 8

This opens up the work submitted by your child

Accessing a Google Meet and online lessons

Google Meets can be shared via Google Classroom, Google Calendar or Via Email.  Teachers may use either Calendar or Classroom to share the meet link.  If a teacher shares a Meet Link via Calendar and Email this will be a different Meet link to the one in the Classroom.


Should a teacher use the Meet Link in the Classroom it will be available by clicking on the link in the Classroom header.

Calendar and Email

If a teacher shares the link via Calendar and email a lesson will appear in the students Google Calendar

Step 1

Select the Calendar Icon in the Google Apps Section (see step 3 of the Google Classroom Section)

Step 2

Select the lesson in the Google Calendar for the period the student needs to attend

Step 3

Select the Join with Google Meet button

Step 4

Click on the Join now button to enter the Meet

Alternatively students can join the Google Meet (online lesson) by selecting the Join with Google Meet link in an Email invite

What to do if there is a problem

Lessons and Classrooms

Should a student have a problem accessing a lesson they need to email their teacher and ask for the Google Meet or Google Classroom details

Technical Problems

If your child does not have a suitable device or you don’t have access to the internet, there are things we can do to help. Please contact Mr Montgomery or telephone: 01709 850471