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Contact Information for Families
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Contact Information for Families

Who should I reach out to?

Area of Focus/Type of Inquiry

District Staff to Contact

External Extension/

Contact Information

Health & Safety

Important information from our School Nurses

JSHS Nurse:

Roseann Gardinier

Roberts Street Elementary Nurse:

Michelle Marsello

South Side Elementary Nurse:

Joanne Vaccaro

Peterboro Street Elementary Nurse:

Meghan Ryan

(315) 697-6315

(315) 697-6341

(315) 697-6362

(315) 697-6350

Technology & Connectivity

Instructional Technology

You need assistance with using Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Apps, or other instructional technology that your child is using.

First, visit:

Family Tech Support Site

Second, ask for help:

Help Request

Last, email our instructional technology coach:

Cecile Retrosi

(315) 697-7026

Technology Connections

You need assistance with Chromebook hardware or hotspots, logins, passwords, connecting equipment, etc.

IT Department

Help Request

Parent Square

You have questions about receiving messages through Parent Square.

IT Department

Help Request

SchoolTool Parent Portal

You need help accessing your child’s SchoolTool information to check grades and assignments; you forgot your login information.

Guidance Office Assistant:

Amanda Snyder

(315) 697- 6326

Data Protection & Security

You have questions or concerns about your child’s personal identifiable information (PII) being shared or used.

What is PII?

Parent’s Bill of Rights

Data Protection Officer

Michael Sales

(315) 697-6310

Teaching & Learning

Building Leadership

You have questions or concerns with:

Attendance, Daily Instruction & Evaluation, Student Behavior Management, Building Level Concerns, Extracurricular Activities

Peterboro Street Elementary School Principal: Jennifer Carnahan

South Side Elementary School Principal: Emily Nugent

Roberts Street Elementary School Principal: Derek Sajnog

JSHS Principal: Peter Schultz

7-10 Assistant Principal: Kristin Fox

11-12 Assistant Principal/Athletic Director: Stan Congden

(315) 697-2027

(315) 697-6372

(315) 697-2029

(315) 697-2003

(315) 697-2003

(315) 697-2003

Guidance Office

You have questions about your child’s schedule, college and career readiness or general inquiries about your child’s graduation pathway.

Grades 7 & 8

Kaylee Napolitano

Grades 9 & 11

Bob Mengucci

Grades 10 & 12

Dylan Gifford

(315) 697-6324

(315) 697-6325

(315) 697-6373

Home School Instruction

To see the difference between remote learning and home school instruction, click here.

Director of Instructional Support Services:

Karen Henner

(315) 697-6300

Social-Emotional Learning

You are looking for assistance to help your child adapt to changes in their daily routine or to help your child cope with anger, sadness, stress and anxiety.

Grades PK-3

Mackenzie Citro, School Counselor

Amanda Schlegel, School Psychologist

Grades 4-6

Dana Podkowka, Social Worker

Rachel DiGeorge,

School Counselor

Erin Witherwax, School Psychologist

Grades 7-12

Brenda Jenkins, School Psychologist

Kaitlin Bridge, School Psychologist

Special Education

You have questions about your child’s individualized education plan or related services that your child receives.

Director of Special Programs:

Brenda Jenkins

(315) 697-8805

District Level Operation & Management


Director of Transportation:

Cynthia Clark

(315) 697-8804


Athletic Director:

Stan Congden

(315) 697-2003

Food Service

Director of Food Service:

Hollie Ackerman

(315) 697-4000


You need to register your child in the Canastota School District or make changes to residency requirements.

Click here for residency requirements.

District Registrar:

Amanda Snyder

(315) 697- 6326

McKinney-Vento Liaison

Your family or someone you know may be experiencing temporary housing or homelessness.

Director of Instructional Support Services:

Karen Henner

(315) 697-6300

Substitute Teaching

You are interested in becoming a substitute teacher with the district.

7-10 JSHS Assistant Principal:

Kristin Fox

(315) 697-2003