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Public Document of Links - US Academic Library Response to COVID19 Survey
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US Academic Library Response to COVID19 Survey

Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe and Christine Wolff-Eisenberg

Survey: We are gathering information on academic libraries in the United States and the response to COVID19. We very much appreciate you filling out this form and contributing to our collective understanding of how libraries are responding to the situation of this pandemic. If you take it now, and your policies/practices change, you can use the same link to update your responses. Please note: We would ask that you only submit information for your own library.

The link to the survey (for both initial and updated response) is: 

Live Results:

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US ACADEMIC LIBRARIES CONTINUE CLOSING PHYSICAL LOCATIONS: Early on, majority were reporting open or modified hours/locations. Now, we see the vast majority reporting fully closed. [first responses only; open-ended responses excluded] #CovidLibrary 

DRAMATIC PIVOT TO CLOSING: US academic libraries respond to #CovidLibrary survey (162 updates submitted Wed+Thurs).  In last 24 hours, overwhelming majority (74%) report they have closed all physical library locations. @cwolffeisenberg @lisalibrarian

Published analysis of the results:

The short URL for this webpage is: 

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If you have questions, please email both of us: Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe ( and Christine Wolff-Eisenberg (


Media Coverage, Tweets We Have Sent, and Other Library Data Collection Efforts

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THE FIRST 10 DAYS: Analysis of initial to most recent academic #CovidLibrary survey results. Classes shift to online/remote only + changes in library services and onsite access follow (but time-delayed). Many more libraries mandating remote work. 

LIBRARIES UPDATING POLICIES! We received 112 updates today from US academic libraries to #CovidLibrary survey  39% reported they have closed, 42% have modified hours/locations open, and only 4% are maintaining usual hours. @cwolffeisenberg @lisalibrarian

GEOGRAPHY OF CLOSURES: @calmurgu is generously mapping #CovidLibrary data on academic library closures in US+Canada. He's doing it manually (what a gift - thank you Cal!) so it isn't real-time but it is a look at the geography of closure. Linked from

NEW DASHBOARD OF LIBRARY CLOSURES: We (@cwolffeisenberg + @lisalibrarian) have received numerous requests for a report of just those US academic libraries that have entirely closed physical locations. Now available! #CovidLibrary 

UPDATE: We coded all of the "other" responses re Building Hours. 96 hours after the survey launched: hours same (48%, n=221), hours/locations limited (45%, n=209), library closed (7%, n=33). #CovidLibrary @cwolffeisenberg + @lisalibrarian

48-Hour UPDATE: Business-as-usual is no longer the usual for US academic libraries. Only 36% open normal hours. 8% have closed altogether. #CovidLibrary @cwolffeisenberg @lisalibrarian

Past 48 hours: significant growth in  academic libraries closing, decreasing hours, restricting access, limiting services+expanding remote work. #CovidLibrary @cwolffeisenberg @lisalibrarian

Grateful to US Academic Libs that have taken #CovidLibrary survey, submitted updates+shared how using. Our community is amazing+data is making a difference! To answer survey, submit an update, or see results and ongoing analysis - all links in this doc! 

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Take the survey of how your US Academic Library is responding to the pandemic right NOW + you can UPDATE it later at same link as policy evolves. Survey from @cwolffeisenberg + @lisalibrarian - thank you!  #CovidLibrary #CovidCampus

How are US academic libraries responding to the situation of the COVID19 pandemic? Survey from @cwolffeisenberg + @lisalibrarian available. You can take it NOW + UPDATE it later as policy evolves. 

#CovidLibrary #CovidCampus

ACADEMIC LIBRARIANS: @cwolffeisenberg + @lisalibrarian are gathering information on academic libraries in the United States and the response to COVID19. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey for your library. 

#CovidLibrary #CovidCampus

See how other academic libraries across the country are responding to the situation of this pandemic? View the publicly-available report of results of survey from @cwolffeisenberg + @lisalibrarian -- as they come in -- here:  #CovidLibrary #CovidCampus

JUST RELEASED: first 24 hours of how US academic libraries are responding to COVID19 from @cwolffeisenberg  + @lisalibrarian  #CovidCampus #CovidLibrary 

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