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Welcome to our year 2 home learning page.

Please find below some suggestions for working with your child at home.

I would love you to email me your child's work on Please feel free to use this email address to ask me any questions about your child’s learning or share their learning with me. If you need any technical help then please email Classroom - Wikipedia

 We have moved to Google Classroom - please read below!

Hello to you all.

I hope that you are all well and finding ways to enjoy your time in ‘lockdown’, Mrs Cole and I are really missing teaching our lovely class. As we move through these uncertain times we are coming up with better ways to help you with home learning. We now have a virtual classroom which will be much better for setting work. It allows me to post things for the children and for the children to post their work so they can share it with me and each other. It’s much more sociable and I’m hoping, once I get my head round all the functions, it will be a bit more versatile and interesting! Thank you so much to everyone who has joined so far and who has sent me work or posted it on our classroom stream. I love seeing what all the children are up to and it’s a lovely way to keep in touch.

If you haven't joined us in our virtual classroom already then please do so ASAP. It is easy to do -  Mr Gleeson sent an invitation to join ‘google classroom’ to your child’s email address in March - please accept the invitation and then you should be able to access the classroom! Please email me or Mr Gleeson (e mail addresses at the top of the page) if you have any problems or if you don’t know your child’s log in details.

Note from Mr Gleeson: You can access Google Classroom via the web or using the Google Classroom app. To start with you might want to visit the Norfolk Cloud Portal where you can login to their email and find Classroom, Coding and Google Drive links.


This is a suggested timetable of how you might want to structure your day - however we fully understand that everyone's situation and child is different and you have to do what works for you and your family.

9- 9.30

9.40 - 10.00

10.30 - 11.15

11.30 - 12.15

1.15 - 1.30

1.30 - 2.30

2.40 - 3.00

PE With Joe Wicks or running around in the garden, skipping, a walk etc


Maths - mental maths warm up and main activity.

English - main activity

Listen to George’s Marvellous medicine / audiobook via Libbyapp

Topic time - choose one activity.

Reading with an adult


Please ensure that your child reads for at least 10 -15 minutes a day and that they can correctly answer questions about what they have read. Reading materials can be books that they already have at home, books from the library or age appropriate magazines, leaflets or newspaper articles. You can access e books on this site using the username holtprim and the password circle.

The Libby app is now available to use - this is an amazing resource of different books and is open to anyone with a library card. It has a large variety of e-books and audio books. Best of all - it’s free!

George's Marvellous Medicine (Colour book and CD): ...

I will be posting videos of me reading our class book which, at the moment, is ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl.

Maths:maths is fun - St. Francis School

Every week I will post some different maths activities - some of these will be on ‘sumdog’

(username: the same as email log in up to the @ sign, password the same as email password and school code holtcp)

Some will be on Mymaths 

(username :holtprim, password :circle)

Some will be on Twinkl - to access Twinkl for free use the website


Most activities will be things that you can do at home using what you have around the house.  I will print a range of activities for you to choose from every week based on a maths concept e.g. multiplication, fractions, shape etc. on Google Classroom.


Spellings need to be learnt using the look, say, write, cover, check method. Encourage your child to look for the pattern in their spellings and also to find exceptions to the rule. Look out for them in their reading books and in conversation. The spellings for the week will be posted on Google classroom following a different pattern or rule each week. You can make practising them more exciting by letting your child write them in different colours/ rainbows, pyramid shapes etc. You can print off the template below to help if you want.

look, say, write, cover, check








Our English work will follow one theme each week and there will be a theme to each weeks’ work. This week is ‘Pets’. All activities and links to resources can be found on Google Classrooms. 30 Minutes per day is about the right amount of time to spend on an activity but you may need to adjust this for your child.

All the activities for English and the links you need are on ‘Google Classroom’. Your child was provided with a book, pencil and ruler so that they could continue their writing and develop their handwriting skills.

We have been working on the following success criteria but lots of children were also starting to think about adding description, super vocabulary and varying their sentence openings.

Our topic work will, again, be a list of activities that you and your child can choose from. It may work well to do these activities in the afternoon.

Topic: Precious Plants

Below are some ideas that your child can do. Not everything needs to be recorded but there is a book that has been sent home with your child so that they can write/draw/record etc.

ART : Find out about the artist Andy Goldsworthy.You could use this powerpoint to help you.

KS1 All About Andy Goldsworthy PowerPoint (teacher made)

SCIENCE: Find out about the different parts of a plant

(student 23706   password holtprimary)

ART: Create your own art from natural materials just like Andy Goldsworthy- take a photo of it and put it on Google Classroom for us all to see.  

How to Inspire Your Students with Artist Andy Goldsworthy - The ...

SCIENCE: Pick a plant and see if you can identify the different parts (check with an adult first to check the plant is not poisonous.)If you have a magnifying glass then look really closely at the leaves - what can you see? What are they for?

Part Png -parts Of Plants Png, Transparent Png, Png Download ...

D.T:  Make a pizza (or buy a cheese and tomato one and add the toppings) which has lots of plant based toppings! Mushrooms, peppers, onions ...yum yum. Give your pizza a name! How did it taste?Spicy Chicken Pizza Recipe by Tasty

ART: Watch this video on how to press flowers then have a go at doing it yourself - it’s easy and they look beautiful.


Choose one of the pieces of music from

And perform a dance to it showing how a tiny seed grows into a strong, tall flower.

GEOGRAPHYClose Up Of Coconut Palm Tree Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty ...

Pick one of the following plants:



Coconut palm

Find out where your plant grows. Can you find it on a map? What continent is it in? What climate does it need?

Other activities are accessible on