A  day  in  the life  of pottery


Dear diary,

 I’m hear to tell you about my job and the different types of clay and how to make pottery containers.

So first you need to know about the different types of clay. There is Stoneware which is made up of bended clay bodies to produce malleable,strong clay. Then there’s Earthenware which is locally made in England, holland,Spain,Portugal,Italy and france. Old pots are called “redware”.The redware  were glazed with lead,the lead was unhealthy and so they switched to stoneware. Pottery is used for necessities for survival and  eating and storing goods.Pottery is a clay that  you bend to make decorations. Clay can be made by man or with a weel. Maybe it has sat in the ground for a really long time.L0014398 American colonial black pot with head attached to handle
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
American colonial black pot with head attached to handle, view of pot
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