Event Purpose

• Raise money for the organization

• Expand the organization’s donor base by getting “new donors” involved

• Increase awareness about the good work of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast

• Expose attendees to other ways they can get involved beyond being a donor (Volunteers, Unit Board or Corporate Board membership, Foundation Trustee, etc.)

✓ There is no charge for attendees, but that it’s key that “table captains” invite the right people (ability to make a gift pledge)

✓ Use high profile local Club Alumni who have an interest in being involved throughout the program (to speak and introduce others, etc.)

✓ Event sponsorship sales

Success Measurement

• 25 Tables are filled - 8 seats per table

• Minimum of $20,000 raised

• 100 new donors are engaged

• Events brings exposure to good work of the Clubs who are serving 4,200+ kids a year

• Maximize Sponsors and In-kind Support for all expenses so that all funds secured go “toward mission”


Foundation Trustees, Executive & Corporate Board Members

1. Serve as a “Table Captain”

2. Help recruit at least one other Table Captains who meets the criteria, help secure sponsors/advertisers

3. Help open door for sponsors at all levels

Community Table Captain Roles

1. Secure 7 others who will show up the day of the event and be at your table knowing that they will be asked to consider a gift to support the work of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast (recruits should be able to make a pledge of $125 or more for a table total of $1,000+)

2. Turn in list of names and e-mail addresses for all who are at your table

3. Call everyone or double check via e-mail to insure attendance at the event.

4. At the event (when cued by Emcee) share why you are involved, what the Club means to you and the community and the importance of their potential gift.

5. If needed, attend a pre-event “Captains” meeting to review the day of the event flow, receive sample bullet talking points to use at the event with attendees at your table, answer any questions, and to make sure everyone is on same page relative to meeting their targets.



Captain Strategies

• Identify 11-13 people to talk with knowing that all will not be able to attend

• Ask non-attendees to give or pledge prior to the breakfast if they cannot attend which counts toward table and overall breakfast totals and helps us meet challenge match funds.

• If one of your confirmed attendees does not show up to the event, please follow-up with a call and email of the pledge form so that they can still give/pledge. Again, these dollars count toward match and your table totals.

• If you are a Trustee or Corporate Board Member and secure other Table Captains the cumulative amount of funds are credited to your give/get expectation (your table total as well as any other totals from other tables where you secured the Captain/s).

Note: If you want to invite prospective attendees for your table and/or table captain prospects to one or two group meetings to explain their role/s you can do that and Shervin, or another club representative, will attend as support for you if/as needed to review role of Captains and/or attendees.

• Meetings can also be held at Boys & Girls Clubs Main Office if that is better for you.

Sponsor Strategies

• Review the list of current or past sponsors knowing that most if not all will renew

• See who is missing that you have a relationship with (personal, vendor, etc.)

• Call and set an appointment as advise of Shervin Rassa, BGCEC CEO, of when you are meeting in the event you want one of them to accompany you on the ask for sponsorship consideration. Note: If prospective sponsor says that budget funds are already assigned for the year let them know that they can pay in 2020, so it should not deter them from sponsoring.

Leveraging Your Support

• Many Captains knowing that they will make a specific dollar donation at the event or as a sponsor for the event often challenge those at their tables by indicating that they will match cumulatively what the attendees pledge up to whatever dollar figure they (the Captain) is donating individually and/or as a sponsor.

• Remind prospective donors that we have matching challenges in place for the event and that their donations could potentially be doubled.

• If prospective individual or sponsor says that budget funds are already assigned for the year let them know that they can pay in 2019 so it should not deter them from sponsoring.



Since 1968, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast has been in the forefront of youth development in the Emerald Coast area. We have worked to enrich the lives of young people and provide a safe haven in which they can learn and grow. We are dedicated to ensuring that our community’s disadvantaged and underserved youth have a tangible measure of hope and greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and shape their futures. The Clubs are for ALL kids but especially those with less opportunity and hope. These Clubs are led by full and part time youth development professionals and volunteers who are trained, background checked and motivated to do all they can to help these children achieve and excel. Programs and services and age appropriate and focus on Academic

Success, Healthy Lifestyles, and Character and Leadership Development. The link www.emeraldcoastbgc.org will give you a great deal of information about the organization and if you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact Crystal Mayes at @bgca.org – 850-862-1616 or Erin Bakker at erin@thehivecreativeconsulting.com– 850-855-5375.

Attached you will find information about the Great Futures Breakfast (Friday October 11th, 2019- 7:30am-8:30am at the Destin Life Center).

- The Save the Date is a tool used by Table Captains to inform potential attendees about the event and to get them to commit to attending as part of their table of 8 (cumulative table target of $1,000)

- The Sponsorship Form is used to encourage corporations and individuals to consider being a sponsor for the event. Sponsors receive a variety of promotion exposure as outlined on the form as well as year-round listing on the Great Futures Breakfast Page on the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Emerald Coast website.

o There is no charge for anyone to attend the breakfast. Captains are asked to identify and invite prospective attendees with the capacity to pledge a minimum of $100.

Note: Pledges can be paid in full, quarterly, or monthly.

- The GFB Overview for prospective Captains attachment might be helpful as well. Please review and let me know what other questions I can answer for you.

-We hope you will commit to serving as a Table Captain or Co-Table Captain. Please let us know.

October 11, 2019  •  Destin Life Center