Venue accessibility checklist

For all venues



Automatic? yes / no

If no, how would someone unable to open this get access?

Outer door

Other doors

Steps / stairs

Are there any unavoidable steps / stairs?  (where there isn’t also a ramp or lift)

How high are the steps?

How many steps?

Are there alternative arrangements for disabled users to access the venue (eg getting in through the fire exit)?

How will you make sure disabled users can access these?


Are there any ramps?

How high are they?


Is there an accessible toilet?

Where is it?

How wide is the door?

Are there handles next to the loo on one or both sides?  If one, which side?

Is there space for a wheelchair and a carer?

Is there an alarm?

If no, how wide is the widest normal toilet cubicle?

Do any of the toilet cubicles have handles, on one side or both?  If one, which side?


How near are the nearest parking spaces?

How many disabled parking spaces are there?

For venues where you are using a non-ground floor room


Is there a lift?

How wide is it?

Is there a mirror?

If the lift breaks, what is the out of hours contact number?

Fire safety

What are the fire safety arrangements for disabled venue users?

Where are the refuge points located?