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Taster's Tour 3-6-20
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Taster’s Tour of Northern Vermont

This day trip is filled with spectacular scenery and several places to tour, shop, and enjoy the flavors for which Vermont is famous.

Turn left onto VT-18 North and travel 7 miles to the intersection of US-2.  Turn left, through St. Johnsbury, onto US-2 West. Continue on US-2 West over the bridge to the 3-way stop. Turn left onto Railroad Street and then right onto Eastern Ave; turn left at the top of Eastern Ave. and follow the signs for US-2 West, which winds its way out of St. Jay.  

US-2 west continues to Danville. Just past West Danville on US-2 West, look to the left to find Goodrich’s Maple Farm.  This is the real deal!  Sap boiled right here to make some great syrup.  Tours are available. Closed Sun.

Now it’s off to Cabot .  From Goodrich’s Farm, turn right onto US-2 East for just a short distance and look for a small sign that says CABOT.  Turn left onto this road (Danville Hill Road) and have faith.  Just a short way up, on the right, is the home of The Birdman, Edmond Menard.  Stop in and watch Edmond cut birds out of wood to make most interesting pieces of art.

Continue up Danville Hill Road for 3.4 miles and enjoy some spectacular scenery as you make your way through Cabot. NOTE: Cabot Cheese Factory is closed. The store is in Waterbury (your next stop).. Harry’s Hardware at 3087 Main St.  Enjoy a quick bite & mingle with the locals in this very cool nostalgic store (open Thurs, Fri, Sat).  

Now it’s off to Montpelier. Head Southwest on VT-215, continue to US-2 West and then turn right onto VT-14 North to find Bragg Farm Sugarhouse. Again, a “real deal” VT maple farm. MUST get their homemade Maple Ice Cream! Now continue to downtown Montpelier -- VT-14 South and then right onto US-2 West and continue for just about 5 miles.  Turn right onto Main Street.

Downtown Montpelier is filled with neat shops & eateries. Artisans Hand is a favorite shop. Sarducci’s is a great place for Italian fare (lunch or dinner). Do NOT miss a visit to Caledonia Spirits Distillery (awesome) at 116 Gin Lane. Beer lovers enjoy the Three Penny Taproom at 108 Main Street.On State Street, find Chill Gelato & Rabble-Rouser Chocolate & Craft shop..  We highly recommend a visit to our gold-domed State House (just walk in) and the Vermont History Museum.  

After departing downtown Montpelier, get back onto US-2 West to highway I-89 North. Follow to Exit 10 and head north on VT-100, heading to Waterbury. Along this route you’ll find the following:

As you travel along VT-100, look northwest for a view of Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak at 4393 feet.

VT-100 leads to the village of Stowe, once referred to as the “Aspen of the East” and Stowe Mountain.  For fans of “The Sound of Music”, you’ll find Trapp Family Lodge and Trapp Brewery & Bierhall (good food).  Then, there’s the village of Stowe itself.  In the village of Stowe next to Mac's Market, is - Laughing Moon Chocolates (must see), an award-winning chocolate kitchen. Grab a great burrito & beer for lunch at Ranch Camp. You can also rent a bike there & pedal around town!  PRO TIP: There are too many shops and restaurants to list here so we recommend stopping in the Visitors’ Center for a village map.  Check all the unique gift and craft stores, art & jewelry galleries, quilt and antique shops, and restaurants galore. Stop in Stowe Mercantile. Craft beer enthusiasts should not miss the famous Alchemist Brewery (home of Heady Topper) at 100 Cottage Club Rd (open Tues-Sat 11:00 am– 7:00 pm).   ** Save time to explore the terrific  Rec Path - 5 mile multi-use path through town.  

If you are into craft beers, there are a few more great stops before you head home.  Follow VT-100 North through Morrisville to find Rock Art Brewery and Lost Nation Brewing (more good food). 

At the traffic circle, take VT-15 East. You now have 2 options: head home or head to Hill Farmstead Brewing.  To head home, stay on VT-15 East and follow it to US-2 East back through Danville, St. Johnsbury, and to VT-18 South to RHI.

To head for Hill Farmstead, at the traffic circle, follow VT-15 East for about 15 miles to turn left onto VT-16 North for about 8 miles.  Turn left onto Taylor Rd then right onto Jaffin Flats and continue to Hill Rd to find Hill Farmstead Brewery.   To get home from Hill Farmstead, get back onto VT-16 North and follow to VT-122 South for 14.5 miles; slight right onto Center Street to Back Center Rd to US-5 North.  Then it's right on Red Village Rd for 1.5 miles and right on Severance Hill Rd for 4.6 miles.  Turn right onto US-2 West for just under 2 miles and then left onto VT-18 North for just under 7 miles to the Inn.