Eight weeks out, entry will open at 9am on the date cited until midnight.  Those wishing to lift will submit their entry and await invitation to pay which will secure your place.  

From the entries received, they will be sorted and confirmed in the  following order:

  1. Have you volunteered at any of the last 3 comps?  Volunteers get priority entry!
  2. How many NWPL competitions have you done this year.  People who have not yet competed will get the highest priority.
  3. How many competitions have you tried to get in but been rejected.
  4. Random

As an example, let’s say we have a 50-place competition and we get 25 people who haven’t competed before and 100 who have. Those 25 are in. Next we look at people who have done only one competition.  Let's say 55 people have done only one competition.  We can't get them all into the comp so we will look at the next criteria which is whether anyone from the 55 tried to get in a previous comp but couldn’t. That might be 10 people. They are in. So far we have 35 people in a 50 place comp.  So we look at the 55 again and pull out anyone that has volunteered. That might be 10 people. So we now have 45 people in the competition and 5 places left.  Those would go on lot ie random number generation.

TL:DR for future comps we are going to prioritise anyone that hasn’t competed this year, anyone who has been unable to get into the competition of their choice and the backbone of this division, volunteers. You can take your time with the entry because we are no longer recognising first come first served.

PLEASE NOTE: All claims to have been rejected at an earlier comp or having volunteered WILL BE CHECKED. Anyone whose claims are not capable of being verified will have their entry rejected.