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CDE Statements 11.9.18
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Statements Given at Open-Comment Period of the California State Board of Education on 11.9.18

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June Guthrie:

Hello, my name is June Guthrie. I am a 6th grader at public school. Today, I woke up and realized school was canceled because of a climate change related-fire. And no need to worry about my test on ancient Rome. I knew that there was something much more important than aqueducts and roads. Climate change is a threat to my future. Please speak up for my generation and me.

Park Guthrie

My name is Park Guthrie. I am a career California public school teacher and a parent of 3 students. Thank you for your very important work. Please pass a non-partisan climate action resolution. It will help move Congress to act.

In an ideal world it would not fall to you to speak up for national climate action. But as a nation we have not acted responsibly on climate change. All of us here recognize that this national inaction is a direct threat to all California kids and future generations. We recognize this so clearly today, a day in which tens of thousands of students have had school cancelled due to a climate-related fires.


+To date 27 school boards and 1 student council have passed climate action resolutions including 4 county offices of ed and the 10th largest school district in the nation (Fairfax County, Virginia).


+The Pacific Trustees of the National School Boards Association have submitted a strong climate action resolution that will be considered in committee in next spring.


+Your example of speaking up for national climate action to protect students would cost nothing, but would set an inspirational example for school boards, student councils, and students across the nation and it would help move Congress. Thank you.

Kristan Klingelhofer:

My name is Kristan Klingelhofer. As a mother and a public school educator, I value everything you do to create our great schools in California. Thank you. Our schools serve and protect our children. As an educator, I am a mandated reporter, bound by law to speak out when I suspect neglect or abuse. Our national silence and inaction on climate change is generational neglect. Our children are in harm's way and we are all witnesses to it. It is heartbreaking to know that great harm will come to our kids and that we as a nation are not doing everything in our power, that we are largely silent on this real and growing threat. As educators, our entire focus is on the future and well being of students. We can and must all speak out in a non-partisan way and call on Congress to protect our children and future generations. Please pass a climate action resolution. It is a small action that would send a big signal, and could make a powerful impact on all of the children who you serve so well. Thank you.

Kai Guthrie:

Lola Guthrie:

Park Guthrie

Friday, 9.7.18

Open Comment Period of the CA State Board of Education meeting.


Thank you for your important work and service to California kids. My name is Park Guthrie. I am have been a California public school teacher for 17 years. I teach 6th grade in Sonoma County. I am also the parent of 3 kids in CA public schools (and a co-founder of the Schools for Climate Action Campaign.)

I respectfully request that you follow the lead of 23 school boards across California, Colorado, and New York to pass NON-partisan climate action resolutions.

As you know, climate change is not a partisan issue. It is a generational justice, a social justice, and a human rights issue. Congress has failed to act and by doing so it has put our current and future students at significant risk.

We know the harm. We are mandated reporters. No educator or educational institution has to be a silent witness to the generational neglect that national inaction on climate constitutes.

You have an inspirational history of fighting for equity and justice for all California kids. By passing a climate action resolution, you can clarify the moral imperative for Congress to act to protect our students.

If you do, likely hundreds of school boards across the state and possibly thousands across the country will join you.

Together, the educational sector can help break the logjam on rational climate action in DC.

Thank you.