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WDP 2022 Adopted Platform
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Wyoming Democratic Party 2022 Platform


The Wyoming Democratic Party seeks to ensure that every citizen of this great country and state enjoys the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Contained within this document are our guiding values and principles.


We embrace the charge of our state and national constitutions that all humans are equal.

  1. We support equality and civil liberties regardless of age, race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation/sexual identity, and cognitive/physical disabilities. Black lives matter in the Equality State.
  2. We support marriage equality.
  3. We support efforts to close the wage gap between women and men.
  4. We support the right of everyone to choose how and whether they worship.
  5. We support the reproductive rights of women.
  6. We support the adoption of non-discrimination laws - to include LGBTQIA+ citizens - at every level of government.
  7. We support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.
  8. We support the legalization, regulation, and taxation of cannabis.


Our government works best when it is transparent, accessible, and public.

  1. We support open meeting laws for all elected bodies.
  2. We support accountability measures that require full financial disclosure by all elected officials, and legislation to define conflict of interest standards.
  3. We support the use of scientific research and data–free from political influence–to develop and determine public policy.
  4. We support the abolition of for-profit prisons.
  5. We support strengthening the Social Security system, and not privatizing it.
  6. We support common sense gun laws.
  7. We support the abolition of the death penalty.


Our democracy requires fair and open elections. Unaccounted for and “dark” money damage the integrity of electoral politics.

  1. We support voting rights of all eligible citizens and the removal of barriers to the ballot.
  2. We support same-day voter registration.
  3. We support the establishment of a non-partisan commission to determine legislative district boundaries.
  4. We support a path to the restoration of voting rights for people with fully adjudicated felonies.
  5. We support the repeal of Citizens United and the abolishment of “Super PACS.”
  6. We support Open Primaries and Ranked Choice Voting.
  7. We support a constitutional amendment to abolish the Electoral College, and propose that Wyoming join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.


Everyone needs quality, affordable healthcare, including mental health services.

  1. We believe that access to health care, including mental health care, is a human right.
  2. We support the expansion of Medicaid in Wyoming.
  3. We support increased funding for public health, community mental health centers, and counseling services.
  4. We support the right of reproductive choice.
  5. We support efforts to treat and alleviate drug and alcohol dependency and addiction.
  6. We support the legalization of medical marijuana.
  7. We support negotiation with pharmaceutical companies regarding prescription drug pricing.
  8. We support the grateful, timely, and comprehensive care for all veterans.


Wyoming Democrats support investing in public education, and we agree with the state constitutional mandate that higher education should be “as nearly free” as possible.

  1. We support public funding for public education from pre-school to post-secondary and adult education.
  2. We support equal access to education.
  3. We support the academic freedom of educators.
  4. We support institutions providing training in technical and trade programs.
  5. We support the right of educators to negotiate collectively and participate in the certification process to ensure the maintenance of quality standards in teaching.
  6. We support the inclusion of Humanities, Creative Arts, Social, Natural and Environmental Sciences, Civic and Government Studies, Technology, Mathematics, and Formal Sciences at all educational levels.
  7. We support teaching our children how to think, rather than what to think.


Our boom and bust cycle creates economic instability. To achieve prosperity,  our state needs tax reform and economic diversification.

  1. We support economic diversification and state-level tax reforms to grow state revenues.
  2. We support equitable and proportional taxation including corporate, investment, and personal income tax in Wyoming.
  3. We support public-private partnership to support electric vehicle infrastructure to improve tourism in Wyoming.
  4. WORKERS’ RIGHTS: We support the right of workers to organize and collectively bargain for wages, benefits, and a safe working environment.
  1. We support the repeal of anti-labor laws and policies.
  2. We support equal pay for equal work.
  3. We support a livable wage for all workers.


Wyoming offers incredible access to unique public lands and spaces.

  1. We support federal stewardship of federally-managed public lands for the benefit of all Americans.
  2. We believe wilderness areas should be identified and preserved.
  3. We respect the ancestral and contemporary stewardship of Wyoming lands by indigenous peoples and pledge to work alongside them to continue that effort.
  4. We support the continued federal management, access to, and restoration of our public lands. 


The conservation of Wyoming’s landscapes, and animal and plant life, should be prioritized by local, state, and federal governments.

  1. We believe that any development should be done responsibly with regard for our wildlife, their natural migration routes, and their critical habitat.
  2. We support the use of renewables as part of a diverse energy economy.
  3. We support even-handed enforcement of land, air, and water quality regulation and adequate funding for the Department of Environmental Quality.
  4. We acknowledge that climate change impacts the environment and support efforts to minimize its effects.
  5. We support the creation of, and funding for a statewide recycling program.


We respect the sovereignty of Native American governments.

  1. We support improved cooperation among federal state and tribal officials.


Americans should treat other nations and peoples with dignity and respect. Diplomacy should reign supreme over armed conflict.

  1. We support a foreign policy that reflects and promotes the principles of freedom, human rights, compassion, and economic stability of citizens of the world without the use of force.  
  2. We support efforts towards mutual arms reductions, treaties to ban landmines, nuclear weapons, and chemical warfare.
  3. We support restoring the constitutional authority of Congress alone to declare war.


We support responsible immigration, keeping families together, and providing attainable opportunities for citizenship.

  1. We support comprehensive immigration reform including a path to citizenship.
  2. We support the abolishment of private prisons and the Immigration & Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) detention and deportation centers.
  3. We support reasonable border control laws and recognize the need to protect our borders.