Before we start the predictions, I want to take a moment and talk about the longevity and success of this league. 17 years ago, I was a 21 year old kid with an idea to create an online madden league, but really had no idea how it worked. With the help of Dolan (Lhu27) we created the MOF. We had some bumps and bruises in our first few seasons, but 52 seasons later here we are. One of the most prestigious leagues out there. As we enter our 53rd season, a number that not many leagues have seen, I want to thank every single one of you for making this league what it is. I say this all the time, but this is a wonderful hobby for all of us. Something to get our minds off the everyday grind and have a place to escape for a few hours a week. I take pride and pleasure in providing that for you guys, so again, thank you for making the MOF great!

Welcome to the Season 53 Predictions! Season 52 was filled with surprises and not surprises as well. We saw RobPowers break out to a 10-5-1 record and we saw Enzo fall to 7-9. We also saw a legend leave our league, we wish Pauly2110 the best in his future endeavours. But in the end, we saw the same two teams at the end that we did in Season 51. The Browns and the Redskins. With the same result. Coach Betts won his 2nd Super Bowl in a row, and his 6th overall, with his 19-14 victory over MackDaddy’s Browns. Will things change this season? Can someone stop his running game? Will we see two new teams in the Super Bowl?  All this and more will be answered in the article below.

*Remember all these predictions are very in depth. We go game by game with the current schedule and predict games 1 by 1 and that's how we come up with our algorithms. Remember this is all in good fun and for some, some bulletin board material! Enjoy*

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR Antonio Brown - NE
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: QB Tom Brady - NE
Best Draft Selection: SS Walter Paul - NE

The AFC East once again won by the Miami Dolphins and Coach WickedMe. Miami has dominated the division the last two seasons and I think they will do it once again and by a wider margin. Kenyan Drake has rushed for over 1300 yards in each of the last two seasons and I think he does it again and then some.  I expect the Jets to take a step back even though I do expect them to compete for a wild-card, they have a tougher road playing a 2nd place schedule this season but with a full season for Le’Veon Bell who rushed for 2,163 yards and 23 TDs in Season 51, hopes are high in New York. The Buffalo Bills made a couple splashes, signing CB Richard Sherman and HB James Conner. The emergence of Devin Singletary should provide some punch for Buffalo but i don't see them making a huge impact. The Patriots legend Tom Brady finally hung up the pads after he was benched for Scotty Batten in the middle of last season. The Patriots won the off-season in this division signing Antonio Brown and they also won the draft in this division by grabbing the top rated player SS Walter Paul. I don’t see the Patriots making much noise though, in a solid division.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: CB Chris Harris Jr. - CIN
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: RG Marshal Yanda - BAL
Best Draft Selection: HB Markus Carson - PIT

The AFC North, like the AFC East, has been dominated by the Cleveland Browns and Coach MackDaddy. Two straight division titles and two straight trips to the Super Bowl has these Browns the favorites to win the division yet again. Baker Mayfield once again won QB of the year and HB Nick Chubb had a breakout season with 1,009 yards and 20 TD. They also just added SS Harrison Smith to bolster that defense. The Ravens last season finished 6-10 as they were predicted to go 6-10, this season I don’t see much of a difference. They lost RG Marshal Yanda, which was the biggest off-season loss in the division. Lamar Jackson has to ascend to another level if these guys want to compete in Season 53. The Bengals finished 6-10 last season after a prediction of 4-12, again, with these guys we don’t expect too much. We did see the Bengals make some nice off-season moves, and signing CB Chris Harris Jr. away from Denver, which was the best signing in the division. Issues at QB are still here though, as Andy Dalton enters the season as the starter after throwing 30 interceptions to only 16 touchdowns last season. They need to improve that QB play or they will be in for a long season. The Pittsburgh Steelers made the best draft choice of the division by grabbing HB Markus Carson who looks to start immediately after the loss of James Conner. It looks like Big Ben will be the starter once again as a 39 year old threw 33 interceptions last season to only 21 touchdowns. I do not expect the Steelers to contend in Season 53, I foresee them being the last place team in this division.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: CB Desmond Trufant - TEN
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR T.Y. Hilton - IND
Best Draft Selection: WR Imani Culver - IND

The AFC South was won by BigDre’s Jacksonville Jaguars last season with a 12-4 record. They were predicted to finish 11-5, so they were right on que. They are predicted again to win this division with a strong team and a weaker division. QB Nick Foles has been serviceable but they are in desperate need of a QB upgrade. There’s no question that this team runs through Leonard Fournette who ran for 1,313 yards and 18 TDs last season. I expect another strong season out of him. MrRoclo will get a full season out of the Tennessee Titans as last season he took over a 1-0 squad to go 9-5-1 and earned a playoff berth. I expect Roclo to give Dre some fight, but to fall off at the end. I also expect Roclo to compete for a wild-card spot. The Titans made the biggest off-season acquisition of the division when they traded for CB Desmond Trufant. Along with Adoree’ Jackson they have one of the best 1-2 CB punches in the MOF. The Houston Texans took a step back last season as they finished 7-9 after a playoff berth in Season 51. They are also in “cap hell” as they lost a bunch of talent and were really unable to replace them as they only have 2.14m to work with. Despite that, I do expect the Texans to bounce back from their 7-9 season, Coach Mindenplaya isn’t used to losing seasons, so look for them to battle for a wild-card spot, and if things fall a certain way they could fight for this division. The Colts had a tough Season 52 as they finished 4-12 after being predicted to go 3-13. On top of that they had the biggest off-season loss in WR T.Y. Hilton to the Giants. They did however make the best pick in the division, by grabbing WR Imani Culver out of Michigan State with the 5th overall pick. The Colts have work to do, there’s no question. Being in this division does not help with three other coaches who make the playoffs consistently. It will take a gargantuan effort to even get to .500 for these guys.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR Corey Davis - OAK
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: WR Antonio Brown - OAK
Best Draft Selection: LT Matthew Boyd - LAC

The AFC West has seen two division champions in two seasons, can we go three for three? I believe we can. Coach Bhicks made his return last season to take over the Chiefs at 2-7, he finished the season at 5-2 and made some noise along the way. Now a full season with Patrick Mahomes under center, these guys will be very very dangerous. The Chiefs are in cap space hell like a lot of teams, which prevented them from making any moves of significance in the off-season. I expect Hicks to take the division title to make it 3 different teams in the first 3 Madden ‘20 seasons. The Denver Broncos, Season 52’s AFC Champions come back without the CB Chris Harris Jr. who was one of the biggest losses of the division. Von Miller returns once again after 32 sacks in Season 52 (Following his 44 in Season 51). Expect another huge number out of Miller this season. The Broncos struggles at QB were made known as they went out and signed Josh Rosen to be the new starter, and that was solidified as they traded Drew Lock recently. The offense moves through Philip Lindsay who ran for 1,479 yards and 13 TDs last season. I expect Pettigrew to battle Hicks for that division and regardless they will be a playoff team. Coach Texmex’s Chargers took a step back after winning the division in Season 51. They were predicted to go 9-7 and they finished 8-7-1. Melvin Gordon however won the MVP for the 2nd season in a row, running for 1,761 yards and 14 TDs. The Chargers had the best pick of the division by drafting LT Matthew Boyd out of Oregon St. with the 20th pick overall. I expect the Chargers to take another step back, unfortunately, with the addition of Hicks to the division, things will only get harder. The Raiders enter the season with the biggest off-season addition in the division signing WR Corey Davis, and that was after the biggest off-season subtraction, WR Antonio Brown leaving to go to the Patriots. The Raiders were predicted to go 7-9 last season and that’s exactly how they finished. They are a scrappy bunch, no doubt, but they are in a very strong division. QB Kris Sheldon is entering his 2nd full season as the starting QB of the Raiders, after he threw 37 interceptions and 25 touchdowns last season. He will clearly need to improve that if these guys want to contend in Season 53. I expect the Raiders to finish last in the AFC West.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: DT Damon Harrison Sr. - NYG
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: LB Avery Williamson - DAL
Best Draft Selection: LB Jamaal Wheatley - NYG

The NFC East is the home of the back-to back Champion Washington Redskins and Coach Betts. Last season the Skins were trailing the Cowboys for about 3/4ths of the season but wound up taking the division late. Derrius Guice has been an absolute beast in Betts’ last few games and we expect that to continue into Season 53. I do not see anyone dethroning the Redskins, even with the addition of a former champion to the division. Guice might break the single season rushing record and the single season rushing td record as well. We will see Betts win this division with the least amount of pass attempts ever for a division champ. The Philadelphia Eagles were taken over last season at 2-9 under coach MrWitness36 who finished the season 3-2. Witness has played 7 total seasons, his record is 48-25 and he has 2 Super Bowl titles under his belt! That’s extremely impressive in only 7 seasons. The question is now, can he do this in Philadelphia? In this division? Witness already beat Betts last season, so who’s to say he cannot do it again? Fletcher Cox is definitely one of the x-factors of this team who finished the season with 26 sacks. Tarik Cohen looks to play a bigger part of this offense moving forward. I think the Eagles have a shot at the division, and definitely have a great shot at wild-card. The Dallas Cowboys were one of the surprise teams of Season 52 as they finished 10-5-1 and earned themselves a wild-card spot. They also defeated Coach Betts’ Redskins along the way. Powers figured out the run game as Ezekiel Elliot finished the season with 1,777 yards and 11 TDs as opposed to his Season 51 numbers of 843 yards and 2 TDs. The Cowboys lost LB Avery Williamson which was considered the biggest loss of the off-season for this division. The Cowboys will go on the feet of Elliot. If he can rush with dominance like last season, the Cowboys will surprise people again, however I just don’t see it again. The New York Giants were able to win the off-season by signing Damon Harrison Sr. which was considered as the biggest off-season signing in the division. They also signed T.Y. Hilton, and drafted LB Jamaal Wheatley which was also considered the best pick in the draft for the NFC East. DoubleD was predicted to have a great season, 11-5, but he finished at 6-10 and was one of the most disappointing teams of the season. This time, we’re a little smarter. Very strong division and a weak QB will spell trouble for these Giants. Of course DoubleD has the talent to win double digit games, but I believe Tyree Jackson will hold him back into last place in the NFC East.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR Allen Robinson - DET
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: DT Damon Harrison Sr. - DET
Best Draft Selection: RT Reilly Glenn - CHI

The Packers and Coach Dolan won the NFC North after the Vikings won in Season 52. This season the Packers shouldn’t have a problem winning the division once again as Coach Pauly2110 has left the league and the Vikings organization. Aaron Rodgers is certainly regressing, but don’t tell Dolan that. 3,919 Yards, 40 TD, 16 INT and the NFC MVP award, in a season where Rodgers didn’t even win NFC QB of the year. I do not see the Packers losing this division, especially now without Pauy being there, this should be a no brainer maybe the biggest no brainer in the MOF. The Minnesota Vikings have lost a legend at coach. Pauly2110 is out as coach and they went with a rookie, Mattylo952. He took care of the off-season signings, draft, and played 1 game in Season 53 before he was replaced by Hall of Fame coach Canesbucs1. Healy makes his return to the MOF as a 3-time champion, hall of famer, and a career winning percentage of .720. However, Coach Healy has been out of MOF action since Season 35 so the rust will absolutely be real. The talent of Healy will definitely show during this season, but I think it will take a full season for him to get the rust off. So i expect some great wins, but some questionable losses and a .500 season is probably realistic. The Chicago Bears had a tough season 52, as I predicted he went 3-13 and that’s about the same I am predicting again. Although the Bears have a ton of playmakers on defense, led by Khalil Mack and Kyle Fuller. These guys have the potential to win a bunch of games, as long as Remo can play some offense. The Bears drafted the top player in the division, RT Reilly Glenn. Mitch Trubisky was an issue, he threw 15 touchdowns and 36 interceptions. The run game was also an atrocity with Miles Sanders only gaining 2.9 YPC, 699 yards and 2 TD. The offense absolutely needs to improve and then we might see some surprise wins out of the Bears. The Detroit Lions were the worst team in the MOF last season at 1-15. They were projected to finish 3-13 and they were even worse than that. I don’t see much improvement this season, especially with a QB getting older and putting up terrible numbers, 13 touchdowns and 39 interceptions. They were able to help out Stafford a bit by signing former Bears WR Allen Robinson, which is considered the top signing in the division. They also lost DT Damon Harrison which is considered the worst loss in the division. The Lions entire culture needs to change before we can think they can win more than 1 or 2 games.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: RE Jonathan Allen - TB
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: CB Desmond Trufant - ATL
Best Draft Selection: RE Derrick Pierson - CAR

Through two seasons we’ve seen two division champs in the NFC South. The Saints and Falcons in respective seasons. I think we will see another different team win the division in Season 53. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and coach Jfon finished 10-6 and in 2nd place in the division last season, and missed the playoffs. Jameis Winston threw for 5,181 yards and 44 touchdowns, but the 36 interceptions cost them a few games that they should have won. Mike Evans had himself another beast year with 92 receptions, 2,056 yards, and 19 touchdowns. I think they will limit turnovers this season and win this division. The Falcons and BigReg went 11-5 last season and won this division on the back of Julio Jones who caught 85 balls for 1,696 yards and 15 TDs. Although Matt Ryan had a better Season 52 than Season 51, he is starting to regress as he gets older and I think that will be the downside of this team. It will be very close for this division, as it always is, but I think this season will be the fall of the Falcons and Coach BigReg. I do expect them to battle for a wild-card but i think we will start to see them look for a Ryan replacement. The Carolina Panthers finished 5-11 last season, which was predicted. Cam Newton had another tough season, throwing for 3,582 yards, 21 TDs and 35 INTs. Christian McCaffrey who was projected to have a big season, only finished with 584 yards rushing and 6 TDs. The Panthers won the in-division best draft pick award by picking RE Derrick Pierson out of Georgia with the 8th overall pick. The problem on this team is the offense, if they can get it together, which I really think they will this season, they will seriously contend. I think we will see a bounce back season out of Dpanther due to a favorable schedule, and an improving coach. If they contend for a wild-card position i wouldn’t be surprised. The New Orleans Saints were a mess last season. Kalikarpenter took over the Saints and went 3-12 the rest of the way. Black Eckel will be entering his 2nd full season as starting QB while his rookie season did not end well. 2,349 yards, 12 TD and 25 INT. Alvin Kamara has been underachieving and that’s an understatement. If they continue not to use him 75% of the time, they should look to trade him. Kamara rushed for 642 yards and 8 TDs last season. Michael Thomas caught 50 balls for 1,135 yards and 4 TDs. The Saints undoubtedly need to improve on offense, they have play makers they just need to figure out how to use them. I do not see them competing in this division until they can do so.

Biggest Off-Season Addition: WR A.J. Green - SEA
Biggest Off-Season Subtraction: CB Richard Sherman - SF
Best Draft Selection: C Hudson Lilja - SEA

The NFC West saw a new winner in Season 52, the Los Angeles Rams who finished 12-4 and won the division in a landslide by 5 games over San Francisco and Arizona. However, the West has a new face to start this season. CoachQKP35 left the Philadelphia Eagles at the end of last season to join the Seattle Seahawks. What did he do, you ask? He was the last coach to beat Coach Betts as he finished 4-2 with the Seahawks. Now with a full season ready to go I think the Seahawks are the favorites to win this highly competitive division. Russell Wilson will be the key to Q’s success and I think with his arm and legs he can make a lot of things happen, which will cause a lot of problems for teams in and outside of this division. Don’t forget about Bobby Wagner, who has caused more fumbles than we’ve ever seen in the past two seasons. The Seahawks will be a force to be reckoned with. The LA Rams and Commish Jeff bounce back last season after a 6-10 Season 51 by going 12-4 in Season 52. Aaron Donald single handedly won games for these guys with 42.5 sacks. Todd Gurley was injured for half of the season but still rushed for 788 yards at 6.5 YPC. Brandin Cooks had another solid season with 1,848 yards and 18 TDs. However the Rams are really in a cap restraint, they cannot sign or trade anyone unless it will get them under the cap. That could hamstring them throughout the season. I think they take a step back but i still think they will contend for a wild-card spot, and if things fall correctly they can battle for another division title. The San Francisco 49ers were one of, if not, the most disappointing team of Season 52. After finishing 11-5 and winning the NFC West in Season 51, they came out and finished 7-9 last season and Jimmy G was atrocious with 3,047 yards, 18 TDs, and 29 INTs. The high point though was HB Tevin Coleman who had a breakout season with 1,958 yards rushing and 12 TDs. The 49ers lost CB Richard Sherman and FS Jacquiski Tartt in what could only be described as devastating losses. I still think the 49ers will bounce back and have a solid season. This division is the best in the MOF and if they don’t finish at least 2nd, they will probably miss the playoffs. I think the head to head games against Seattle and the Rams will decide their fate. The Arizona Cardinals had a breakout season from Kyler Murray who won NFC QB of the year. Murray had 3,960 Yards passing, 34 TD, 21 INT, 105 Carries, 597 Yards, 7 TD. However the issue is still the fumbles. He had 15 last season, coming off 20 (record) in Season 51. That’s 35 fumbles in 2 seasons. That needs to improve if the Cardinals want to take that next step. WR Andy Isabella is turning into a star with 1,221 yards and 8 TD last season, he looks to have an even bigger season this season. The Cardinals are a tricky team. They can come out and put up 50 on you and beat anyone, or they turn the ball over 10 times and lose to the Bears. I think the Cards are to inconsistent to really be a player in this division.

Season 53 Projected Final Standings

Season 53 Projected Awards

AFC MVP: QB: Patrick Mahomes, KC

NFC MVP: HB: Derrius Guice, WAS

AFC Defensive MVP: LB: Von Miller, DEN

NFC Defensive MVP: DT: Aaron Donald, LAR

AFC Rookie of the Year: HB: Markus Carson, PIT

NFC Rookie of the Year: TE: David McDowell, GB

AFC Def. Rookie of the Year: SS: Walter Paul, NE

NFC Def. Rookie of the Year: LB: Jamaal Wheatley, NYG

AFC Coach of the Year: MackDaddy, CLE

NFC Coach of the Year: NYRedskins35, WAS

AFC Comeback Coach Of The Year: Bhicks14, KC

NFC Comeback Coach Of The Year: CoachQKP35, SEA

Season 53 Projected Playoff Bracket