Montclair PTO Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2018


Attendance: Vanessa Gifford, Kari Smith, Stacey McKinney, Sean Leverty, Amanda Elliott, Peter James, Lauren Dahl, Becky O’Donnell, Corinna Yballe, Ross Bradshaw

  1. Call to order  7:07PM
  2. Approval of minutes from last meeting 5/16/2018, Becky moves, Corinna seconds (PLEASE ATTACH)
  3. Principal update - Sean Leverty
  1. Enrollment projections/class sizes - Projected at 307 students, actual is 305.  Third grade is the largest grade.  Support for third grade has been asked of the district, more info to follow.  
  2. Staffing changes - New position: Student Success Coach this 18-19 year is Jill Putzek.  Laura Warren as ESL has moved on, new ESL staff is Marna Bondabont (sp).  
  3. Conferences - Scheduled for October 17-19
  4. Peace Pole - Tied into PBIS assembly on 9/21, BSD Board members and Rotary Club sponsored.
  5. Maker Space - PTO allocated funds last year, Tracey McKinnon and Sean observed other maker spaces around district.  Jessica Fryer is working to set up space, with SAM lab and 3D printing.  Maker space tentative open end of October 2018.
  6. Projectors - Facility improvement plan to update with new projectors in all classrooms.  District picked up cost of projectors, so PTO funds did not have to be used.
  1. Teacher Liaison update - Amanda Elliott
  1. OBOB T-Shirts - 5th graders requested t-shirts for all OBOB participants.
  1.  President update – Lauren Dahl
  1. Stacey McKinney - Auction Update - looking for the big ticket paddle raise items.  Disney has changed their rules for acquiring tickets, they would like proof of a volunteer program that benefits the school/or community to qualify.  More details will be provided as we run up to the selection of a project.  
  2. Fun Run Update - Shahleena Weller - Lauren is updating, Fun Run is this friday, 9/28.  Fun Run envelopes were sent home with kids and are not due until October 12th.  Change of clothes in encouraged if the weather holds up to be warm.  Volunteering is pretty well staffed, needs are for the morning session.
  3. Spiritwear re-launch soon - will be small fundraiser.  New catalog is here, a few new styles will be available.  Prices for last year were near cost, thoughts are to raise prices nominally to make a small fundraiser.
  4. Website updates in-the-works - Misty/Lauren are working to update.
  1. Vice President update -  Becky O’Donnell
  1. Dine Out for Dollars - in-the-works
  1.  Secretary update - Misty Haqq (Peter James filling in)
  1. PTO Directory in-the-works
  2. Facebook page/group dates being updated
  3. Updating Hawkeye with events with Karen/Teri
  1.  Volunteer Coordinators update - Corrina Yballe & Tracey McKinnon
  1. Volunteer updates & needs
  2. Walk/Bike to School is October 10, Tracey is coordinating with district liasion.
  3. Harvest Fest - Audrey Boyle/Jennifer Histed
  4. Volunteer name badges - Will be updating with sign up sheet in office by volunteer signup computer
  5. Classroom Reps - Tracey is finalizing and will update PTO directory with Misty.
  1. Treasurer update - Ross Bradshaw

  1. Round Table / Announcements
  1. None
  1. Adjourn 7:36pm
  2. Post meeting at Old Market.  Join Us!