Monday 4pm- Classic Combo- Fixer Upper- Daisies!

Frozen the Musical- 2pm show

Congratulations! Your dancer’s class will be participating in this year's Winter Show- Frozen Jr The Musical! As: Dancing Daisies!



Call Time

Approx End time

December 13th

Life Austin- Dress Rehearsal

4:00 PM


December 14th

Life Austin- 2pm Show



This piece is in the second act of the show, dancers are encouraged to watch the first act in the auditorium with their family and make their way to Check in as soon as intermission begins. All Dancers MUST be Checked in and ready to go by the end of intermission or they will not be able to participate.

Costume Fee: $40 ($60 total for families with more than one dancer participating)

Performance Fee: $60 ($115 total for families with more than one dancer participating)

All fees will be charged using the information we have on file on OCTOBER 15th unless advised otherwise. To opt out of the winter show please fill out this form by midnight October 13th:


Each dancer participating in the winter show will receive four complimentary tickets (6 tickets for families with more than 1 dancer participating) for the performance which will be available online with a code we will be sending as the show approaches. Additional tickets will be available for purchase online or at the door for $15.

Dancing Daisies Costume