Dear Mr. Packer:

As a WHAP instructor, I know from personal experience that it is impossible to teach students the broad connections of human history without the foundations of "world history", i.e., Period 3. The whole point of world history is the emphasis of non-European cultures in the emergence of the modern world. Beginning the course at 1450 sends the message that only "European" history matters. While it is feasible to condense periods 1 and 2, it is impossible to condense periods 1, 2, and 3. We simply cannot gloss over the Islamic caliphates, the Bantu migrations, the Silk/Sea Roads, and the Mongols. I am dedicated to instructing my students of the importance of all cultures. Removing all three periods from the AP World History curriculum severely limits students' knowledge and understanding of the modern world. Not only does the proposed change significantly disservice AP certified instructors, it also disservices future world leaders. 

Furthermore, I teach in a rural Mississippi school.  Our district does not have the funds or faculty to add additional AP courses, let alone Pre-AP courses.  Moreover, the majority of my students are African-American.  Without period 3, my students are not aware of the Trans-Saharan trade routes, Mansa Musa's enormous wealth, and Ibn Battuta's travels across the African continent.  Without period 3, my students have no idea of the impact of early African (and their own ancestor's) contributions to modern world history.  With the proposed redesign, my students will only be taught white man's history; the history of conquest. slavery, and death rather than the contributions of the "others;" that is, China, the Islamic caliphates, and the Mongols.  What message are we really sending students? That their own culture and ancestry doesn't matter?  And pay to take an exam that does not exude inclusion also?  I simply cannot support this curriculum design.    

For these reasons, I am adamantly opposed to the course revision.  I beg of you to reconsider the redesign.  




Andrea Michaelis


Broad Street High School

AP World History, AP European History,

US History, Dual Enrollment Western Civilization I/II

US Government, Economics