Suggested Text For An Email Donation and/or Ad Solicitation


Dear kind people at ____________________!


My name is __________ and I'm a parent of ___ school-age kids in Brooklyn, NY. My children's K-8 public school, Brooklyn School of Inquiry (, has students from all over Brooklyn and lots of their families live very near your business.

My children's K-8 public school, Brooklyn School of Inquiry (, is holding an annual benefit that includes an online and silent auction event on June 9, 2018.

Our school receives the lowest per pupil funding that New York City provides. The money raised from the benefit goes back into the school and supports programs such as library, chess, art, music, dance, science and gym.

Your business could support PS686 in two ways:

  1.  Submit an ad to be included in our full-color keepsake Gala Program with ads from community businesses. Please take a look at last year’s Gala Program for samples of personal, business and class ads. These programs are beloved keepsakes for families and staff. Ads can be paid for and submitted easily at or you can mail in a paper form. The last day to submit an ad is May 25.
  2. We are seeking local businesses to participate in our auction. Do you think you'd be able to participate? I think two adult cruise tickets in the New York Metro area would be a big seller at our auction. Tens of thousands of people nationwide shop the Greater Giving auction site and will see your company listed. If you would like to donate, please complete this online submission form, or provide a gift certificate, and I can take it from there. Any donation is welcome, and all are 100% tax-deductible.

Thank you -- I’m a big fan of your business and I know other families will be too.