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Silent Revolution

The first law of thermodynamics:

Silent Revolution

Not everyone can and have the courage to go down on streets and do what others are doing, or maybe you simply don't find this kind of #revolution is practical, and taking it to the road for you is a useless fight; everyone has their own opinion. Either way, if you belong to any of these camps but you still want to make a difference, you can.

Allow me to introduce you to a more unconventional approach to fighting corruption known as a "silent revolution."

But to do that, I really would like to establish the root cause of corruption. By saying politics/tribalism/ sectarianism, international intervention/influence isn't the root; it’s just the effect of that power, so what is it?

It's money; the very thing we use daily is the root cause of corruption, manipulation, and power. You could argue that power is gained through leadership, military strength, aka fear, etc., but they need money to sponsor these armies, thugs, media without money you can't pay for weapons, expensive propaganda, you could only pay for as long as you have a supply of that cash flowing, so what if I told you that all could print out of thin air unlimited supply of that cash without any consequences to these people who abuse that printer going brrrrrrr non-stop.

Imagine I give you a bank account with an infinite amount of money; you could spend as much as you want without any limit and repercussions forever. What would you do? Be honest with yourself, would you invest in something that might give you a 5% return? Or open a business? Maybe for fun but not really for the profits, because you do have unlimited access to funds after all. I'm sure you would want to give some of that money to your family/close friends/relatives and buy fancy luxurious things as well, treat yourself. So that unlimited money would make you not productive and biased to your family. (it's a type of corruption if you think about it, that's what politicians do, help their close ones before you )

Now imagine I gave you a one-time lump sum payment that is limited, and you will never be able to receive such compensation ever again; knowing that this money will finish sooner or later, you will try your best to invest in having a sustainable income that outpaces your expenses with the time you will be productive, you learned how to manage your budget and if you are efficient enough with time you will be able to treat yourself.

You see, unlimited money supply provides an easy way to obtain strength effortless therefore you don't care where and how you spend it, meanwhile limited supply of money forced you into productivity because if you do spend it on useless armies of thugs there will be nothing left to continue that sponsoring and leave you powerless.

So you see, money or more precisely an unlimited supply of money is the root cause of corruption that gives unlimited power, to buy out anything anywhere anytime.

I want you to opt-out of the conventional banking system. I want to use it only when necessary. I want you to start using hard and sound money, not fiat money (paper money that is printed) that is created and controlled only by gov.

"I don’t believe we shall ever have good money again before we take the thing out of the hands of the government. that is, we can’t take them violently out of the hands of the government, all we can do is by some sly roundabout way introduce something they can’t stop." a quote by Friedrich August von Hayes in 1984 a popular Austrian economist.

So how to do it? Gradually, using #bitcoin #btc which is a limited supply, capped unchangeable monetary system based on math. Let's protest in silence because bitcoin is the people's currency, take back our power.

The first law of thermodynamics

Energy can't be created or destroyed, it's always transferred in a closed system (like our Universe). We put energy into everything we do, therefore energy = work done, there aren't any free meals any work done is proof of energy used or transferred.

Building a home, a home represents someone's time and energy used to build it, we are usually paid for the work we do, for the energy and time you had used therefore money you receive should represent a similar value of your energy.

Unfortunately, fiat currency such as USD and any other fiat currency (Euro, LBP, etc) uses nearly 0 energy to be produced gold, for example, takes a lot of energy and time to be mined and smelted into bullion or jewelry making it a great type of money.

Accepting fiat currency effectively is accepting an exchange for your work with worthless paper. anyone with access to a money printer is literally stealing your time and energy, thus your life solution? accept hard money. start using Bitcoin

As I have previously written about the First Law of thermodynamics and introduced that everything we do uses energy which is transferred from one place to another since energy can not be destroyed or created in a closed system (which is our universe).

Bitcoin uses time and energy, it’s not an easy task at first to understand how a digital medium such as bitcoin, can have a value after all it’s just a 0 or 1 (binary system) I will attempt to elaborate it in Layman’s term, therefore if I’m butchering an idea to simplify it I’m sorry!

Going Bit technical, you have to understand that the bitcoin network is composed of miners and nodes, miners will be our focus since they are the ones that consume energy and time meanwhile a node is an audit (validator, confirms miner did correct job) and a record-keeping of all history of transfers in storage.

Miner, as of today is a highly specialized machine built only and only to run bitcoin program/software. As a mental exercise, the latest Antminer S19 Pro has a similar speed (processing power, or computing power) as 10 million Intel i7 core processors combined, so one machine vs 10 million machines.

Each Antminer S19 Pro costs around $3000 and uses 3250W of energy, if we extrapolate current Bitcoin network processing power and divide it by the power of the S19 Pro it would reveal that there are around 1,250,000 million S19 Pro running all over the globe, however, this calculation is flawed due to the fact that S19 pro was just released and the most popular machine is S9 and it is around TEN times SLOWER than S19 with similar energy consumption, therefore for rough estimation, I will consider 70% of the network being run by S9 and 30% by s19 Pro as there are newer models in between to average it out making it around 8 million miners running worldwide.

Having covered the technicalities, these 8 million miners are running a bitcoin program that forces these machines to solve a mathematical puzzle, once one of these 8 million machines generate a solution to that puzzle it will be rewarded with bitcoins, and at the time of writing this, the reward is 6.25 bitcoin every 10 min one machine out of 8 million. Every 10 minutes only one machine can win that 10-minute race. Let that sink in

You are 1 out of 8 million, just one winner. Every. 10 minutes.

Yes, you can group miners together in something called mining pools, so you can group 1 million miners into one pool so your pool gets a higher chance of probability to win that race however these pools divide the reward overall participants therefore 6.25 bitcoin / 1milion miners in the pool (as per our butchered / simplified example)each miner would get 0.00000625 bitcoin ($0.068, LESS than 10 cents). Now running such a miner is not free, every 10 minutes this one miner uses 3200W of energy which is approximately $1.3 expense in electricity assuming that you have cheap electricity of $0.1 kW/h (around 150 LBP, in Lebanon it’s around 600 LBP).

As you noticed by now, the bitcoin network consumes a lot of energy and time, and every single bitcoin out there represents the value of energy and time spent, what time exactly? 10 minutes, but on top of it the time used by humans to maintain it, to build it, to construct it all. All these tiny factors add up to the value of bitcoin, of course, if there would be no demand for such an innovative solution no matter how much you would spend on producing bitcoin no one would demand it or buy it making it wasted energy.

However, because of its trustless policy that prevents the creation of more than 21 million bitcoins, decentralized nature, and unstoppable censorship-resistant capabilities, people understand that all this work is done is stored and preserved and will not be diluted by the printing or adding out of thin air any extra number of Bitcoins. Bitcoin is supported by Math, not humans, and humans are only incentivized to run it correctly since any bad actor or attempt will be punished by the loss of resources used to attempt such an attack.

All this creates a unique value proposition to the Bitcoin network, it’s correct that bitcoin is very volatile however looking at long term charts over 95% of the time bitcoin is profitable, just 5% of the time if you had bought any bitcoin during that small time window you would have less fiat than before however you would be still having the same amount of bitcoin, inflation would not eat away its value.