Individual Learning Plan:

 Site Administration Consultation



What can you tell me about our surrounding community?  What resources are available that I can utilize with my students?

What are your behavioral expectations for our students? Who can assist in creating behavior expectations and implementing them?


How best should I handle discipline problems?


What do you expect to see in a lesson plan?  Is there a district template or special protocol I should use?


What is our grading policy and how often do we report grades?  


How often and in what method do you want me to communicate with parents?  How would you like me to document my interactions?


What are the use of computer technology expectations at our site? How do I gain trained on the use of our computer based grading system, attendance system, and other programs?

How do we support our English Learners and how is ELD organized at this school? How do I determine who is an EL student and what is their EL level?


How often do we give common assessments (benchmark, etc)?  Is there time dedicated to work as a collaborative team to discuss data?


What kinds of interventions are in place for our students?


What are our SST, 504 and RtI processes?  


Who is responsible for implementing accommodations/behavior plans in the classroom?

How do I know which students have an IEP?

What is the scheduling process for IEP’s to ensure general education teachers can attend?

How do I report suspected child abuse?

What are your expectations when you walk into my classroom?  Do we have a professional dress code?


How does the teacher evaluation process work?

What are the district and site initiatives that I need to be aware of?


What site and district level professional development opportunities are available this year?

What are some other things that I need to be aware of?