Volume 19 / Issue 1        

Board of Directors

Shane Marquardt (President)

608 607 3594

LeRoy Welter (Vice President)

608 234 0607

Woody Steinhoff (Secretary)

813 735 9817

Bruce Weyh (Treasurer)

608 981 2582

Troy Bartz

608 279 9362

Jeana Welter

608 354 1188

Larry Lietz

863 517 1280

Dan Denzer

920 394 3265

Bill Voigt

608 547 2578

Barb Calkins

608 617 5567

Jeremy Peterson

608 588 5998

Steve Strand

920 344 3142

Jim Hinickle

608 742 8258

Bob Corning

608 617 8388

Jim Kostinek

608 617 7084

February Clean up Day

Board of Directors

Fellow Members,

It was a cold and rainy day, but we managed to clean up quite a few areas of the club. In the midst of our efforts, we found some vintage pictures of some of our older members, that showcase our roots. We’re planning to get some of these pictures placed on the walls of the cub interior. The next time you’re in the club look around and see if you recognize people in these pictures. We accomplished quite a bit inside and outside of the clubhouse. We made several donations to St. Vincent De Paul, hopefully those items will be put to good use.

Youth Trap League begins April 3, 2019

Portage High School Claybusters

Bill Voigt

We have had three registrations and appear to be on pace with last year as far as youth shooters registered to shoot. We are getting ready for our first practice on Wednesday, April 3rd. This year the Claybuster’s season begins on Saturday, April 6th and runs until Saturday, May 25th. If you are interested in meeting some of the team or getting involved; please come visit, we start shooting on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM. We also shoot on Saturday mornings starting at 9AM. I encourage everyone to stop by and see these great young people.

ATA Shoot on April 28, 2019. Registration begins at 9:00 am shooting begins at 10:00am

On Point…

Woody Steinhoff (Editorial)

The following is my opinion and not necessarily the opinion of the gun club.

Fellow members, wow has Dixie grown since I wrote to you last. She is no longer the little puppy that could, as she has grown into a vibrant, playful, and energetic young pup of seven months. We work with a retrieving dummy almost daily. I have started gun conditioning using a .22 caliber pistol during our walks and most recently during our retrieving training. That seems to be going well, she doesn’t seem to be gun shy, which is a relief.

I haven’t built my training table yet, but that’s on the agenda before the next newsletter comes out.  I have been taking Dixie to the Wisconsin River Chapter of NAVDHA out of Madison. What a great experience it’s been so far as we’ve attended two in-door trainings and an outdoor training session.  I can assure you that both Dixie and I are learning quite a bit with each training session we attend. I am happy to tell you that Dixie successfully retrieved her first three live birds. We both had a great training session with the WRC club – what a great group of people. There were some very well-trained dogs in the field when we went. It was fun to watch and gave me some goals to pursue.

Mark your calendar! April 13, 2019 is Spring clean up day at the gun club. Please contact your favorite board member to see how you can help.


Woody Steinhoff

The Quad County Chain shoot held the gun club on Sunday, March 31 was a huge success. We had 68 rounds of 50 shot, which is our biggest turn out yet. I want to thank all the people that turned up to help: Dale Bennett, Steve Kruezer, and Steve Lenz – this should would not have gone as smoothly as it did without their help. The club will again participate in ATA shoots in 2019, keep an eye on our calendar and the newsletter for more details!

Summer trap is upon us only about a month away.  We will run the league just as we did last year, 16 weeks/scores at the 16 yard-line. We have updated and consolidated our trap policies, this document will be posted on our website and available at the trap desk for your review. Team fees and trap costs will be the same as last year.

League sign up will be on April 24, 2019 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm or you can email portagegunclub@portagerodandgun.org with your team details. Teams may also sign up on the first league night of May 1, 2019.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Woody Steinhoff or Troy Bartz.

Hunter Safety begins April 2, 2019

General Club information

Woody Steinhoff


BoB Corning

The spring gun show was a success. Ticket sales were good, e had a couple of raffles (one for a shotgun and one for the youth trap league). Kitchen was operational and selling lots of cheeseburgers and french fries. We had a large crowd on Saturday, with cars parked out to the highway. We had several new vendors sales at the tables were reported as about average for the show.  

Important Dates

Woody Steinhoff

Listed below are some important dates for 2019:



Membership Application


By accepting this membership,

I agree to abide by all rules of the club.


Name: ____________________________________________

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Address: __________________________________________

City: _________________State: __________  Zip: _________

Date Sold: _______________    Sold By: _________________

Email Address: _____________________________________

Activities you’re interested in participating in:

___Rifle Range

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___Sporting Clays

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___Archery Range

Volunteer Help is Deeply Appreciated