#EdTechVIP Challenges



Examples Shared

#1 - Google Slides

Show us how you are using Google Slides with your students.  Presentations, publications, collaborative slide decks, portfolios, lab reports…… the options are unlimited.  Show us what you’ve got!

Wes Downing (Cassidy Elementary):  Digital Book Clubs

Alyssa Miller (Picadome Elementary):  A House Divided

Amber Snell (Bryan Station Middle):  Processing the Student Walkout

#2 - Chromebook

Show us how your students are using Chromebooks to create and demonstrate their learning.  Any tool or resource - Google, Microsoft or something else…… the options are unlimited.  

Wes Downing (Cassidy Elementary): Student use of Screencastify on a Chromebook


# 3 - Summer 2018

For this special challenge, we want to encourage your to try a new tool and tell us about it.  Send us an example or a link to something you or your students have created.  Haven’t started yet?  That’s okay.  This is the perfect time to try out that tool you’ve been thinking about.  Maybe it’s a Flipgrid video, a Canva flyer, a Kahoot quiz or something else?  

Michelle Rauch (Eastside)

Canva - Ex 1, Ex 2, Ex 3

Adobe Spark - Ex 1, Ex 2

#4 - Google Sites

This challenge is to share a Google Site that you or your students have created.  Maybe it’s your classroom website or a student project from last year.   Show us what you’ve got.

Jeremy McGuire (Crawford)

Classroom website 

Shelly Pugel (Veterans Park)

Classroom website 

Ashley Baker (Jessie Clark)

Student Passion Project site (only visible to FCPS)