Tech Summit 2019 Presenter Summary

Feb. 4-5, 2019  |  Bozeman, MT


[listed alphabetically by first name]

Ann Brucker, BreakOut EDU, Billings, MT

Presentation 1: Breakout the 4Cs with Breakout EDU!

Target Audience: K-12 Administrative and Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Primary goals are to introduce and enhance game-based learning, growth mindset.

Presentation 2: SOCIAL Hour with Shaundel & Ann

Target Audience: K-12 Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Discover and discuss social media and its place in education.

Ann Gunderson, Elder Grove School, Billings, MT

Presentation: Potential through Problem Solving

Target Audience: K - 8 Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Project Based Learning, Computer Science,  Problem Solving, Persistence, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication
Participants will learn to

Presenter Bio: Ann is in her 31st year as an educator at Elder Grove School; 7 as an 7th/8th grade teacher, 31 as the K-8th Media Specialist, and most recently the last 5 years as a 7th/8th grade Computer Science teacher. She is currently an MCCE Board Member, a Project Lead the Way trainer, and uses’s Launch and CS Discoveries curriculum. Her latest task is attempting to help K-5 teachers in her building incorporate project based learning, STEAM activities, problem-solving skills and technology into their current curriculums.  As both the time teachers need to prep for these activities and the time needed during the day for students to participate in these activities is difficult to find, creativity is necessary. Her presentation “Potential through problem solving” will help teachers work toward this goal.

Cari Russell, Teacher Learning Hub Project Specialist, Office of Public Instruction, Helena, MT

Presentation with Jessica Bryant, Teacher Learning Hub Coordinator, OPI: Teacher Learning Hub & Tech Integration Support for Teachers

Target Audience: K-12 Administrative and Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: This session will cover the Teacher Learning Hub, a Moodle based platform designed to provide address the challenges of distance, time, and equity of access to high quality professional development for Montana educators. The Learning Hub aims to provide active learning, high quality content, and relevant topics to teachers. Our facilitated and self-paced courses cover a variety of topics related to technology and the integration of technology into the classroom. In this session, participants will learn some background information on the Teacher Learning Hub, explore our course list and catalog, and have the opportunity to create an account and experience a course. The presentation will aim to have participants take away a list of opportunities that they could pursue or encourage their colleagues to pursue in order to grow in the area of technology and beyond.

Presenter Bio: Cari Russell is one of the Moodle Administrators at Montana’s Office of Public Instruction. Cari attended Franklin and Marshall College where she earned a B.A. in Accounting. After graduation, Cari joined Teacher For America, taught middle school and high school math in Nashville, TN, and earned her M.Ed. in Education from Lipscomb University. Cari also worked as a Math Coach and Director of Instruction before moving to Montana in 2017. She has been working on OPI’s Moodle, creating courses, and training new designers since the start of 2018.

Carol Phillips, Elder Grove School, Billings, MT

Presentation: Ignorance is Not Bliss - Know What You Are Agreeing To

Target Audience: K-12 Administrative, Tech, and Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: In an effort to use the next best app, extension, website, etc in our schools we often forget to review exactly what we are agreeing to. The convenience of quickly clicking on ‘ACCEPT”  can create potential security, FERPA, and privacy issues for us in the future. The goal of this class will be to make educational professionals more aware of what to watch for, and how to avoid potential pitfalls with regards to Terms of Service Agreements, Single Sign On usage, EULA, copyright, etc.

Presenter Bio: Carol Phillips is the District Technology Director of Elder Grove School (K-8) in Billings, MT. She received her BS in Child Development from San Diego State University in 1989. She was the Program Supervisor for six daycare centers and then decided to pursue her love of technology as a new career. She became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and went on to become the Lead Systems Engineer for IKON Office Solutions in San Diego, CA. Billings, MT has been her home since 2004.  Her son started at Elder Grove School in 2011, which was the day her daughter started MSU!  Carol has worked at Elder Grove in various positions since 2011 and has loved every minute of it!

Dr. Gerry Nolan, Nolan Consulting and former Superintendent of Anaconda Public Schools

Presentation: Love - The Power the Drives Everything Else

Target Audience: K-12 Administrative, Tech, and Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: The main strategy is to explore the power of love to promote full, healthy human development; that it is the love from the human connection, focusing on the student-teacher relationship, that is the catalyst for student achievement and human development. Teachers are in a unique position to provide students what they need most, the love of a fellow human being.

Presenter Bio: Dr. Gerry Nolan has served as a teacher, coach, principal, curriculum director, superintendent, adjunct faculty member, and school board chair. Dr. Nolan's book, "Loving Teachers: Wisdom, Beauty, and Blessings" celebrates the natural, indispensable, universal, and timeless impact that a teacher's love has on their students. Currently Dr. Nolan mentors aspiring administrators, consults on curriculum projects, but most importantly presents on the topic of love in the educational setting.

Hilary Klug, Curriculum Specialist with the Bozeman School District - Bozeman, MT

Presentation: Take Back Your (Google) Drive

Target Audience: K-12 Administrative and Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Participants will learn 10 key strategies to keeping an organized Google drive and have session time to start organizing.

Katrina Kennett, Associate Professor of Education for the University of Montana - Western, Dillon, MT

Presentation: Supporting Student Inquiry with Technology

Target Audience: 6-12 Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Blended learning, technology integration, student inquiry, authentic assessment, student-led classrooms.

Participants will learn to:
1. Design inquiry-based learning experiences to develop student skills in using technology within and across disciplines
2. Use technology as an investigative and archival tool
3. Adapt classroom strategies to make classroom content accessible to all students

Kyle Calderwood, Technology Coordinator and EdTech Trainer at Tuckerton Elementary School, Tuckerton, New Jersey

Presentation: Global Connections with Skype in the Classroom

Target Audience: K-12 Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Global Collaboration, service-learning, student engagement. This is an overview session about Skype in the Classroom, including a walkthrough of the MEC (Microsoft Educator Community) in order to show attendees how to book virtual field trips and guest speakers. I'll also discuss our own global initiative through WE Schools and also our global Christmas Card exchange. Educators will get a sense of how they can start their own global projects via Skype.

Presenter Bio: I am the Technology Coordinator at Tuckerton Elementary School, where I help our teachers infuse their instruction with new technologies. I am a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE), MIE Trainer, Surface Expert, Skype Master Teacher, Minecraft Global Mentor, Minecraft Trainer. and Google Certified Teacher. I'm also an adjunct faculty at Stockton University, where I teach a digital tools course to better prepare undergraduates for the job market.

Natalia Kolnik, Director of Education at the Children’s Museum in Bozeman, MT

Presentation: STEAMlab (De)Construction & Community

Target Audience:  K-12 Administrative and Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Creating and maintaining an exploratory, inventive, high-tech space for students. Presentation goals include ways to incorporate high and low tech exploration, reproducible STEAM projects for their own educational spaces, and how partnerships with local companies (like MPIA) inspire students' career paths.

Presenter Bio: Natalia Kolnik is a Bozeman native, born and raised in the Gallatin Valley and with 15+ years of international experience.  She has bachelor degrees in Journalism and in Fine Arts, from the University of Montana, and a master's degree in Comparative and International Education from the University of Oxford.  Natalia first encountered incorporating technology into her teaching in a massive and meaningful way when she worked at a one-to-one school in Seoul, South Korea, where her high school students most definitely knew way more about technology than she did.  
Natalia has been the Director of Education at the Bozeman Children's Museum & STEAMlab since March 2018.  Her work of utilizing tech in teaching and in collaborating with the local photonics' industry was featured in a NASA JPL Teacher Feature article in October 2018.  When she's not leading a STEAMlab program full of students, she's probably taking apart one of the 3D printers to try and make it work.  Again.  Or testing and replacing batteries.  Or finding random screws on the floor and wondering if they're from something important.

Nick Lux, Associate Professor of Technology Education for Montana State University, Bozeman, MT

Presentation: Technology-supported Universal Design for Learning

Target Audience: K-12 Technology and Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: This session will cover Universal Design for Learning or UDL. The goal is to utilize framing technology-enhanced UDL curriculum design and instruction.

Nikki Vradenberg, Teaching Ambassador with Montana PBS, Bozeman, MT

Presentation 1 of 2: Makers Gonna Make!

Target Audience: K-6 Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Using design thinking and maker space activities to create student centered, hands on learning experiences for K-5 students. Participants will learn how to implement maker activities and how to use human centered design to inspire students to be curious and create. Strategies for creating a MakerSpace on a small budget will be discussed.

Presentation 2 of 2: PBS Kids SciGirls

Target Audience: K-8 Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Teaching with STEM and media in the K-8 classroom and empowering girls to take risks and enjoy STEM. Participants will learn about research based strategies for engaging girls and young women in STEM lessons.

Presenter Bio: Nikki Vradenburg is from the great state of Montana and is proud she and her husband are raising their two children, Jessica, 8 and Riley, 3 here! Nikki is the Teacher Ambassador and Technology Integration Specialist for MontanaPBS.  She works with teachers in rural schools to successfully integrate technology in their classrooms. An educator since 2001, Nikki has taught K-5 students in a rural school for most of her classroom teaching career. Her favorite moments in the classroom involved lessons where students used technology to create and share about their learning. Nikki is a National Board Certified teacher with a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership. She is a 2014 PBS Digital Innovator, a BrainPOP Certified Educator, holds Level 1 Google Certification and is a Microsoft Innovative Educator. She is honored to have been a finalist for Montana Teacher of the Year in 2017. Nikki happily delivers professional development to teachers all over the state of Montana and has presented at many national conferences as well. Nikki is also currently working on her Ed.D in Curriculum and Instruction at Montana State University.

Rachel Marker, K-8 Curriculum Specialist for Bozeman Public Schools, Bozeman, MT

Presentation: Reflect & Connect - Tools That Empower Students, Teachers, and Families

Target Audience: K-12 Teaching and Administrative Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Discover simple tools that engage students in the reflection process, help strengthen your relationships with students and connect families to the learning happening at school.

Presenter Bio: Rachel is currently serving as a K-8 curriculum specialist in Bozeman Public Schools. She supports a variety of curriculum initiatives in the district, and provides professional development to K-12 teachers. Rachel was a K-5 instructional coach for two years and a 3rd-8th grade classroom teacher in Vermont and Montana. She is passionate about integrating technology, innovative learning for both students and educators and helping teachers embrace the power of social media for professional growth. Rachel is a Google Certified Educator and co-organizer of Edcamp Big Sky.

Shaundel Krumheuer, Technology Integration and Library Media Specialist, Billings, MT

Presentation: SOCIAL Hour with Shaundel & Ann Brucker

Target Audience: K-12 Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Discover and discuss social media and its place in education

Presentation: Will You Marry Me - Engaging Your High Schoolers

Target Audience: 8 - 12 Teaching Staff and Admin

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Engaging students in the classroom can be a challenge, but with the right tools, participation can be a cinch. Let's explore collaborative and creative tools that help encourage high school students to stay engaged in the classroom!

Presenter Bio: Shaundel is in her 18th year as an educator at Billings Senior High; 10 as an English teacher, 5 as a Technology Integration Specialist, and most recently as a TIS/LMS combined. She is the MCCE Board Treasurer and has been a Tech Cadre facilitator for 10 years. She has presented at a variety of venues, including the MEA-MFT conference, the MCCE Summer Tech Summit (which she chairs), and NCCE. She's been in a serious relationship with Google since the days of the invite-only status and is a Google Certified Teacher. A Montana girl who loves her Bobcats, Shaundel is an avid social media fan and is owned by two feral Golden Retrievers.

Spencer Johnson, Curriculum Technology Specialist for Bozeman School District, Bozeman, MT

Presentation: Social Media News and Smartphones: How can educators help our students?

Target Audience: K-8 Administrative, Tech, and Teaching Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: How to address and work with Social Media News, Fake News, Digital Literacy, Heuristics, Smartphone Information Processing.  Participants will learn to use a toolkit I've researched to assess social media news.  The next step is how to integrate this into your classroom.

Presenter Bio: Spencer Johnson is an educational leader who recently completed an Ed.D. at Montana State University.  He has taught in four different countries and is interested in rural teacher recruitment and instructional leadership.  Spencer recently joined the Curriculum team in the Bozeman School District.

Todd Lark, SWMSS Tech Director, Bozeman, MT

Presentation: Build Your Own Firewall (2 sessions: pt. I & pt. II)

Target Audience: K-12 Technology Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Review and build an amazing open source pfSense firewall to take home to your district. This can even be fitted between your WAN and LAN to provide extra security or be utilized for your public interface. Please bring a tower with at least 8gbs of RAM and fitted with an additional 1gb network card (there are a slew of these on Amazon or NewEgg for under 20 bucks!) Software and OS discs will be provided.

Presenter Bio: Todd Lark is the Director of Technology Services and Implementation for Southwest Montana School Services. Todd has worked in educational technology for over 13 years helping over 85 Montana districts implement everything technological, from network backbones to deeply engaging digital class-scapes and meaningful data sets. Todd is a firm believer in building a sustainable digital culture in public education and constantly revels in the potential enhancements that well-thought digital integration can bring to all stakeholders in student achievement and growth.

Traci Piltz, Technology Integration Specialist for Billings Public Schools, Billings, MT

Presentation: Amplifying Student Choice and Voice

Target Audience: K-6 Instructional Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation:  Introduce tools such as Seesaw, Flipgrid, Classkick, and Book Creator to show different ways instructional staff can utilize these tools in the classroom to increase student choice and amplify their voice within the classroom.

Presenter Bio: After 11 years of teaching kindergarten in Arizona and Montana, Traci is now happy to share her experiences with teachers in her district as a technology integration specialist for Billings Public Schools, working primarily with kindergarten-2nd grade teachers and students. She loves helping teachers and students innovate in their classrooms by using technology to learn, create and share with one another! Traci is an Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2017, PBS Early Learning Champion, Google Certified Educator, and an Ambassador to Seesaw, Book Creator and PicCollage.  

Zack McCauley, Mac Administrator for Bozeman School District, Bozeman, MT

Presentation: Mojave Madness

Target Audience: 8-12 Technology Staff

Strategies and Goals Behind Presentation: Review and discuss macOS Mojave, iOS12, and general MacAdmin. Main goal is how to prepare for 10.14.

Presenter Bio: