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Varsity Squash officially became a sport at Brunswick in 1973 under the direction of George Boynton. In 1975 John Barrow took over the coaching until he retired in 1984 when Jim Stephens assumed the coaching duties. During the 1980's the team did not have a winning season, but produced many fine players that went on to play at the collegiate level. Two of the best players were James Bragg and Alexis Miron. Both had outstanding careers at Brunswick and attended Dartmouth College. Bragg was MVP his freshman year and Miron played #1 on the Dartmouth Varsity and was named to the All-American Team.

In 1991 Walker Stapleton led the team to its first winning season with a 9-2-1 record. The team entered the New England Interscholastic tournament for the first time and finished 9th in a field of 32 teams. In 1992 the team finished second in the Tri-State Tournament and 12th at the Interscholastic. With a 10-2 record the squash team had established itself as an elite team in New England. In 1993 the team finished 18th at the New England's and compiled a 5-5 record.

In 1994 the team had its best record to date( 10-1 ), third place in the national tournament and 8th in New England. The team was selected as the "most improved" among the 32 private schools. The team now had Michael Bourke who had won the US Nationals and the Canadian Nationals. He was the best player ever to play at Brunswick and led the team along with Captain Rory Callagy to the most successful season ever with a 4th place finish in New England and the Best Small School (1995). The team finished with a 7-3 record and Bourke lost in the finals in the number one division as a junior.

In 1996 the team travels to play in the Scottish Open and the British Open during the Christmas vacation. Upon returning home the team wins its first ever New England Championship and finishes with a 9-1 record. The team wins without Bourke and accomplishes the impossible. Broadbent wins at #5, Delaney wins #3, Burn gets to finals at #4, Josh Miller loses in the finals at #2 to complete to this date the most successful season in Brunswick history. We are the best school small for the second time and of course #1 among Prep schools.

In 1997 William Broadbent takes over as the #1 player as an 8th grader and is elected Captain. The team finishes 9-4 and is again selected as the Best Small School in New England. The team is the youngest ever with the graduation of Bourke, Burn, Delaney, and Miller. The team finishes second in New England. In 1998 the squash team completes a very successful season with a 10-2 record. Broadbent wins the US Nationals, Canadian Nationals and Australian Nationals. William has won 13 National titles and has established himself along with Bourke as the two most outstanding players in Brunswick history. The 1999 team finishes with an overall record of 9-5 and a 7th place finish interscholastically. The team competes against Yale, Williams and Harvard. Under the coaching of Jim Stephens and George Boynton the overall record from 1986-200 is 125 wins and 49 losses.

The 2001 team won the Interscholastic tournament at Williams College by 32 points and finished with the first undefeated season 11-0. William Broadbent won the #1 division, Parker Sutton won the #3 division and Breck Bailey won the #4 division at the New England Championships.

The 2002 team wins the 5 Man National Team Championship at Trinity College. The team finishes 16 -0 and wins the New England Championship played at Yale for the third time and the Brandeis Cup for the second time. Broadbent, Bailey, Sutton, Gosden, Tashjian and Henry win interscholastic titles.

2003: The team finished with a 14-1 record , finished 2nd in the New England tournament and won the Brandes Cup for the third time. The team competed in the National 5 Man Team championship and lost to Trinity College ( 6 Time NCAA winner) in the first round. Parker Sutton was the most outstanding player and will play for Princeton next year. Travis Judson and Townie Wells win New England titles at 5 and 6 respectively.

2004: The team finished 2nd in the National championship and 1st in New England. Brunswick won the Brandes Cup for the fourth time. The overall record was 18-1. The one loss came at the finals of the Nationals to Lawrenceville 4-3. Five different players win New England titles and Charlie Tashjian wins the #1 Division.

2005: Brunswick wins the New England Championship and the Brandeis Cup with a 22-2 record. The team finishes 2nd in the National Championship to Lawrenceville. 7 players reach the finals of the Interscholastic Tournament. Brunswick wins the #2 - #7 divisions.

2006: Brunswick wins the New England Championship and the Brandeis Cup with a 21-2 record. The team finishes 3rd in the National Championship losing to Penn Charter in the semi-finals. Will Browne, Clay Blackiston and James Thorman win individual New England Championships at #3, #5 and #7 respectively.

2007: Brunswick wins New England Championship at Exeter for 7th time and share the Brandeis Cup with Exeter. Both teams had undefeated seasons in New England. Brunswick also finishes 2nd in Nationals played at Yale. Brunswick beats Lawrenceville in semi-finals 5-2 and losses in finals to Penn Charter. Overall record 22-2. Travis Judson, Robby Berner, Clay Blackiston, Will Browne, Craig Matthews, and Wes Wynne are New England Individual Champions # 2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7 respectively.

2008: Varsity Squash wins the Brandes Cup for the 8th consecutive year without a loss in New England. The team finishes with a 17-2 record with both losses to Penn Charter. Brunswick finishes 2nd in the New England Tournament by one point to St Paul’s School. The event was held at Groton, Mass. The team also finishes 2nd in the National tournament held at Yale losing to Penn Charter. Parker Hurst and Matt Mackin win individual New England titles at 6 & 7 positions. Clay Blackiston finishes 3rd at #1 and Jamie Davies and Spencer Hurst finish 2nd at 4 and 5 position.

2009: Varsity squash finishes with a 19-1 record winning the New England title and ending up 2nd in the Nation losing to Epsicopal in the finals. Parker Hurst, Jamie Davies, John Dudzik and Chris Baldock win individual New England Championships. Brunswick wins the Brandes Cup for the 9th year in a row for the best regular season.

2010: Varsity squash wins the New England A Division for the 9th time. The team also wins the FAA and finishes 3rd in the National championship. The team wins the Brandes Cup for the 10th year in a row and finishes with a 14-1 record with the only loss to Chestnut Hill Academy at the Nationals. Chris Baldock wins the New England Chps at #5, Hayes Murphy wins the #6 Division and Reid Breck wins #7. Matt Shang also played a contributing role at #7/#8.

2011: The varsity squash team finishes with a 12-2 record. The team wins the FAA Championship, finishes 3rd at the New England Championship and 5th in the National Tournament. Alex Baldock wins the 7th division in the New England Championship played at Salisbury School. Hayes Murphy and Cooper Briggs ( Captain) played #1 and #2 respectively. Matt Shang earned All-FAA at #3.

2012: Brunswick finished with a 16-2 record. They captured their 10th New England title at Phillips Exeter Academy and finished 2nd in the Nation. The two losses came against Belmont Hill and Episcopal. Brunswick scored 112 points and runner-up Belmont Hill scored 100 points at the New England tournament.

2013: The varsity finished 14-0 winning the Brandes Cup for the best regular season in New England. The team won the New England A tournament and remains the # 1 ranked team in New England. The team also finished # 1 in the nation out of 96 teams for the first time in Brunswick history. The team was led by Captains Alex Baldock and Benton Turner. Hayes Murphy played #1 and went undefeated on the season and his one loss came at the NE tournament to the eventual winner Osama Kalifa. Alex Baldock finished fourth at the # 2 slot. Benton Turner finished 2nd at the third position while David Yacobucci finished 2nd at the 4 position. Jarett Odrich, Yousef Hindy and Chris Hart all won their divisions and finished as New England Champions. John Fitzgerald went undefeated on the year and made a significant contribution throughout the season. The team has won 11 New England titles since 1996.

2014: Brunswick squash won the New England championship for the 12th time finishing with an 18-2 record. The team also finished 2nd in the National tournament losing to Avon Old Farms 4-3. Brunswick also won the FAA championship. Hayes Murphy won the Under 19 National Championship and was named High School All-American. David Yacobucci finished 2nd in the national tournament and also was named High School All-American. Yousef Hindy won the #4 division, John Fitzgerald won the #5, Billy Berner won the #6 and Tyler Carney won the #7 at the New England Championships. Billy Berner and Hayes Murphy were captains in 2013-2014.

2015: Varsity Squash finished the season with a 16-0 record. The team won the FAA Championship, the New England Championship and the National Championship. In addition the team won the Brandes Cup for having an undefeated season in New England. Yousef Hindy and Jarret Odrich led the team as Co- Captains. The highlight of the season was David Yacobucci's win over Tim Brownell of Belmont Hill to win the National High School Chps.

2016: The team finishes 13-0 with another National and New England title along with the FAA title. The Captains were Drew Monroe and David Yacobucci. Max Finkelstein wins the #4 match at the Philly Cricket Club against Haverford School to win the National Championship. Also, win the Brandes Cup again. No team has ever won back to back New England Chps and National Chps two years in a row.

2017: In the championship-winning match, Brunswick’s Max Finkelstein upended the number-one seed from Nobles in an epic five-setter, clinching the 15th New England crown for the Bruins. Brunswick out-pointed runner-up Avon Old Farms, 108-105, winning its sixth-straight New England title on the McLane Squash Courts at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire on Sunday. Brunswick finished with a 12-1 record. The team won the FAA, the Brandes Cup and finished 2nd in the National High School Tournament. Tyler Carney and Tate Huffman provided outstanding leadership. Finkelstein, Spizzirri and Leonard won individual New England Championships.

2018: Brunswick wins National and New England Championships with an undefeated season 12- 0. The team defeats Haverford 5-2 in the National Finals and scores 113 points at Choate to win the New England Championship for the 16th time. Led by Captains Max Finkelstein, Will Holey and Patrick Feeley the team will be considered on of the best in Brunswick history. Patrick Feeley won the #3 division at the New England tournament. Nick Spizzirri won the #4, Brian Leonard won the #5, Dana Santry won #6 and Pierce Henderson won #7. Max Finkelstein finished #3 in the first flight and Will Holey finished third at #2.

2019: The 2019 squash season was spectacular. The team went undefeated ( 11 – 0 ) and won the National Championship for the 4 th time, the New England Championship for the 17 th time at Andover, the Brandes Cup, and FAA Championship. The B Team finished 7 th in the Nation. Nick Spizirri and Brian Leonard made All- American and All- New England. Dana Santry was also selected on the All- New England Team. Will Jones and PK Keller led the team as Co-Captains. Tad Carney played #7. He won the New England Championship in the #7 Division. He finished the year as the #1 player in the US for boys 15 & Under. Mac Aube played #6 and won the New England Championship in his division. In addition, he was undefeated for the year in all matches. Coulter MacKesy played #5 and was a New England Champion and was also undefeated on the year. Pierce Henderson played #4 and is a two-time New England Champion. Dana Santry reached the quarters at the British Jr Open and won the decisive match against Haverford in the National High School tournament. Dana played in the World Championships In Malaysia. Brian Leonard played #2 and was undefeated and won his third New England title. Nick Spizzirri played #1 and finished 3 rd at New England’s and won all his matches at Nationals. Nick played on the National team that went to Malaysia for the World Championships. Nick was recognized as the outstanding player and received the Stephens Racquet Award.

2020 Varsity Squash went 12-0 against high school competition and 15-0 overall with three wins over adult club teams. The team won the New England Championship at Choate for the 9th consecutive time and 18th overall starting back in 1996. The team also won the National Championship for the 3rd time in a row and its 5th in the last 6 years. The team dominated the competition winning every tournament match by shut-out (7–0). The Brunswick team defeated Milton, Deerfield and Kent to win the New England Championship. The team also defeated Potomac, Avon Old Farms, Kent and Episcopal (Pa.)  in the National Championship at Trinity College. In addition, the team defeated three clubs: Racquet & Tennis Club (7 -2), Harvard Club (8-1) and Field Club of Greenwich (11-4). Additionally, Coach Stephens, in his 35th and final season, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by NEISA. Brunswick also won the Brandes Trophy for the best record in New England and won the FAA Tournament.

In summary, the team is considered the greatest high school team in history. Team members below by ranking:

Nick Spizzirri

Dana Santry

Brian Leonard

Mac Aube

Pierce Henderson

Patrick Keller

Coulter Mackesy

Tad Carney

David Beeson

Andy Aube

(info provided by Jim Stephens thru 2000)