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AM070b SOPs & FAQs for Supervision          Amended 3 Sep 22        

FAQs for AMindset Graduate Students Supervision


How much supervision do I require during my placement?

1. For every 4 hours of AMindset (AM) contact hours or placement contact hours, each student must complete 1 hour of supervision to complete the EDF 5534 unit

2. Therefore, EDF 5534 requires 25 hours of supervision to complete the unit. These sessions can be Online or F2F, Group or Individual

        3. The final supervision session must be Individual (Online or F2F)

What does the Final Supervision session consist of?

        1. At the final supervision session, we will:

                Sign off logbooks

                Sign the total hours sheet

                Complete surveys

What do I need to know about the Logbooks?

1. The logbooks are often quite problematic, and if they need to be corrected and more than an hour is necessary for their completion, extra individual supervision may be required.

2. If you are still not sure how to complete the logbooks, then please bring it up at individual supervision

What if I still need to complete my placement hours or the logbooks by the end of my course?

Completion of the EDF 5534 unit is required to complete the Master's Degree.

Are extensions available?

You must contact Monash University to find out about extensions.


 How often do I need Supervision?

The ACA recommend one supervision session for every 20 hours of counselling.

How do I manage my supervision records to provide proof for the ACA?

To renew your membership of the ACA, you must complete a minimum of 10 supervision hours per membership year, plus 25 OPD points.

The ACA recommends 1 hour of supervision per 20 client contact hours.

AMindset has the same recommendation of a 20:1 ratio of contact hours and supervision. 

However, if you are an inexperienced therapist, you are asked to consider a 10:1 ratio.

Liz Mccaughey (LM), an authorised ACA supervisor, can sign the ACA logbook.

If you attend any supervision sessions, please enter the dates in the log book with a maximum session time of 60 minutes.

If those supervision sessions are 2-hour group sessions, please enter the dates on separate lines with a maximum session time of 60 minutes.

Receipts are not required; the ACA logbook submission was enough.


When are your Supervision sessions available?

1. As required, LM offers a variety of days and times for supervision.

What do you charge for Supervision?

        1. Individual Supervision: 1 Hour reserved (50-minutes) @ HK$1,000

        2. Group Supervision: 2 Hours reserved (110 minutes) @ HK$1,000

Do you monitor our Supervision and Logbook progress?


No! It is entirely your responsibility to monitor your progress. As mentioned above, graduation is only graduation with the EDF 5534 unit completed. Experience has shown that it takes a lot of work to make up time towards the end of your course. Plan and keep your Supervision and Placement hours on track.

Graduate Therapists

It is up to each therapist to maintain ethical practice by maintaining the minimum supervision requirements of 1-hour supervision for 20 client contact hours.

You will be removed from the AM Team if you do not maintain this minimum criteria.

As always, we are happy to receive your comments and ideas and to answer your questions: