Get Involved
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GET INVOLVED- OEA’s power comes from members who are empowered! 

OEA is a member-driven organization, with many avenues for members to take on the work of building their union. To find out when the following committees and caucuses meet, check out our calendar.

Remember- the most powerful way you can be involved in OEA is at your worksite! Become a rep. Hold monthly OEA meetings. Attend a Site Organizing Training. Organize a parent meeting.

Site structures are key- Site Organizing Squads, Parent Family Organizers, Faculty Council, School Site Councils, and Personnel Committees are all crucial parts of our strategy.


Crisis Action Team (CAT)

Grievance Committee

Political Involvement Committee

Race and Privatization Committee

Special Education and Special Services Joint Committee

Budget Committee

School Finance Committee


Black Women’s Caucus

Teacher Substitutes Caucus

Early Childhood Educators Caucus