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WGPAB Scholarship Application & Checklist 2023
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WGPAB Scholarship Application 2023 - Due 3/7/2023

WGPAB Scholarships for Excellence in Performing Arts at WGHS

Scholarships were established by the Willow Glen Performing Arts Boosters for students who have participated in band, choir, drama, theater and/or dance for 2 years or more and plan to attend a college, university, conservatory, or vocational school in the next academic year. The WGPAB typically awards between 5 and10 scholarships per year to graduating students who have demonstrated extensive involvement in, and contributions to, the performing arts at Willow Glen High School.

Scholarship Qualifications

WGPAB Scholarships are open to WGHS Seniors who fulfill the following minimum criteria:

1. Must be a Willow Glen High School graduating senior with at least two full years of attendance at WGHS.

2. Must have participated in the performing arts at WGHS for 2 or more years.

3. Must be continuing their education at a college, university, school for performing arts, music conservatory or vocational school.

4. Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0

Additional considerations by the scholarship committee include:

1. Total number of WGHS performing arts courses and activities

2. Contributions to the WGHS Performing Arts community, which may take many forms, such as leadership, mentorship, fostering inclusivity, positive attitude, hard work, etc.

Velda Garcia Jones Memorial Scholarship

The Velida Garcia Jones Memorial Scholarship criteria is the same as the WGPAB Scholarships with an additional focus of honoring a well-rounded student who has been involved in multiple disciplines of performing arts at WGHS and additionally exhibits dedication, commitment, perseverance and a generosity of spirit toward fellow members of our WGHS performing arts community. These are all attributes that an amazing Willow Glen mom, Velda Garcia, possessed and freely shared with our Willow Glen Performing Arts Boosters community for many years until her passing in June 2013.

Next Steps:

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WGPAB Scholarship Application 2023 - Due 3/7/2023

Applicant Checklist & Further Instructions

Prior to completing the online application, review this checklist and gather materials:

               *Download from “Documents” on Infinite Canvas.

Official Transcript, Class Schedule, and Personal Statements will be uploaded to the online application. Prior to upload, please save all files as a .doc or .pdf and rename the file with your First & Last Name and describe the item (Ex: Johann Sebastian Bach - Personal Statement.doc).

Personal Statement/Short Essay Requirements:

An essay (500-1000 words) describing the role(s) that you have played in the Willow Glen High School Performing Arts community, and the impact that involvement has had on you and/or on the community.

This essay should support your eligibility for this scholarship as an outstanding participant in contributor to the Willow Glen High School Performing Arts. You may choose to address the way in which your involvement in high school performing arts, and/or receipt of this scholarship, could support your future goals. For example, you may include how your involvement provides opportunities for personal growth, including development of skills related to organization, leadership, mentorship, or work ethic, etc.

Letter of Recommendation:

A letter of recommendation from an adult associated with WGHS Performing Arts; a performing arts teacher, a director, a vocal/acting coach, a choreographer, a band leader, etc. The letter should discuss your involvement with, and contributions to WGHS performing arts.

This letter should be emailed directly from the adult/teacher to by the application deadline of April 7.

Do not wait to request a letter, but please only do so if you intend to submit the scholarship application by the deadline. Speak with your teacher in advance to confirm their support.

Apply online now - Applications are due Friday, April 7, 2023 at 3:30 pm      

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