#225 - The Angry Chicken: “Kingslayer”


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Gamescom Wrap Up

Hearthstone has its first true cinematic.

The million-health Lich King Fireside Brawl boss was defeated.

HGG Finals

Czech Republic brought the long running Hearthstone tournament to a close with a 4-2 victory over Ukraine.

Quick update on ladder changes

During a Q&A at Gamescom Ben Brode gave a short update on what they’re aiming at improving on the ladder:

“We are hard at work on changes to the ladder. I'm very excited about them. I think there's a couple of big opportunities to make things better. One is to reduce the amount of grind for top level players. Two, adding a bit of progression for players that are stuck at the very bottom of the ladder. And three is increasing the winrate for brand new players and making the new player experience better - that I think will have to come later since we're focused on the first two things right now, but we're excited.”


Kibler’s Handbuff Paladin


Deck Code:

AAECAZ8FBpziAsLOArnBAry9AvgM+gYMlugC99ACps4C48sCiMcCysMCm8IC lbwCs7sC2a4CjwnyBQA=

Another version from hsreplay w/ 56% winrate:


Crazy Game Stories

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Czarnec (zar-neck)

I'm rank 10 this month and haven't been able to make a climb against all these druids and Highlander priests, so I have been playing a Mill Rogue and it is so much fun.

I got matched up against an aggro druid, which is a rough match-up.  I claw and struggle and use both vanishes trying to stay alive midgame, but I know I will eventually lose.  Luckily for me, the druid also knows I will eventually lose.  Turn 8 he leaves me with 1 health and taunts me.

Turn 9 I play Valeera The Hallow. Stealth for a turn, but I figure he will get nervous and just kill me the following turn.  But no, he wants to keep playing with his helpless opponent.

A few turns pass, I try to survive with Curator, he has a Black Knight. I can't catch a break, but he continues to taunt and pass turn.  I play my Coldlight Oracles, but now all of my support cards are gone and my win condition of Shadowblade into mill to fatigue is dead.

He leaves me with 1 health and 1 armor, taunts and passes me turn, leaving me with 1 health as I fatigue for 1. If i don't win this turn he will taunt and pass and I will die on the next draw. He is at 27 health with a full board of buffed tokens, and I have a rather unimpressive Oracle, Ferryman, and 2 Saronite Chain Gang.  However, what I do have is an Evolving Spores, stolen on turn 1 by my Swashbuckler. I cast Evolving Spores to give my board +1/+1, Valeera lets me cast another Evolving Spores to give them windfury, and my once meager board now swings for a total of 24, using my remaining two crystals for a game-winning eviscerate, accompanied by Valeera the Hallow's emote "How Tragic".

Lesson of the day for when you are playing in ranked: When you have lethal, take it.

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Hi All,

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how some of the bosses ended up working out- particularly The Lich King.  

I thought the fight was excellent over-all, but (to me) the 9 class challenge served to highlight some of the innate issues with the format. Very often, it's possible to know based on your mulligan whether you'll win or not. You either get that perfect opener or you don't.

In the best case, this means that you'll often just concede and reload until you get that perfect opener. In the worst case (as seems to be pretty common with Lich King fights), it means you just build a murloc deck and eventually win.

What do you think?  Is there anything they could do to make the challenge aspect more meaningful? Is it even worth it? I was thinking it might be fun if they reduced the cheese-factor of some of the boss mechanics, but increased the controls on the deck construction side that it could be fun.


Good day cranky cockerels

What if...

When you went on a win streak you started playing against players of higher and higher ranks, increasing your win streak star reward based on the difficulty that you're tackling?

This would help people get back to where they were the season before while still requiring skilled play to advance.

It'd also shake up win streaks in a healthy way - instead of high skill players just rolling over lower ranks they'd be paired against the kind of competition they really should be playing.


Hello!  Hello!  Hello! Angry Chickens,

There's (obviously) a lot of chatter about how druids are running rampant on ladder right now, and I wanted to take a moment to point out a potentially unpopular opinion.

Druid is fun as heck to play as right now!  Several different variations and play styles to choose from (I'm currently enjoying the Malygos version) have made being a druid for these first couple weeks of Knights a lot of fun.

It feels bad to hear all the shouting about the need for nerfs, but I agree wholeheartedly that changes need to be made.  My (not exactly radical) proposal:  why not do some card BUFFS?

Instead of dropping the hammer on druids, why not offer a hand up to the other classes as a means of allowing them to catch up and compete with druids power level?  That way maybe those of us who like druid as currently constituted could keep playing our fun decks and other classes could catch up and sometimes pass us?


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