Halloween Special

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Making his debut appearance in 1897, Dracula became a legend that has persisted to this day. A powerful vampire able to control weather and animals and subsisting on the blood of humans, he is the undead. Since then, he has been adapted and re-adapted in horror fiction. From the famed portrayal by Bela Lugosi in 1931 to the more modern take with Gary Oldman, Dracula is a fiend that has captured the hearts and minds of humans around the world.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Gracious Manners”

The fantasy with this Dracula kit is that of a burst assassin that torments the enemy with deadly attacks and the feeling of him being “unkillable” Gracious Manners is a passive trait that gives Dracula a damage buff to enemies that he is not the first to engage. If Dracula is the first to deal damage to the enemy in a set amount of time he does not receive this buff… but if any other hero attacks Dracula’s target before he does, he will deal increased damage to the target for a short amount of time. Used to his maximum potential Dracula would be a “follow up” DPS hero that deals large amounts of damage after the engage is made by another hero.

Mount- Horse Drawn Carriage- Driver is a pale… famished almost dead man named Wolfram Broker.

Q- “Blood Transfusion”

Using blood magic Dracula blasts a target hero with the basic ability. A large “blood orb” is hurled through the air and if it connects with a target hero they take damage and become hexed. The hex will make all of the damage they do for a short amount of time return to Dracula as health.

W- “Loving Grasp”

Dracula grabs a target hero that is near him and pulls them close in a “Loving Grasp.” This grasp stunns the hero and they are unable to move from Dracula’s clutches. During this time Dracula bites the target on the neck and begins to suck their blood dealing damage to the target. This damage continues until the ability is completed or Dracula is Stunned.

E- “Transylvanian Soil”

Dracula pulls out a bag of soil that he dumps on the ground like Zagara creep. The soil will cover the battlefield about half as large as a zagara creep. While standing on the soil he will slowly regain his strength (health) The soil stays on the ground for a short amount of time and cannot be removed by the enemy.

Heroic 1- “Cloud of Bats

Five bats fly out of Dracula in a set direction. (Like a Diablo stomp, but just in front of Dracula, not a complete circle.) If the bats make contact with an enemy hero they pick the hero up and pull them a large distance in the direction the ability was aimed. At the end of the ability the bats drop the heros and they take damage from the fall.

Heroic 2- “Grave”

Dracula summons a Grave Digger at a selected location. Over a period of time the gravedigger digs a hole in the ground that becomes impassible terrain to both teams in the shape of a long rectangle. Heroes on either side of the battle can choose to fill the hole back in with dirt to make the terrain passable again, but this does require a channel time to complete.

Specialty Skin: Batman OR School Teacher Dracula… “his favorite grade to give on tests… some would think it was A+, but its actual O-)

Dance: EDM Rave Dance with wooden stakes

Kristen’s Choices

Puttin’ ‘Em On the Fritz



Favorite Blizzard Game

        Diablo (changes the world himself)

Favorite Blizzard Character

        Jaina (very much like Mina)





In an instant, Dracula can become an insubstantial cloud of mist that gains movement speed and becomes immune to damage. This transformation also cures him of any lingering effects, like poisons. When changing back into vampire form, he is invisible for a few seconds.


        Swarm of Bats

Dracula breaks into a large group of tiny bats that squeak their way across the map.



Facing his opponent, Dracula seduces his foe into a state of hypnosis. The longer the connection is made, the slower the attacks and movement until the enemy is stopped altogether. Only damage from the enemy’s team will snap them awake.



Dracula swoops in and begins feasting on his victim. Both are motionless while Dracula gains health as the foe loses it. If the foe was under hypnosis, the healing and damage done are doubled.


The Sisters

Giving a call, the three vampire sisters emerge from nothingness, helping Dracula get his prey away from troublesome areas where they could be interrupted. The three sisters entrance an enemy Hero, calling them to follow for a set distance. The enemy Hero cannot fight this.


The Children of the Night

Dracula summons a pack of five wolves driven into a blood frenzy under his command. They can either all target one Hero or be broken up to target individual Heroes. Their coming is noted by howls.


Flesh of My Flesh

If an enemy Hero has been hypnotized and drunk from, they are at risk during this heroic. Now holding sway over the weak flesh of mortals, Dracula can choose to go in and transform these individuals into servants bound to his bidding. In order to do so, Dracula must grab hold of an enemy Hero and have them drink his blood. Once done so, they are marked for the rest of the game. This mark becomes stronger each time they die and come back to life.

The mark stops them from doing damage to Dracula’s team. At first, it’s a damage reduction. As it grows in strength, so, too, does the effect until the Hero is all but useless to their own team.


        Bram Stoker’s Dracula

                Top hat outfit worn by Gary Oldman.

        The Count

                Full blown purple puppet from Sesame Street.



        Gothic Waltz

Sombre strings would play a disturbing melody as he waltzes with an invisible partner.