Phone Number:

Preferred method of contact:

Preferred time of day for communicating business related information:

Name or business to be invoiced:

Other contacts and their information for the project:

What are their roles?

Is there one MAIN contact for this project?


Date of filming is firm or flexible? What date, or approximate month/year you would like to film:

Will you need more than one video produced with the footage we obtain the day of the shoot?

Client’s deadline for final video (with one edit completed & returned to client and/or: when does the video need to go live?):

Subject of your video:

Audience for your video(s)?

If multiple locations, people speaking or other factors are present: what percentage of the video do you want focused on specific requests? What is your main focus? How much screen time do you want us to focus on different aspects of your video(s)?

Budget for project:

Do you have a screenplay or idea of how you would like the video to progress or be edited? If so please let us know when and how you will be communicating this with UndertowMedia.

Will you have a script (in writing) when we film? (if applicable)

Where are we filming? How many locations? More than one day?

Think about color of walls, light reflection etc. when choosing your location & background.

How many people will be in the video?

Maximum number of people speaking at the same time to be recorded/used in video?

Once final video is provided to recipient(s), what is the expected turnaround around time for the client to provide edits, corporate approvals, etc? Are there any corporate or accounting processes that we need to be aware of that may cause delay in approvals, invoices, and/or payment?

Are there branding, logos, names, etc. that will need to be included? Please send this information prior to filming.

We use Dropbox & Google Drive, videos are delivered in MP4 format, unless otherwise requested.

If you plan on providing any content for the video, including but not limited to logos, please review the format of your content and discuss compatibility options prior to sending. Incompatibility can could cause significant delay if information must be converted during post production. Additional hourly rates will be billed if UndertowMedia converts an excessive amount of information provided by client is not received in compatible formats  and/or UndertowMedia is not informed regarding the need to convert files prior to beginning the project.