JAN 19-21, 2019

AAU Sanction #9KMIHO2695


  1. All teams must be properly registered with AAU Hockey.
  2. All teams must submit a copy of their approved AAU Hockey roster to the tournament committee before the team’s first game.
  3. We request that all teams be prepared to start their games 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.


  1. AAU rules will be used for all games including additions as amended herein.
  2. Period Lengths will be as follows:
  1.  12-12-15 Minute stop time periods
  1. No curfew clock for all tournament games.
  2. The following time management rules will be in effect for all games including semi-final and championship games:
  1. If 10 or more goals separate the teams at any time during the second period, running time will commence for the remainder of the game.  The game reverts back to regular stop time for the remainder of the game if the differential is reduced to four.
  2. If 5 or more goals separate the teams at the end of the second period or any time in the third period, running time will commence for the remainder of the game.  The game reverts back to regular stop time for the remainder of the game if the differential is reduced to two.
  3. No time outs are allowed in any games except the semi-finals and Championship game.
  1. Tournament director reserve the right to take any measure necessary to ensure completion of the tournament.
  2. Delayed off sides and Black Puck will be used during all games.
  3. Players receiving a major penalty for fighting will be suspended from further play.
  4. Grinder Hockey has adopted a “zero tolerance policy” that involves a FULL TOURNAMENT SUSPENSION for any coach or spectator who gets removed from a game for verbal abuse of an official. Protocol for the coach  in game will start with a warning, than proceed to a bench minor and finally a game misconduct. The Grinder Hockey Tournament policy will then dictate that the coach be removed from further tournament play. There will no discussion, appeal or recourse for any coach or spectator removed from a game for verbal abuse. 
  5. Players receiving a game misconduct penalty or suspension shall serve the suspension during the next tournament game.  Players receiving more than one game misconduct penalty or game suspension will be suspended from further play in the tournament.
  6. Use of ineligible players will disqualify the team from remaining tournament play.  All games played with the ineligible player will be recorded as 1-0 forfeits. Note: There are hockey associations outside of Michigan that classify teams differently with birth year ratios. In addition, we have a few teams playing UP that may contain a few current birth years. Rest assured, Grinder Hockey makes every attempt to place teams into a competitive division.  
  7. All referee decisions are final and cannot be challenged or changed by the tournament director.
  8. No player is allowed to participate on more then one team in his/her respective division.  (i.e. a ’10 player may not play on two different teams in the ’10 Gold Division.  The player may play on a ’10 Gold and a ’10 Silver team) {Spring Only}


Home teams are expected to wear white or light color jerseys, visiting teams are expected to wear dark colored jerseys.  Teams with single jerseys please communicate your color to the other team in a timely fashion before the game.  If both teams have same color jersey the visitors will be asked to switch.  


  1. Points for preliminary round robin games will be awarded as follows:

       *2 points for regulation win

       *1 point for a tie

       *0 points for a regulation loss

Preliminary round robin games can end in a tie.

  1. Preliminary/Round robin games can only be counted as a maximum of +/- 6 for tiebreaker purposes.  For instance, a game ending 10-2 is still +6 for the winning team and -6 for the losing team even though the final score is a differential of 8.
  2. Goals for will be limited to a maximum of 6 more than the losing team.  For example, a game ending 10-2 will be counted as 8-2 for Goals For/Goals Against calculations.
  3. Consolation games can end in a tie.  A consolation game is defined as a team’s fourth game whose winner has no chance of advancement to a championship game.
  4. Any forfeited games will be recorded as 1-0 final scores.  Any forfeited games affecting other teams in terms of playoff status may be reviewed by the tournament director in order to determine which teams advance beyond preliminary play.


  1. To be eligible to participate in semi-final and championship play all players must be included on the submitted roster prior to first game.
  2. Semi-final and Championship games CANNOT end in a tie.  If a semi-final or championship game is tied after regulation the following format will apply:
  1. A five (5) minute sudden death, stop time, 4-on-4 (four on four) overtime period (if a team ended the regulation game with a 5 on 4 advantage the advantage will continue as a 4 on 3 in Overtime).  Penalties from the previous period shall carry over into the overtime period.  
  2. The Teams shall not change ends.  First team to score a goal wins.
  3. 3 player shoot-out.  The visiting team will always shoot first in the shootout.
  4. All players are eligible for the shootout with the exception of players serving misconducts or game misconducts (players serving minor penalties are NOT ELIGIBLE).
  5. The team that scores the most after 3 shooters is determined the winner.  If the score is still tied the Sudden-death procedure will be repeated until a winner is determined.
  6. Sudden-death shoot-out.  Players used in the 3 player shoot-out may not be used again until all eligible players (except goalies) have participated in the shoot-out.  Each team will continue with the remaining players one at a time until the winning team is determined by scoring the only goal in the round.
  7. The semi-final and Championship game will allow only one 30 second timeout per team.
  8. All running time rules stated above are in effect for semi-final and championship games.


If two or more teams have an equal number of points, their positions in the standings shall be determined by the following tiebreaker formulas.

  1. It two teams are tied, Head to Head competition between each other.
  2. If more than two teams are tied, proceed to Goal Quotient rule 3:
  3. Goal Quotient, calculated by dividing a teams goals for by the sum of its goals for plus goals against (in all Round robin games).  The team with the higher number advances.  For purposes of calculating the scoring quotient, the maximum goal differential a team can take for any one game is 6 goals;

         Example:                 Team A             15 GF 7 GA   Quotient is 15/22=.681

                                            Team B             14 GF 6 GA   Quotient is 14/20=.700

                                            Team B advances

  1. if teams still tied, Fewest Goals Against;
  2. if teams still tied, Most Goals For;
  3. if teams still tied, Coin Flip.

Note 1:  if more than two teams are tied, the Tiebreaker process shall start by skipping tiebreakers 1 and 2 and applying Tiebreaker 3 first.  If applying Tiebreaker 3 establishes a position for one or more teams, each team is placed in its applicable position, and if two teams remain tied after this is done, these two tied teams shall be seeded by starting the process over at Tiebreaker 1.

Note 2: In the event of a 3-way tie in which each of the tied teams has a win and a loss against the other tied teams, succeeding tiebreakers shall be applied until a top-seed is determined, and then head-to-head competition shall be applied between the remaining tied teams.